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Blog log from R20 of 2019: Carlton vs West Coast

Blog log for Carlton vs West Coast, R20 of 2019

Sheed receives over the top as the ball bounds end to end under the Marvel Stadium route. The renowned midfield goalscorer shoots from the arc, missing to the right. (Q1 4:36)
Plowman, Newman and Kennedy link as the Blues swing the ball from half back to the attacking arc. Matt gathers at ground level and flicks to the marauding Nic. Nic goals from 45! (Q1 5:44)
Kennedy pulls the ball from the clinches as the Blues tackle pressure is high early on. Matt swings onto his right peg, missing to the right hand side from 25. (Q1 6:45)
Gaff sends the ball to the top of the square for Ryan and Schumacher to contest. Liam clunks the contested grab and makes no mistake from close range! (Q1 9:13)
Two in a minute from the fleet footed Eagles! Rioli pounces on the loose pill after the strong spoil from Schumacher. Willie gathers and goals from point blank! (Q1 11:15)
Ryan gathers boundary side, speeds into the attacking arc and hits the dart to find the chest of Kennedy. Josh lines up the set shot snap from the tight angle, hitting the post. (Q1 14:32)
Sheppard paces off the half back flank, receives by hand and dabs the pass over the top to find the pacing Kennedy. Josh marks, lines up from 40 on the slight and misses. (Q1 16:00)
The Blues move forward and Fisher is the first to pounce on the ground ball. He flicks to former captain in Murphy. Marc steps away from Sheed and punts it through from 30! (Q1 22:25)
Guess who has his second for the term! Marauding up the ground, Murphy flicks to Newman and the former Swan hammers it through from the paint of the arc! (Q1 24:14)
Sam Walsh caps a tremendous term with a goal to remember! He receives in the attacking arc, darts out of trouble while retreating. He turns, beats the tackle and goals from 50! (Q1 29:46)
Murphy gathers from the Phillips hit out and wastes little time, finding McKay on the lead. Harry lines up from 45 on the slight, missing to the right hand side. (Q2 6:00)
The Eagles grab the first of the second! From the stoppage, Darling monsters Phillips. In one sturdy effort, he swings his hips and and bounces it through with the snap! (Q2 9:19)
Incredibly the marauding half back flanker, Nic Newman, has his third of the afternoon! He sends it long from the arc, and after a miraculous bounce, it goes through! (Q2 10:46)
The Eagles waste little time in reply. Darling clunks a strong contested mark at point blank range after Allen sent it forward. Jack goes back and goals from point blank! (Q2 12:31)
Make that two in a minute for the Eagles. Pace through the middle opens up the corridor. Cameron takes the intercept possession, blasts away and goals from 40! (Q2 14:03)
Yeo hooks to the goalfront after shaking off his Blue counterpart. Darling keeps it alive with a soccer, which falls the way of Shuey. He gathers and hammers home! (Q2 17:05)
The Blues stem the tide with a major of their own! From the resultant centre bounce, Carlton launch forward and Silvagni gathers off the turf, flicking to Gibbons who goals! (Q2 18:03)
Sheed, Rioli and Shuey combine with classy ball use through the forward 50. Luke receives from Willie by hand and hammers home at top pace from close range! (Q2 22:47)
Ryan takes a riveting mark at full pace, heading back into the throng with no idea of what awaits. He clunks the grab and finishes with ease from 35 on the slight! (Q2 25:02)
Casboult takes the lead up grab after Curnow found his target. A quiet start for the hulking full forward, Levi is unable to cap it off, missing from 50 on the slight. (Q2 26:02)
Waterman paces away and gets the step on his counterpart in Plowman. Jake lines up the set shot and finishes truly from 40 on the slight! (Q2 27:17)
Petrucelle gathers in the pocket after the errant Rioli handball. Jack looks centrally from the pocket and finds Waterman. Jake marks and goals from point blank! (Q3 1:18)
The Eagles have well and truly kicked away at the beginning of this third term! Yeo mauls Schumacher and receives the free. He moves it forward to Rioli, Willie snapping truly! (Q3 7:04)
Another goal out the back for the rampant Eagles! Darling wins the ball and flicks to the pacing Rioli. Willie settles and goals from point blank range! (Q3 11:48)
Petrevski-Seton launches to the top of the square and for once, the Eagles fail to take the intercept grab. Gibbons gathers the pill off the deck and roosts it through! (Q3 16:30)
Simpson hits Allen off the ball and the young Eagle duly receives the free. Oscar lines up from 35 on the slight angle and converts the gift! (Q3 22:48)
Make that two this term for Gibbons! The Blues launch to the top of the square, Casboult brings the ball to ground level and Michael roves at pace. He finishes from close range! (Q3 26:02)
Petruccelle is found in an acre of space and the young Eagle takes the mark from the Masten pass. Jack shoots from 45 on the flank and splits the middle! (Q3 28:34)
Jetta, Redden and Darling combine as the Eagles swing the ball from end to end. Jack finds his namesake on the lead, Darling unable to convert from 40 on the slight. (3 Qtr Time)
Gaff pulls the pass and finds Kennedy, the former Blue taking the uncontested mark. Josh shoots from 40 on the slight and splits the middle for his first of the afternoon! (Q4 6:30)
Silvagni hits the pill at pace ahead of McGovern and chips the dab pass to the pacing Gibbons. Michael takes the mark and misses to the near side from 45 on the flank. (Q4 9:13)
The Blues grab a late consolation through McKay. Harry receives, rounds Schofield, and sends his shot through off the left peg from the arc! (Q4 14:00)
Phillips holds Darling in the ruck contest and gifts the key forward a shot at goal. Jack shoots from 35 on the flank, kicking to the wrong side of the post. (Q4 19:44)
Gaff, Petruccelle and Allen combine through the middle before Jack finds Oscar unattended in scoring range. The 20 year old shoots from 45 on the flank, missing to the near side. (Q4 20:44)
Silvagni speeds toward the attacking arc and sends it central, finding the chest of Lang. The former Cat shoots from 30 on the slight and goals! (Q4 23:55)
Newman takes the mark within scoring range and has the unlikely opportunity to kick his fourth. He sets sights for home, and post siren, splits the middle! (Full Time)

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