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Blog log from R3 of 2020: Richmond vs Hawthorn

Blog log for Richmond vs Hawthorn, R3 of 2020

Prestia volleys the crumb from a Riewoldt contest at the hotspot but it skews OOTF. (Q1 0:41)
Repeat inside 50 to Richmond and a switch, Pickett passes from midfield to Bolton at the hotspot who misses. (Q1 0:41)
The Hawks rebound coast to coast, Vlaustin is pinged for a very soft hold on Gunston at the hotspot who kicks truly for the first goal of the evening. (Q1 2:44)
Breust centres from the HFF to another one-on-one contest and another free against Richmond, that one obvious against Stack. Wingard gets up and goals. (Q1 5:29)
Stratton goes long from the centre after a 50m penalty, Breust hits the crumb at full pace and screws in a fabulous rover’s goal. Hawks have the jump, surprisingly! (Q1 8:44)
Burgoyne passes to Gunston near the boundary 40m out, looks inside but nothing on so has to shoot… wide. (Q1 12:17)
Sicily sends a high speculator to the HFF, the crumb falls for Patton and the Hawks work it to the outside by hand in traffic, O’Meara bounces through another one from 40m! (Q1 14:10)
Shiels centres from a stoppage to Worpel to mark in front of Vlaustin near the hotspot, but he misses. (Q1 19:15)
Stack roves a long Sicily ball to the Hawk square but stumbles and falls to all fours, Ceglar pounces and wins the HTB free just before the QT siren, he goals! (Q1 23:57)
Riewoldt centres to the square from the HFF, Smith is there but fumbles to allow Lynch to gather, ride a tackle and feed Bolton a Joe the Goose special. (Q2 1:04)
The Hawks boss the next centre clearance and Smith redeems himself with a fantastic snap from the HFF for the instant replying goal! (Q2 2:34)
That goal was set up by a Worpel tackle on Pickett, not the first time tonight Worpel has had a goal assist. (Q2 3:32)
Wingard passes to Gunston 45m out on the flank, again he looks but can’t find a pass target so goes back for the shot… and sprays it OOTF. (Q2 7:35)
Weight of repeat inside 50s tell for the Hawks as Pickett is pinged for a hold on O’Brien going for a Scully speculator 40m on a slight angle, TOB goals as well! (Q2 10:20)
Long ball to the Tiger goalsquare, O’Brien spoils but straight down to Edwards who turns and goals with ease. (Q2 20:59)
A fourth effort on the outer wing by Scully wins the footy for the Hawks, eventually Patton gets a holding free 20m out in the pocket for the first goal of Q3. (Q3 0:56)
Prestia passes wide of congestion to Caddy on the boundary 40m out, whose set shot falls and is rushed. (Q3 4:28)
Wingard catches Stack HTB 40m out on a slight angle and slots that one as well, Hawthorn kicking further away! (Q3 8:58)
The Hawks rebound through Burgoyne at CHB and go up the guts by hand, O’Meara finds Gunston 20m out in front for another one! (Q3 11:55)
Lynch is favoured by a long Lambert kick to 20m out with Ceglar out of position, he wins that battle with strength and plays on for the goal. (Q3 15:44)
Riewoldt marks a Bolton pass on the lead 40m out on the flank and misses badly. (Q3 19:09)
Burgoyne passes to the lead of Gunston 40m out on the flank, nothing Vlaustin could do there. Gunston misses. (Q3 20:44)
Riewoldt marks on the lead in front of Frawley 45m out on the boundary, but his centring ball is spoiled and cleared. (Q3 22:44)
Castagna marks on the boundary 40m out and threads the needle to kick off Q4 with a lovely finish, after a terrible first three quarters. (Q4 0:56)
Bolton goes long to the square where Lynch bodies McEvoy off the fall of the ball to mark and… miss! How? (Q4 4:43)
More repeat inside 50s to the Tigers, eventually Rioli centres to Castagna at the hotspot who goals. (Q4 8:03)
Cotchin passes to Riewoldt who marks over Stratton but misses from 40m on a slight angle. (Q4 11:10)
Lambert passes down the flank to lead of Castagna 30m out, who misses. (Q4 13:44)
Wingard gets a lucky free for holding the man after questionable disposal under an Astbury tackle next to the behind line. He boots the official sealing goal. (Q4 17:44)
Higgins catches Shiels HTB 40m out on a slight angle but misses wide right. (Q4 19:44)
Caddy hits the post with a late set shot from the HFF. (Q4 22:00)

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