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Blog log from R2 of 2020: Sydney vs Essendon

Blog log for Sydney vs Essendon, R2 of 2020

Dawson fumbles a hot footy at half back under Smith pressure, McKernan roves and feeds McDonald-Tipungwuti for the first goal! (Q1 0:52)
Stringer marks in front of two Swans at the hotspot for his first goal of the evening. (Q1 7:07)
Mills marks and plays on from the last line but he didn’t see McDonald-Tipungwuti closing, Walla wins the HTB free and goals from 20m, Dons have the jump! (Q1 10:54)
Merrett bounces a running snap wide from 55m on a slight angle. (Q1 16:42)
Blakey sails through the first goal for Sydney from CHF after a rebound up the guts with Rampe and Parker involved in the build up. (Q1 16:55)
Parker gets a high contact free on Guelfi on the HFF, he hits the square and it’s McCartin who roves and snaps the goal! (Q1 19:37)
Stringer is one out in a battle with Mills in the goalsquare waiting for a long ball, Mills loses his feet to allow Stringer to gather and goal with ease. (Q1 23:24)
McKernan taps a loose ball to the pocket after the next centre bounce, Smith gathers and snaps, did it snick the goalpost? Ruled a goal. (Q1 26:07)
Sinclair snaps a goal from a pack at the hotspot in a play that dragged on for a while and looked like being a stoppage. (Q2 1:26)
Merrett snaps very high and straight from a pack 25m out on a slight angle. (Q2 4:03)
Taylor misses a hurried snap from 40m in the corridor. (Q2 9:28)
Francis is pinged for HTB after a stoppage 40m out on a slight angle from the Sydney goals, but Hayward misses the free. (Q2 11:18)
Parish beats Hewett to mark a Townsend ball to the hotspot, but he misses badly. (Q2 17:48)
Francis catches Heeney high with an unnecessary challenge over the boundary line, Heeney gets up and screws through the goal from 30m. (Q2 21:16)
Kennedy from the centre to the contest of McCartin, Papley is front and centre and checksides home a very quick goal from the hotspot! (Q2 22:40)
McKernan slams through the first goal of Q3 on the run from the hotspot with Brand trailing behind him. (Q3 2:41)
McKernan marks the next centre clearance kick by Shiel at 40m on the flank, Smack goals again! (Q3 3:51)
Papley marks on the lead just inside 50m from the next centre clearance kick by Lloyd, he goals. (Q3 5:51)
Langford marks an errant snap by McKernan next to the behind post and screws through a left-foot goal. (Q3 8:21)
Taylor marks 55m out but gets a 50m penalty for contact by Francis off the ball to gift him a goal. (Q3 10:39)
Heppell sets Smith off on a run down the HFF but he misses from 45m. (Q3 16:36)
Stringer takes a contested grab over O’Riordan from a long Saad ball up the guts to the hotspot. He goals, three for him and that is how many the Dons lead by. (Q3 17:36)
Stringer shoots OOTF off the left from 40m in front. (Q3 18:53)
Lloyd snaps a goal. from half forward after a scrappy bit of play in increasingly greasy conditions under the lights. (Q3 20:29)
Taylor snaps a nice goal from the boundary 40m out with two blokes on him after a stoppage, his second of the quarter. (Q3 24:37)
Heeney snaps wide from half forward under heavy pressure. (Q4 1:21)
Smith kicks quickly from a stoppage on the HFF, it bounces over two contests and through for a point. (Q4 5:08)
Taylor burns the footy by foot to McKernan on the HBF, Smack plays on and roosts a humongous goal from 55m! (Q4 11:50)
Parish bombs from the next centre bounce and it lands in the arms of Langford 45m out on a slight angle, beating Dawson. But Langford kicks it OOTF. (Q4 13:42)
Gray misses a quick snap from 20m after a Francis fumble. (Q4 15:29)
Heeney roves a stoppage at CHF, wheels onto the right and passes to Taylor 40m out on the flank. Taylor starts it left and draws it right for a goal. (Q4 17:30)
3:53 to go and two kicks in it, time enough if good enough. (Q4 17:30)
This is a game where the stars have contributed in key moments, and the Swans need their top six players to give at least a couple more big efforts. (Q4 18:07)
Kennedy to Florent for the next centre clearance but it’s quickly rebounded, clock ticks under 3:00 as Mills intercepts in defence. (Q4 19:09)
Bombers play some tempo behind the centre as the clock ticks below 2:30. (Q4 19:42)
Florent intercepts on the wing, Hayward roves at half forward and passes to Papley 30m out, Francis catches him late to give away 50m and a certain goal! (Q4 20:08)
One point in it, 2:06 to play. (Q4 20:52)
Parish, who has woken up big time in Q4 after a very quiet day to 3QT, marks a Smith pass in the pocket and kicks the sealer with 32 seconds left! (Q4 23:35)
Rowbottom shoots from CHF after the next centre bounce, hits the bottom of the goalpost! 18 seconds left, goal in it! (Q4 24:43)
Hooker roves on the HBF and kicks to the wing, HTB free forced by Snelling to ice the game, Bombers win! (Q4 25:08)

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