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Blog log from EF of 2019: West Coast vs Essendon

Blog log for West Coast vs Essendon, EF of 2019

Heppell plays on to advantage from a contact free on Redden on the Dons HFF, he gives inside to McGrath who slots the first goal from 45m on a slight angle! (Q1 2:24)
Kennedy beats Hooker one out to mark a low, punching Shuey kick from half forward to the top of the square for the first Eagle goal of the evening. (Q1 3:44)
Cripps gets a high contact free on Redman on the boundary 35m out but misses. (Q1 6:17)
Francis hoofs a chaos ball from congestion on the wing towards the hotspot, luck’s a fortune as it sits up nicely for Fantasia to tap to Snelling to run into goal. (Q1 9:32)
Redden catches McDonald-Tipungwuti in possession on the wing, the kicks inside 50 goes to Darling who beats Ambrose in a wrestle in the pocket and goals from 20m. (Q1 11:17)
Snelling feeds Fantasia who lets fly from the boundary 35m out but misses badly. (Q1 12:49)
Sheed feeds Cripps for a hurried snap from 50m on a slight angle on the end of a flowing switch rebound move, but that kick flies wide. (Q1 14:43)
Shuey shoots on the run from 40m on a slight angle with Ham chasing, but kicks OOTF. (Q1 15:04)
Francis flies over a four-man pack in defence to spoil a McGovern speculator but he hits it straight down the throat of Cripps who grubbers home from 25m on the flank. (Q1 16:54)
Ryan intercepts on the wing, plays on around Hurley and kicks to Waterman who marks over Merrett 30m out on a slight angle and goals. (Q1 18:48)
Jetta mops up a ground ball behind the wing and starts a quick corridor attack, Waterman brings the ball to ground at half forward for Rioli to swoop and goal with ease. (Q1 21:03)
McGrath is involved twice in a rebound around outer wing, Parish passes to the corridor 35m out where Laverde steams up from the square to mark and goal. (Q1 23:18)
Rioli hits the lead of Darling 45m out on a slight angle after Ryan roves at half forward. Darling’s set shot drifts and is rushed. (Q1 25:13)
Rioli bounces a snap wide from a pack 20m out on a slight angle. (Q1 26:02)
Rioli intercepts a telegraphed Parish across the ground on the wing and has Kennedy on his own 35m out on the flank, the QT siren sounds as he swings that one through. (Q1 28:48)
Yeo tumbles the first centre clearance of Q2 towards a pack near the hotspot, the ball skids off hands over the back to Kennedy who turns and strolls into the open goal. Ominous. (Q2 0:19)
McDonald-Tipungwuti marks near the boundary 45m out but hits the post. (Q2 1:44)
Laverde bombs aimlessly to an outnumber from the wing, the Eagles stream past him up the wing with precision disposal ending with Kennedy feeding Ryan for a beautiful goal. (Q2 3:43)
Three Bombers converge at the Eagle hotspot to spoil a Sheed inside 50 kick but the crumb falls for Kennedy who gives to Ryan for another one. Put your glasses down. (Q2 5:14)
McGrath hits a target in a phonebox with a touch kick from the wing to 40m out on a slight angle, it’s Snelling who marks and goals. (Q2 6:38)
Waterman marks at half forward, wheels and hits Kennedy leading to 40m on the flank who hooks his set shot left. (Q2 8:09)
Cripps catches Redman HTB on the boundary 40m out and threads the needle for another one. Eagles are dominant in every facet of the game. (Q2 12:10)
Naitanui snaps off a step from 45m on a slight angle but the ball bounces high in the square for Hurley to rush, the home crowd boos the grass for not co-operating. (Q2 13:56)
Parish kicks OOTF rebounding to the wing, Hurn’s kick goes straight back to the hotspot where Hickey beats Hurley to mark, then misses. (Q2 15:25)
Nelson roves at defensive hotspot but then gets tackled by Heppell and then Fantasia to give up a HTB free. Fantasia kicks truly. (Q2 16:39)
Saad snaps a lovely goal off his left boot across the body from the hotspot after roving a Schofield spoil. (Q2 20:20)
Yeo roves in the BP but his hurried rebound kick off the left boot goes straight to Saad 50m out on the flank. Saad tries to play on around the mark but has to bomb high, no score. (Q2 22:10)
Kennedy marks 50m out on the flank on the end of another flowing Eagle attack, his set shot is a bit of a wobbler but lands just over the line for his fourth goal. (Q3 2:21)
McDonald-Tipungwuti is called to play on to advantage after a free kick on the HFF, he snaps on his left from 30m and just sneaks it in. (Q3 6:07)
Saad gets a chance to run ahead of Hutchings to snap from CHF to an empty square, that one skids through too! (Q3 6:51)
Waterman shoots across the face from a set shot 30m out on the boundary. (Q3 9:02)
Waterman gets another chance from pretty much the same spot but that one is even worse, OOTF. (Q3 13:09)
Masten receives from Cripps outside a pack at the hotspot and misses. (Q3 13:53)
McGovern gathers and fends at half back to start an attack around members wing, Shuey passes to Cripps 45m out wide on the flank who goals. (Q3 17:37)
Fantasia misses a flying snap from the flank 30m out. (Q3 24:06)
Hooker provides a hit up on the wing and feeds Merrett for a pass to Stringer 45m out on the flank, who misses. (Q3 25:23)
The Eagles go coast to coast around members wing with Hurley misjudging the inside 50 kick to allow him man Waterman to stroll into the open goal. (Q3 26:28)
McDonald-Tipungwuti kicks across half back but Kennedy intercepts 45m out in the corridor, he misses. (Q4 3:29)
Hutchings marks on the HFF and gives to Cripps who shanks wide from 30m. (Q4 6:46)
Cripps feeds Sheed who snaps into the post off the left boot from the hotspot. (Q4 9:14)
Sheed gets another chance and makes no mistake this time from 40m on a slight angle after the Eagles lock in the kick in. (Q4 9:29)
Ryan starts the party with his third goal on the run from 25m on a slight angle. (Q4 10:57)
Shuey kicks long from the next centre bounce, the crumb falls over the back where three Eagles can raffle it, Cripps has the winning ticket for his fourth goal. (Q4 12:39)
Parish snaps wide from half forward. (Q4 19:59)
McDonald-Tipungwuti snaps his second goal from the pocket 20m out off his left boot, the Perth crowd boos. (Q4 22:27)
Darling gets a holding free on Heppell 35m out on a slight angle, he goals. (Q4 23:42)
McDonald-Tipungwuti catches Sheppard HTB 40m out on a slight angle in the last minute, but misses. (Q4 29:09)

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