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Blog log from R22 of 2019: Richmond vs West Coast

Blog log for Richmond vs West Coast, R22 of 2019

After McGovern mops up the opening centre clearance by Martin, Rioli passes to Sheed 45m out on a slight angle, his set shot falls in the square, Darling roves and goals. (Q1 1:12)
Darling gets a ruck free on Soldo for contact over the shoulder, he steers through goal number two from near the hotspot. (Q1 3:22)
McGovern misses a pass from half back, Bolton roves and kick high to the hotspot where Caddy marks in a two-on-one for the first Richmond goal. (Q1 7:12)
Lynch marks 30m out in the pocket but misses. (Q1 10:34)
Darling roves a contest in the pocket and gives to Cripps who hoofs a wobbler to the fat side for Hickey to mark 20m out on a slight angle and goal. (Q1 12:57)
Lynch runs down the flank on a loose man play, almost stuffs it up with the wrong decision to dither and then handball, eventually Castagna bounces through the goal from 30m. (Q1 15:17)
Rioli hits the crumb from a Darling contest at half forward at scintillating pace, he grubbers the goal from 25m on a slight angle, just avoiding the left goalpost! (Q1 19:34)
Petruccelle roves a ball in on the HFF that clears both ruckmen, he checksides a quality finish from 40m. (Q1 22:17)
The Eagles dominate the next centre bounce, Rioli passes to the lead of Allen ahead of Broad 30m out on the flank. Allen kicks truly, West Coast building a formidable early lead. (Q1 23:33)
Martin turns the ball over in midfield under pressure, the Eagles sweep forward up the guts, Rioli to Darling to Cripps for another one from the hotspot. (Q1 27:28)
Short receives on the outside from Ellis near the point of the centre square and strokes through a trademark long snap from 50m on a slight angle. (Q1 29:18)
Hurn intercepts 50m out on the flank but just misses. (Q1 30:48)
Caddy misses a snap from near CHF. (Q2 1:50)
Bolton roves in heavy traffic near the hotspot, baulks between Eagles and snaps a much-needed goal for the Tigers. (Q2 5:32)
After Martin catches McGovern in a tackle to force a throw on the HFF, Lynch marks 15m out and goals. Tigers back in it. (Q2 7:35)
Kennedy marks on the lead 35m out on the flank but his screwing set shot screws too much for a behind. (Q2 12:20)
Ryan flies over a pack 20m out to take a screamer, he makes no mistake with the set shot. (Q2 13:21)
Chol marks over McGovern deep in the pocket 15m out, but misses. (Q2 14:53)
Riewoldt flies over Hurn to take a contested grab 30m out on a slight angle but misses. (Q2 16:03)
Prestia intercepts a Shuey rebound kick 40m out on the boundary, he tries a pass that doesn’t work. (Q2 20:01)
Riewoldt juggles and marks a Martin kick in a contest one out with McGovern 20m out on the flank, he converts with no problem. (Q2 21:15)
The Tigers keep surging, eventually the pressure in their forward 50 tells with Sheed pinged for a throw under a Prestia tackle, who misses from 25m on a slight angle. (Q2 27:17)
Rain now falling. (Q3 5:36)
Riewoldt fumbles a loose ball at half forward and Barrass mops up but his dinky kick across field is straight to Lambert who goals from the hotspot. (Q3 10:21)
Lambert rolls a snap from a stoppage 25m out on a slight angle, Barrass just gets back in time to touch it through. (Q3 12:58)
Yeo roves a stoppage in the pocket and gives to Cripps who has his back to goal but snaps a fabulous finish over his left shoulder on the turn from 20m, elite skills there! (Q3 19:30)
Shuey is pinged for a high challenge on Ross at the Tiger hotspot, but Ross misses. (Q3 23:15)
Martin brings the Tigers back within a point with a snap from near the square after a fast break on a rebound up the guts. (Q3 26:19)
Rain continues to fall as Q4 begins. (3 Qtr Time)
Martin tries a torpedo from the HFF after a stoppage but Barrass is there to touch it through, 57 apiece. (Q4 1:29)
Castagna is in a lot of space at half forward on the fat side for a pass from the centre, he passes to Bolton 30m out on a slight angle who misses badly. (Q4 3:41)
Shuey is pinged for kicking in danger at a stoppage just outside the Richmond hotspot, Soldo takes the free and punches through the huge goal! (Q4 5:47)
McGovern is pinged for a push in the back on Riewoldt 45m out near the boundary. Riewoldt’s set shot is short and rebounded for no score. (Q4 9:32)
Time in forward half tells again for Richmond with every Eagle flooding the backline, Riewoldt feeds Edwards who goals off a step from the hotspot. (Q4 11:17)
Rioli gets tackled by Caddy after roving a stoppage 40m out on a slight angle, the ump pays a free for a slam tackle, crowd boos but Willie kicks truly. (Q4 15:02)
Lynch gets a free kick for a high challenge by Barrass near the behind post after Lynch had roves Barrass’ fumble, he kicks a drop punt through the goals from 20m. (Q4 18:47)
Cripps snaps his third goal off the left boot from 30m after a stoppage, credit to Yeo for the feed. (Q4 20:34)
Waterman marks in space on the HFF after Cripps intercepts on the wing, looks inside then realises he has to go himself… nails it from 40m! (Q4 21:47)
A point in it, 8:14 to go, anyone’s game. (Q4 21:47)
Bolton tumbles a kick from the HFF to Riewoldt who has two on him in the square, he taps to Lynch who was left on his own to goal! (Q4 23:24)
Vlastuin flattens Nelson after disposal to concede a downfield free at the Eagle hotspot, Rioli shanks it into the post! (Q4 25:37)
Kennedy takes a huge contested grab one out with Astbury 20m out from a Gaff kick, that one goes through to level the scores, 4:54 on the clock! (Q4 26:43)
Edwards bombs from a stoppage at defensive hotspot, Riewoldt kicks to space, Barrass gathers on the last line but tries to rebound and Nelson turns it over, Riewoldt goal! (Q4 28:17)
Clock ticks under 4:00 after the next centre bounce. (Q4 29:13)
Ball still in midfield as the clock ticks under 3:00. (Q4 31:02)
Ellis gets the ball on the HFF but chooses the wrong option, Martin is claimed, stoppage, 1:48. (Q4 31:58)
Yeo clears it, free kick to continue the rebound but Lynch gets a free for a block on the wing and starts some tempo, clock ticks towards 1:00, goal the difference. (Q4 33:15)
Shuey to Cripps for the inside 50 kick, Darling contests but the cavalry descends, stoppage 40m out, 41 seconds. (Q4 33:33)
Darling catches the ball out of ruck but can’t dispose, Vlastuin roves and gets caught high, that might be it. (Q4 33:33)
Houli roves the rebound kick to the wing and bombs to space, that is it, Tigers win by a kick! (Q4 33:33)

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