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Blog log from P2 of 2020: Port Adelaide vs Western Bulldogs

Blog log for Port Adelaide vs Western Bulldogs, P2 of 2020

Jonas catches Dale HTB at half forward and gets the bonus of a 50m penalty to put him at the top of the square for the first goal. (Q1 1:32)
Bruce takes a fine contested mark in front of McKenzie and goals from 20m on a slight angle. (Q1 4:01)
English marks 45m out on a slight angle and puts the full force of the right slipper through it for a fine goal. (Q1 9:16)
Dixon catches a short throw-in to the pocket but screws the snap across the face from 20m. (Q1 13:02)
Marshall misses a set shot from 35m on the flank after marking in a big pack. (Q1 14:32)
Suckling passes short to Bruce who goals from 20m on a slight angle on the end of a coast-to-coast rebound after that Marshall miss. (Q1 15:47)
Lloyd misses a long snap from the half forward line. (Q1 18:16)
Gray passes to Dixon on the end of a flowing move through midfield. Dixon lines up from 20m on a slight angle and misses into the decent breeze. (Q1 21:31)
Hartlett has a moment to measure a pass from CHF to the hard lead of Butters 40m out, he kicks truly. (Q1 22:39)
Wallis marks a Johannisen pass 35m out on a slight angle after the latest in a string of forward half turnovers, he kicks truly. (Q1 24:46)
Marshall keeps a ground ball alive on the behind line with skill and passes to Westhoff 20m out in front for an opportunist goal. (Q1 27:23)
Schache earns a free for Marshall falling in his back 45m out on a slight angle just before the QT siren. But his free kick is a horrible shank, no score and a bronx cheer. (Q1 30:32)
Boak plays on to advantage but misses from close range. (Q2 0:51)
Dixon leaps in front of Crozier to clunk a Burton pass to 20m on a slight angle for the first goal of Q2. (Q2 2:36)
Bruce does the same thing up the other end for his third goal, this one into the wing. (Q2 4:16)
Gray forces a turnover on Cordy at a stoppage in the pocket and gives to Dixon who has time to drop it and then gather and goal from 20m. (Q2 8:46)
Port dominates the next centre bounce and it’s Houston who passes to Dixon to take another grab over Keath, but he misses from 40m on a slight angle. (Q2 10:08)
Marshall drifts across a pack at the top of the square to clunk a long Powell-Pepper kick from half forward, that’s another goal to the Power with the wind. (Q2 11:36)
Schache marks 40m out on the flank, his set shot drops short and English draws a free for contact by Jonas for the charity goal which he gifts to Lloyd. (Q2 20:38)
Gray is involved twice in the build up to a hardfought goalworked around the pocket in traffic, he feeds Farrell for the goal from the hotspot. (Q2 23:32)
Rozee screws through another quality finish from 40m on a slight angle on the end of another chain of handballs by Port through a crowded Dog defence. (Q2 25:52)
Wallis sits a long kick from the wing to the hotspot, Bontempelli bumps Jonas off the fall to allow Bruce to mark at the hotspot, but the ex-Saint misses. (Q2 28:19)
Marshall marks impressively with a leap over English at the hotspot from a Houston speculator from the wing, but he also misses. (Q2 29:02)
Rockliff misses a snap from the pocket. (Q3 3:31)
Port locks in the kick in but Amon misses from the HFF. (Q3 3:31)
McKenzie is outpositioned and concedes an obvious contact free on Young 35m out on a slight angle as the Dogs get a fast rebound going. Young goals. (Q3 6:20)
The Dogs boss the next centre bounce, Wallis gives to Smith on the HFF who snaps truly from 40m. (Q3 7:59)
Suckling bombs long from the centre after the next bounce but the wind takes it and it pitches behind the pack 15m out and rolls wide for a point. (Q3 9:01)
Gray bombs long over Keath to Marshall 20m out on a slight angle, who goals. (Q3 13:06)
Marshall baulks away from Keath on the wing and goes long to Dixon who marks 35m out on the flank and misses the lot. (Q3 14:01)
Dale marks a centring ball by Hunter over Bonner at the top of the Dog goalsquare to keep the tricolour in it. (Q3 16:35)
English marks a short kick in front of Clurey near the hotspot and converts to give the Bullies a lead with the wind. (Q3 20:12)
Dunkley feeds Lipinski who misses from CHF. (Q3 21:16)
Power marks a Macrae pass over Jonas 40m out on the flank and strokes through his fourth goal. (Q3 23:00)
Lloyd plays on to advantage and snaps another one from the HFF. (Q3 24:45)
Smith coughs the ball up in a tackle on the HBF, Rockliff passes to Gray 40m out near the boundary who misses everything. (Q4 7:54)
Lloyd rolls through a goal from the HFF after the Dogs dominate a stoppage at half forward, that looks to be the sealer. (Q4 12:54)
Butters butters up a crumb at the hotspot and feeds Boak who goes outside to Rockliff, the pass goes wide to Duursma 40m out on a slight angle who goals. (Q4 14:52)
Butters gives outside of a stoppage at half forward to Hartlett who delivers a trademark howitzer from 55m in front for a goal. (Q4 16:14)
Geogiades marks a Rozee ball from the HFF to the hotspot and goals to bring the margin back under a kick with 4:30 to go. (Q4 21:39)
Port keeps pumping the ball back into attacking 50 and eventually Powell-Pepper’s kick to the square bounces over the back for Lienert to volley home, Power in the lead! (Q4 27:25)
1:13 to go at the next bounce. (Q4 27:50)
Secondary bounce in the centre, 1:04. (Q4 27:50)
Port wins the clearance, Farrell kicks forward, stoppage in teh Power FP, 38 seconds left. (Q4 29:06)
Secondary stoppage, 33 seconds to go. (Q4 29:06)
Lienert ices the game after the final siren with a set shot from 40m on a slight angle. (Q4 30:09)

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