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Blog log from R20 of 2019: Melbourne vs Richmond

Blog log for Melbourne vs Richmond, R20 of 2019

Riewoldt marks the Houli kick at half forward, quickly wheels around and spots up Bolton floating back into space. Shai’s kick looks good until it hits the post. (Q1 3:13)
Frost spills the intercept mark allowing Martin to swoop and hit up Riewoldt in the pocket. Jack immediately passes inboard to Castagna who converts the 35m set shot with ease. (Q1 6:41)
Lever sends it in the direction of Lewis who earns a free kick thanks to a Grimes hold. The veteran slides it home from 25. (Q1 8:56)
In a classic front-and-centre crumb, Wagner flies across the base of the goalsquare pack to give the Dees the lead early on. (Q1 10:59)
Nathan Jones’ left-foot kick superbly hits Fritsch at 40. Bailey goes back and nails another one for Melbourne, whose intent to play on quickly is reaping rewards thus far. (Q1 14:13)
Lambert sends it inside 50 where Chol marks at top speed on a searching lead. He has no issue slotting the Tigers’ second of the day from 40. (Q1 19:12)
Melksham blindly sends a sky-high ball inside 50 and Petty is the first one to react, clunking an impressive mark. The kick doesn’t match though – missing narrowly. (Q1 22:31)
An excellent Rioli smother on Oliver’s clearance kick allows Graham to pick up the loose footy and hastily dribble it home from 20. (Q1 26:12)
Bolton ignores the option to offload to the man riding shotgun, instead sidestepping his opponent and flashing a shot from 45 that barely squeezes in for a minor score. (Qtr Time)
Bolton roves a crowded pack, snapping quickly on his right boot from a tight angle. Unfortunately for the Tigers, it’s across the face. (Q2 2:42)
A downfield free is paid against Lever on Riewoldt for a hold and the Dee hobbles off immediately afterward. In the meantime, Jack drags the 40m shot to the left. (Q2 4:57)
Viney keeps his composure to shrug off a wimpy tackler at CHF and pop a short pass to Dunkley within range. From right on the 50, Kyle hits it sweetly! (Q2 6:58)
Lynch proves too strong for McDonald, clunking the mark near the intersection of the arc and the boundary. The kick is as good as you’ll see, sailing through for a top-shelf goal. (Q2 8:58)
Good forward pressure from Petracca forces Short to cough up the Sherrin to Fritsch who snaps on his left, albeit inaccurately. (Q2 11:28)
Riewoldt flies high for the speckie but can’t make it stick. At his feet is Dusty who feeds it out to a running Caddy, finishing with class from the pocket. (Q2 14:26)
An untimely slip causes Rioli to drop the mark in his attacking zone. Without much pressure, however, he pops it over the top to Lynch who snaps his second for the game from 20. (Q2 17:12)
Lewis capitalises on an accidental Broad OOTF by sniping a pass inboard to Fritsch at the 45. Bailey takes his 30 seconds and then hammers it home. (Q2 18:34)
Fritsch sizzles a 50m pass from the wing to a courageous Brayshaw who flies in to clunk the mark within scoring range. Gus goes back and nails it from 45. (Q2 20:44)
Prestia pops a little pass inside 50 to Bolton who marks in plenty of space. From 40m, the kick never looked good. (Q2 23:14)
Frost sends a misguided torp out of defence that goes only as far as Houli. He lowers his eyes to hit up Lambert who nails the goal from 45 as the rain pours down. (Q3 1:22)
Harmes goes long to the top of the square where Jordan Lewis winds back the clock to somehow get a boot to it while falling backward under heavy pressure near the goalline. (Q3 4:38)
An attacking Richmond boundary throw-in drops short. Big Ivan Soldo reacts first with Lionel Messi-style instincts, soccering it out of mid-air for a stellar goal! (Q3 7:59)
Dusty finds Jack on the lead who shoots from smack on the 50 but it curls off its trajectory, fading to the right. (Q3 9:25)
It’s Martin, Bolton and the Graham with the set shot opportunity from 45m on the boundary. He makes the tough shot looks simple, slotting it straight through the middle. (Q3 11:22)
Petty flies in laterally to claim the Fritsch kick as his own. He goes back and shoots from 50 but can’t get it online. (Q3 15:09)
Dusty roves his own contest in the pocket before wheeling around and snapping on his right, however, he can’t slap enough whirl on it, missing to the near side. (Q3 17:06)
Riewoldt beats Hibberd in the one-on-one ground-level contest on the flank and releases to Prestia riding shotgun. Dion shoots from near the boundary but it’s across the face. (Q3 19:38)
Castagna is the victim of a not-15 play on call. He distributes quickly with Butler eventually sending a shot toward goal from 40 that hits the post. (Q3 21:08)
With the rain thumping down, after receiving from Martin. Rioli unleashes a barrel that sails over the goal umpire’s head from outside 50! (Q3 23:23)
Lynch’s hands are strong and sticky, clunking the Prestia kick despite heavy pressure from Frost. From 45, Tom smacks it home for his third major of the evening. (Q3 26:08)
A flying 45m Edwards shot out of congestion is the first opportunity of the final term but he can’t skew it as he would’ve liked. (Q4 2:15)
Fritsch is about to line up from downtown when an off-the-ball whack to the midriff from Astbury on Petty gifts Bailey a 50m penalty. It becomes the easiest of goals. (Q4 5:17)
The rain is continuing to come down early in the fourth, which is making clean football difficult for both sides. (Q4 6:17)
Kennedy-Harris’ defensive clearance is only as far as Caddy who pops a pass over the top to the leading Riewoldt. Jack’s 40m attempt hangs out to the left, not helped by the angle. (Q4 10:03)
Rioli catches Hibberd HTB 30m out, directly in front, but can’t convert the set shot. (Q4 12:20)
The Tigers surge through the corridor before Rioli launches one from 50. Riewoldt drops the mark on the goal line, one which he didn’t necessarily have to attempt. (Q4 15:16)
Mcdonald’s kickout is poor, falling straight into the arms of Martin just outside the 50. He wheels around and boots it home impressively. (Q4 16:46)
Grimes catches Dunkley high with a glancing blow which gifts Kyle a look at the sticks. He hits it sweetly from 45, bringing the margin back to 28 points. (Q4 18:31)
Wagner roves a spoil in Melbourne’s goalsquare but the running, snapping shot is always wayward. (Q4 19:31)
Oskar Baker dabs a left-foot snap into the runway of Fritsch who slides in to hold the mark but can’t convert from 30. (Q4 20:32)
Butler streams inside 50, linking up with Bolton who marks 20m out. Without much of an angle, he has no issue slotting it through. (Q4 22:47)

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