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Blog log from R2 of 2020: Gold Coast vs West Coast

Blog log for Gold Coast vs West Coast, R2 of 2020

Weller sails through the first goal of the evening from a stoppage 30m out on a slight angle, after an inside feed by Rowell. (Q1 2:40)
Lemmens gets a contact free on Redden in a pack 30m out on a slight angle, he kicks straight as well. (Q1 5:25)
Ryan roves the next centre clearance to the HFF and rolls a snap from 40m past Darling and across the face for a behind. (Q1 6:35)
Ryan gets another roving chance but misses with a shank off the left from 20m on the flank. (Q1 7:42)
Collins can do nothing about a bullet pass by Kelly from midfield to Kennedy 30m out on the flank, but JJK misses. (Q1 8:40)
Kennedy marks well within range but gives off to Shuey who grubbers a goal from outside the hotspot. (Q1 13:05)
Petruccelle has a snap from 20m touched off the boot for a point. (Q1 21:41)
The Suns rebound up the guts ending with Anderson giving to Sexton for a quick snap off a step from 45m… flies wide. (Q2 2:35)
The Suns have numbers everywhere on an attack starting at half back, the switch ends with Anderson at 40m on a slight angle who goals! (Q2 3:16)
Miller passes to Day 25m out on a slight angle after some quality inside work by the Suns around the outer wing. Day goals, the Suns extend their lead! (Q2 8:01)
Allen gets the next centre clearance going with a quick handball to Gaff, Darling contests at the hotspot and it’s Kennedy who roves and snaps truly. (Q2 9:42)
The Eagles force the Suns backwards in possession after the next centre bounce and eventually force of numbers causes the turnover, Sheed to Petruccelle, goal from 20m. (Q2 11:31)
Another centre clearance to the Eagles, Harbrow is pinged for contact on Allen 45m out on the flank who converts to give West Coast the lead. (Q2 12:46)
Brander runs to receive in the centre and the pass hits him in stride, he has Ryan over the back to mark at the hotspot… but he misses. (Q2 16:36)
Darling beats Ballard one out to mark 40m out on a slight angle, he makes the set shot look easy. (Q2 19:45)
Greenwood hooks in a snap on the run from 40m in the corridor after the Suns boss the next centre bounce. (Q2 21:26)
Lemmens feeds Rowell to purr like a Rolls Royce away from a stoppage on the HFF, he slams through his first goal in senior footy from 40m! (Q2 23:59)
King hits the post with a set shot from 20m on the flank as the HT siren sounds. (Q2 28:14)
Collins is pinged rather unluckily for high contact while spoiling in the pocket, Darling does the right thing by missing from 20m. (Q3 3:06)
The Suns go coast to coast from the kick in, ending with Lemmens centring for King 30m out on a slight angle who steers through the goal. (Q3 3:26)
The Eagles can’t rebound past half way, Harbrow starts another attack from the centre and the Suns work through very heavy traffic ending with a Day goal from 20m! (Q3 8:21)
Holman snaps another one for the rampaging Sun from a stoppage in the pocket, they are kicking away now! (Q3 12:16)
Sheed marks a Jetta kick 45m out on a slight angle, his set shot falls on the line and is rushed. (Q3 16:51)
Lukosius plays on to advantage for a high contact free against Hurn, he shoots low from the pocket 20m out on the saunter and nails it! (Q3 19:06)
Naitanui to Yeo at the next centre bounce and the pass to Allen who marks 40m out but gets a 50m penalty for a late touch by Lukosius to ensure the goal. (Q3 20:22)
A big scramble of bodies ends with a high contact free to Rowell (then a punch on), he converts from 35m on a slight angle to add to his BOG credentials! (Q3 23:48)
McGovern gives away a silly free kick for late contact on Sexton next to the behind post, but Sexton shanks the checkside OOTF. (Q3 27:20)
Sexton roves and snaps wide from 20m just before the 3QT siren. (Q3 28:08)
Ainsworth marks a Miller pass 40m out on a slight angle but misses. (Q4 4:39)
The Eagles try a diagonal kick from the HBF to the centre but it’s to an outnumber, and it’s Ainsworth who pounces and goals from 45m in front. The sealer! (Q4 5:58)
Fiorini gives to King who bounces a snap wide from 40m off a step. (Q4 8:53)
Ainsworth roves his own contest and snaps his second goal from 15m, the Suns are dominating! (Q4 10:54)
Petruccelle misses on the run from 35m on the flank. (Q4 13:53)
Day kicks over Nelson to MacPherson near the hotspot, he joins the party with a goal. (Q4 17:54)

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