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Blog log from R21 of 2019: Melbourne vs Collingwood

Blog log for Melbourne vs Collingwood, R21 of 2019

Melbourne controls the footy with a chain of uncontested marks before a helmetless Brayshaw hits Gawn on the lead inside 50. From 45, Maxy’s kick is horrid, dropping well short. (Q1 2:31)
Treloar curls it to the hotspot where Roughead collects. His snap is smothered before Mihocek snaps but a diving Brayshaw gets a fingertip on it, through for a touched behind. (Q1 6:17)
Roughead, Sidebottom and then Elliott combine in the pocket. Jamie runs inboard to the tip of the goalsquare but his snap is offline, affected by late pressure. (Q1 7:48)
Kennedy-Harris gives to Jones who sends it inside 50 where Fritsch flies in from the side to clunk the mark. His 35m attempt hits the post. (Q1 10:03)
Wagner sends it inside 50 for the wing where Petracca finds himself in the best spot to mark the kick which drops a little short. He shoots from 40m on a slight angle and misses. (Q1 13:48)
Varcoe runs onto the loose footy in the pocket and handballs to Hoskin-Elliot on the goal line but a desperate May dives in to infiltrate, saving the day. (Q1 19:02)
Fritsch marks on the HFF and spears it inboard to Petracca on the lead. He shoots from 45m but tugs it to the left. (Q1 20:01)
Treloar, Thomas, and Sidebottom combine by hand with the latter strutting inside the 50 and shooting on his left but it narrowly misses to the near side. (Q1 24:32)
Petracca sends a high one to the top of the square where Petty gets the better of Scharenberg to take the mark. He has no trouble slotting the first goal of the day. (Q1 26:17)
Fritsch runs onto the loose ball in the pocket, soccering the footy inboard to try to keep it in play. Intentional or not, it bobbles over the behind line. (Qtr Time)
Taylor Adams dives on the footy at a defensive stoppage, pinged for HTB under a Brayshaw tackle. From 45 on a moderate angle, Gus slots it. (Q2 4:08)
Grunt work from Elliott allows Treloar to handball back to Pendlebury who makes the most of the opportunity, snapping the Pies’ first goal from 30m, directly in front. (Q2 9:03)
Thomas centres the footy from the HFF where Mihocek jumps off two feet to mark strongly above Salem. From 37, Brody splits the middle as the Pies take the lead. (Q2 12:03)
Thomas crumbs in the pocket, then initiates an unconventional one-two with Brown before getting a toe to it and kicking the goal from point-blank. (Q2 14:57)
A Brayshaw turnover on the wing sparks a Collingwood surge that ends with Adams poking a pass into the leading Elliott. From 40, it’s off to the left. (Q2 16:25)
Lever is penalised for holding Mihocek in the contest, allowing the Pie a shot at goal from 30m, directly in front. Brody makes it four in a row for Collingwood. (Q2 17:48)
Brayshaw snaps it high toward goal from 30 and it has the accuracy but not the power, eventually thumped over the line by Sidebottom. (Q2 19:57)
Varcoe roves the pack in the pocket, cleanly sidesteps inboard and then snaps beautifully on his left for a great individual goal. (Q2 24:38)
Petracca shrugs off a Mayne tackle at half-forward before finding Wagner in space within range. Corey’s shot from 35, however, is poor. (Q2 28:09)
Maynard clumsily falls into Melksham at the 45, giving the Demon a look at the big sticks. He tugs it left and barely makes the distance. (Q3 0:51)
Roughead gets the one-two with Treloar before spotting Elliott on the lead. From just inside the 50 he hangs it out to the left. (Q3 7:18)
Sidebottom clears it from congestion on the wing inboard to Treloar. He links up with Pendlebury who kicks the running goal from 45, extending the Pies’ lead. (Q3 8:57)
Sidebottom architects the clearance yet again. Thomas hits Varcoe free inside 50 who shoots from 48 and sneaks it home. (Q3 11:46)
A 50m set shot off Jake Melksham’s boot has the distance covered but not the accuracy, heavily skewed to the left. (Q3 20:29)

Lewis finds himself on the outside of the flank stoppage, centering beautifully to Fritsch on the lead. He makes it count from 25, splitting the middle and edging one back for the (Q3 20:29)
Sidebottom lets one fly on the run from 35 on a tight angle. It’s a half pass, half shot which doesn’t eventuate effectively to either intended result, missing to the left.
(Q3 20:29)
Adams sends it inside 50 where Mihocek is able to clunk the mark after Level slips over. From 25 without much of an angle, Brody boots number 3. (Q3 20:29)
Crisp swoops at half-back, gets the one-two with Pendlebury on the wing, then takes a bounce, dashes away from Jones, and launches it from 55, bouncing it through! (Q3 24:31)
With eyes only for the footy, Mihocek flies back to bravely clunk the Adams entry kick. From 45, directly in front, Brody nails it. (Q4 2:56)
Treloar’s centering kick is a poor one, coughing it up to Petracca who fends off Madgen before launching it through the big sticks from 50 on the run. (Q4 5:52)
Fritsch spins on a dime and snaps on his left from 25 but it bends too much, missing to the right. (Q4 8:38)
A powerful and accurate left-foot entry kick from Fritsch finds Hunt in space ahead of Howe. He goes back and sneaks it in from 40. (Q4 11:18)
Lewis sends it inside 50 where Fritsch marks behind Phillips with a dominant leap. His shot from 35, however, is offline. (Q4 14:21)
Oscar McDonald gets a late consolation prize after receiving a grubber pass from Hunt and snapping truly on his left from 30. Four goals the margin with six minutes left… (Q4 20:07)
Petracca is held without the ball by Crisp, allowing the Dees to go inside 50 where Gawn marks at 40m and kicks the goal. (Q4 24:23)
Wagner crumbs at the hot spot and scrambles a kick that bobbles through for a minor score. The Dees have lifted their intensity but left their surge far too late. (Q4 26:58)

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