Blog log from R21 of 2019: Brisbane vs Gold Coast

Lyons flicks it out to Zorko who launches from 60. His kick falls into the lap of Cameron just outside the goalsquare who wheels around and snaps the first of the day. (Q1 2:46)
Hemmed in on the boundary line, King manages to keep it in and feed it back to Swallow who slides a checkside shot from 25 through the big sticks. (Q1 5:02)
Witts gets a decisive centre clearance which allows Ainsworth, Day, and then Rischitelli to combine inside 50 with the latter’s hasty shot missing to the right. (Q1 6:34)
Bailey catches Miles high inside the Suns’ attacking zone. Anthony goes back and lets loose from 45 but can’t align it, off to the right. (Q1 7:41)
Bailey finds himself with more time than expected on the flank, able to compose himself and then spot Hipwood 40m out. On a 45-degree angle, he hits the post. (Q1 15:01)
Christensen centres a curling kick from the boundary line which lands with McCluggage, 20m out. He shoots from about 30 and also strikes the woodwork. (Q1 19:02)
A soft free kick for a Ballard bump on Hipwood brings Darcy Gardiner to almost point-blank range thanks to a 50m penalty. The defender kicks his first goal in footy! (Q1 20:49)
Berry squeezes out a handball back to Lyons who snaps off two steps on his right boot from 35, sneaking it in for a goal against his old club. (Q1 21:49)
Miller sends it to the hot spot where Day marks strongly ahead of Adams. He shoots from 20m and nails it. (Q1 24:03)
Robinson dishes to Rayner who collects cleanly off his laces and releases to Bailey, kicking the running goal from 30. (Q1 27:15)
A Gold Coast turnover ends with Zorko spotting up McCarthy in the pocket who sprays the relatively easy set shot. (Q1 31:16)
Rich smacks one from 60 that sails a mile but barely scrapes in for a minor score. (Q2 8:50)
McCarthy collects at the forward stoppage and releases back to Robinson who wheels around and shoots from 50, kicking a great goal for the Lions. (Q2 11:44)
Charlie Cameron collects out the back of a McInerney contest, snapping truly from 35 to extend the lead and kick his second. (Q2 15:57)
Martin takes it out of the ruck on the flank, runs to the intersection of the 50 and the boundary and sends a kick toward the goal which is slapped over the line by MacPherson. (Q2 18:13)
Fiorini takes the advantage after a HTB call, running to 45 and slotting it on his left. (Q2 20:13)
Robinson throws it on the boot, landing in the path of big Stef Martin who clunks it on the chest. From 50, it’s OOTF. (Q2 20:53)
Robinson holds Sexton in the marking contest which allows the Sun a look at goal from 30m, directly in front. He has no trouble whatsoever. (Q2 22:43)
The afterburners are activated as Cameron collects the loose ball outside a forward stoppage and skirts the boundary before snapping a checkside from the goalsquare. (Q2 25:14)
Ainsworth is caught high by Rich and shoots from just outside the 50. It’s online but the tall timber in the goalsquare thump it over. (Q2 28:13)
Charlie Cameron finds himself in space out the back of the stoppage and snaps it through on his left for his fourth major. MacPherson dumps Neale who makes it a 12-point play. (Q2 33:10)
It’s 3 goals in 30 seconds for the Lions through Bailey who received from McStay and nails it on the run from 45. (Q2 33:29)
Weller sends a high snap toward the pocket which bounces at right angles to go through for a minor score. (Q3 1:54)
McCluggage bursts away from a stoppage in the middle, popping a kick into the path of – guess who – Charlie Cameron. He shoots from 35 and clicks his tally up to 5 goals. (Q3 4:11)
McStay’s weighted pass toward Hipwood is perfect, marking in front of Graham on the lead. Eric’s 45m shot is straight through the middle. (Q3 6:11)
Bailey releases laterally to Christensen who shoots on the run from 50 but it’s offline to the left. (Q3 7:30)
Harbrow’s tackle slips high on Christensen who’ll have a look at goal. From 35m, this one’s off to the right. (Q3 8:59)
Neale releases to an unmanned Lyons outside the stoppage who snaps on his right for his second of the day. (Q3 14:11)
An off-the-ball free kick for a soft push against Graham deep in Brisbane’s forward line gifts Hipwood a look from 30. Eric makes no mistake as the Lions make it 8 goals in a row. (Q3 17:15)
The Lions surge forward with brute strength before Rayner emerges cleanly but can’t get his shot past Bowes in a true goalkeeper-style save. (Q3 18:31)
Good aerial work from McStay to keep the contest alive sets up McCarthy with a quick checkside from the pocket which hits the post. (Q3 19:58)
A wide, elevated kick from the centre square lands with Sexton who was the only available option. From outside 50, Alex narrowly misses. (Q3 21:30)
Lyons lowers his eyes to hit Christensen with a short, centering pass and Bundy makes it count from 35. (Q3 23:42)
A hasty Answerth kick from the centre falls into the lap of Cameron who kicks his sixth from 40m, directly in front, notching up a PB. (Q3 27:27)
Robinson spoils the contest down to Zorko who shrugs off a wimpy tackler and launches one from 50 that sails through for yet another goal. The floodgates have well and truly opened (Q3 29:28)
Charlie spills a chest mark but is gifted a free kick for front-on contact against Harbrow. As the 3QT siren sounds he misses to the right. (3 Qtr Time)
Stef martin clunks it at true CHF, releasing to Berry who sidesteps Swallow and finishes with class from 45. (Q4 2:29)
McStay stays down at the front of the pack which proves to be a smart choice. The footy falls into his lap and he snaps off one step to slot it from 25. (Q4 4:29)
Martin grabs it out of the ruck against Witts, throws it on the boot, and puts the lions over 100 points up. This is getting nasty. (Q4 5:59)
Bowes sells some candy and releases Sexton who trots toward goal and slots the checkside for a rare GC major. (Q4 12:04)
Cameron brings the ball to ground where Zorko swoops front and centre, snapping accurately on the run from 45. (Q4 13:11)
Swallow catches Answerth HTB and will go back from 50m. His set shot scrapes over the players on the line, notching up 6 points and bringing the margin back into double figures. (Q4 16:45)
Rich sends a penetrating kick inside 50 from the centre of the ground. McStay pushes Ballard out legally, marks and then plays on to kick the easiest of goals. (Q4 18:00)
Ainsworth marks the hasty Harbrow kick 40m out and his shot is flawless. (Q4 19:31)
Brisbane surge through the middle in numbers with Lyons the last link in the chain who shoots from 45 on the run and misses. (Q4 21:01)
Advantage is paid as Day marks the Hanley kick, 35m out. He goes back and squeezes it home. (Q4 22:30)
Burgess’ clearing kick is only as far as Witherden. He lets loose from 55 but it’s narrowly wide. (Q4 28:29)

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