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Blog log from R21 of 2019: West Coast vs Adelaide

Blog log for West Coast vs Adelaide, R21 of 2019

Walker marks a Sloane pass deep in the pocket 25m out but misses. (Q1 1:16)
Lynch roves and snaps wide from 30m on the flank. (Q1 6:35)
Petruccelle has a few yards on Otten for a scoot up the flank to 40m but his snap bounces in the square for Brown to rush. (Q1 7:34)
Matt Crouch has many options running towards CHF, chooses a give to his left for Atkins who hits the post from 45m on a slight angle. (Q1 10:06)
Cripps keeps a ground ball alive near the behind post and gives to Ryan but Kelly tackles him and skews the snap across the face from 5m. (Q1 11:20)
Allen marks in front of Laird on the boundary 15m out, his checkside set shot is low and straight for the first goal of the evening. (Q1 12:20)
Two Crows fly to spoil Kennedy on the HFF, Darling stays down to crumb and gives wide to Sheed who runs to 15m but hits the post. (Q1 13:47)
Rioli mows down Kelly running out to defence and passes with the HTB free kick to Darling 40m out near the boundary, Darling misses. (Q1 14:59)
Brad Crouch snaps wide from a stoppage deep in the pocket 20m out. (Q1 18:01)
Petruccelle taps down a Laird handball on the HFF, Allen roves and bounces a kick towards the hotspot where Darling gathers and snaps truly. (Q1 22:02)
Atkins passes after the next centre bounce to the lead of Fogarty 40m out on a slight angle, the run in is straight and so is the kick, is it long enough? Just, yes. (Q1 23:32)
Ryan snaps his first goal after roving a Yeo smother and baulking clear to kick from 30m on the flank. (Q1 28:48)
Atkins roves his own contest with Hurn near the hotspot and gives to Fogarty who baulks clear 20m out for a nice goal. (Q2 4:45)
Sheed kicks long from the HFF under some pressure, Darling marks near the behind post and plays on for an easy goal. (Q2 6:15)
Kennedy snaps around the corner for a behind from 30m on the flank. (Q2 8:59)
Betts outmarks McGovern on the HFF to keep an attack around the outer wing going, eventually Murphy runs down the flank and goals from 30m. (Q2 11:05)
Walker tries a volley to a loose ball at the hotspot, it dribbles in the square near the hotspot and through! Very weak non-contest by Gaff to that ball. (Q2 15:30)
Rioli roves a stoppage in the pocket, breaks through a tackle and snaps off balance towards the square… Kennedy locks up Talia to shepherd it through on the bounce! (Q2 17:46)
Cripps passes to Waterman 40m out on a slight angle who sails through a lovely set shot. (Q2 22:01)
Matt Crouch feeds Sloane at a stoppage in the pocket for a goal off the left boot from 20m. (Q2 24:31)
The Crows switch on the rebound to the outer wing, Sloane runs hard to receive then pass to Fogarty 40m out on the flank. The set shot is a peach in the minute before HT. (Q2 28:45)
Gaff fumbles a ground ball at defensive hotspot, Knight mops up and gives to Brad Crouch whose snap is wide and rushed just on the HT siren. (Q2 31:16)
Darling roves on the HFF, runs away from Brown and dribbles through the first goal of Q3 from the hotspot with a checkside. (Q3 1:24)
Murphy kicks from outside CHF to grass at the hotspot, Hurn rushes it but from too far out, umpire rightly pays deliberate, Walker takes the charity goal. (Q3 4:07)
Rioli gathers and snaps off a step from near the hotspot but misses. (Q3 6:13)
Rioli catches Atkins HTB on the HFF and passes to Sheed near the hotspot for the frontal pressure goal. (Q3 7:22)
Gaff clears from a pack on the wing, Darling flies over Otten to mark 50m out on the flank, he sits the kick up to the square but no score results. (Q3 10:42)
McGovern intercepts the rebound kick on the wing over the titchy Murphy and sends it back down the flank to Allen 30m out for a goal. (Q3 11:40)
Cripps feeds Yeo who snaps wide from 45m on a slight angle. (Q3 13:42)
Darling marks in the pocket and gives a Joe the Goose special to Waterman. Eagles making their move in the premiership quarter with Sloane off the ground. (Q3 15:19)
Rioli passes to Kennedy in the pocket, Talia spoils but the crumb falls to the back where Kennedy keeps his feet to rove, break a Laird tackle and goal. (Q3 17:40)
Fogarty marks a Brown pass 40m out on the flank and converts n a rare Adelaide foray inside 50 this quarter, which has been owned by a dominant Eagle outfit. (Q3 19:56)
Darling gets a ruck free on Jacobs on the boundary 25m out, his checkside attempt floats OOTF across the face. (Q3 25:56)
Waterman catches Laird HTB on the flank 40m out after Hickey gets the first centre clearance kick of Q3, but his set shot is poor and doesn’t score. (Q4 0:35)
Yeo roves a Hickey contest in the pocket, runs to the hotspot but blazes wide. (Q4 2:21)
Lynch baulks away from Schofield on the HFF and goes to the hotspot where Fogarty marks in front of Jetta and goals. (Q4 3:26)
Fogarty bombs long from the HFF to the square, Betts has two to beat but he has position on Nelson and marks for his first goal! (Q4 6:46)
Ryan marks on the HFF and sends a hopeful floater to a big pack at the hotspot, Hickey flies over them all to take the big grab… but he punches a low set shot wide. (Q4 7:53)
Brad Crouch volleys a loose ball from CHB to the HFF, Betts roves and snaps from 45m… doesn’t take the needed leg break and bounces for a behind. (Q4 9:27)
Fogarty turns the ball over in a pack on the wing and Sheed has Allen all on his own on the HFF as his man Kelly had zoned up, Allen has space and time to goal with ease from 20m. (Q4 10:09)
Murphy roves a Betts contest near the hotspot and gives to Brad Crouch who snaps high off a step… falls the right side of the line! (Q4 11:48)
Ryan passes to Petrucelle just inside 50m on a slight angle after a frenetic passage of play on the outer wing, his set shot is wide and rushed. (Q4 13:44)
Kennedy gathers a Ryan kick in the pocket and goes back to Waterman 40m out on the flank. The goal umpire watches the set shot sails straight over his peaked cap. (Q4 16:41)
Nelson rushes by foot from 5m out after a big pack forms 20m out. (Q4 21:57)
Matt Crouch passes short to Knight 40m out on a slight angle after the Crows stuff around with it passing around the key looking for a target. Knight goals. (Q4 24:57)
2:43 to go, two kicks in it. Adelaide’s season hanging on by a thread. (Q4 25:16)
The Eagles boss the next centre bounce but break down at half forward, eventually a stoppage on the wing, 2:00 left. (Q4 27:13)
Another stoppage on the Eagles HFF, 1:49. (Q4 27:13)
Atkins smothers Sheed after that stoppage, throw in on the Eagles HFF, 1:37. (Q4 27:27)
Brad Crouch clears to the wing, Douglas catches Hickey HTB, Crows attack through the centre but Schofield marks in relief near CHB, clock ticks under 1:00. (Q4 28:27)
Eagles play a bit of tempo, then Jacobs marks on the wing for another attack, Atkins kicks from the HFF, ball drops in the square where Schofield spoils Fogarty for a behind. (Q4 29:27)
That was the last chance, Eagles win! (Q4 29:27)

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