Blog log from P2 of 2020: Collingwood vs St Kilda

King marks in front of Moore next to the behind line but his checkside set shot rams into the far goalpost. (Q1 1:50)
The Magpies go coast to coast from the kick in, De Goey involved in the build up and it’s Adams who bounces through the first goal from CHF. (Q1 2:37)
Sidebottom volleys the crumb from a contest wide from 20m in front. (Q1 10:24)
Ed Phillips gives away a 50m penalty for encroachment to bring Mihocek from wing to 40m on a slight angle for the Pies’ second goal. (Q1 13:38)
King roves a Membrey contest in the pocket and snaps his first goal to polite applause from the Morwell locals. (Q1 18:51)
King marks 40m out on a slight angle but shanks it OOTF. (Q1 20:16)
Tom Phillips passes to Daicos 40m out on a slight angle who converts with no problem. (Q2 3:25)
Sidebottom receives outside a pack at the hotspot and snaps a goal off his left boot. (Q2 3:25)
Butler snaps a goal from half forward after a scragging free against Adams on Dunstan at a stoppage. (Q2 9:06)
King flies in front of a big pack to clunk a mark 35m out on the flank, but misses. (Q2 13:42)
Hannebery kicks off the scoring for Q3 with a snap across the body off the left from the hotspot for a goal. (Q3 0:31)
De Goey passes to Hoskin-Elliott at half forward who gives back to JDG to snap the goal. (Q3 8:57)
Lonie brings the margin back under a kick with a snap goal from half forward. (Q3 11:05)
Ryder marks 40m out near the boundary and hits the post. (Q3 17:54)
Lonie checksides a nice finish from a set shot on the boundary 20m out. (Q3 24:04)
Marshall marks a Battle kick in the square and gives a Joe the Goose special to Butler. (Q4 6:33)
Grundy spoils instead of intercepting at half back but straight to a Saint to who goes to Membrey on his own at the hotspot for a miss. (Q4 9:50)
Tom Phillips snaps a long goal from the HFF after a quick rebound up the guts. (Q4 13:54)
Stephenson gets a downfield free in the pocket after Callum Brown is dumped after kicking inside 50 from the centre, he goals from 20m. (Q4 14:59)
Madgen is pinged 50m for timewasting to bring Membrey from the HFF to the square for the lead-changing goal. (Q4 17:00)
Lonie gets a free for a jumper tug 30m out on a slight angle and kicks the Saints clear with his third major. (Q4 19:05)
Noble keeps a ground ball alive at the Magpie hotspot and feeds Mayne who sets up Sidebottom for a left-foot snap across the body, goal Collingwood. (Q4 20:27)
Lonie gets a HTB free on Noble after Jones bombs to the square, he boots goal number four from 15m. (Q4 23:45)

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