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Blog log from R20 of 2019: Fremantle vs Geelong

Blog log for Fremantle vs Geelong, R20 of 2019

Selwood sends it out of CHF congestion to the hot spot where Hawkins proves too strong for Hamling in the one-on-one. He makes the goal umpire work, but it’s home nonetheless. (Q1 3:19)
Banfield’s hands are slick, releasing Duman who hits Sean Darcy on the lead in the pocket. The big man goes back and shoots from 40m on a tricky angle, missing narrowly. (Q1 6:37)
Walters hurries a kick forward where Langdon comes to meet it. He can’t trap the footy but follows it up and pulls out some top-shelf soccer skills, nailing it from the pocket. (Q1 9:23)
Clark takes a bounce through the middle before Atkins sends one to the top of the square, albeit a slight miskick. Hawkins clunks the mark directly in front and goals with ease. (Q1 11:49)
Miers’ chip kick into the forward 50 is a good one, landing in the lap of Hawkins. He takes 20 seconds before poking a pass to Dangerfield at the 35 but Danger sprays the shot. (Q1 17:33)
Switkowski’s quick hands sets up Matera who emerges from congestion and snaps on his left from the hot spot, albeit inaccurately. (Q1 20:48)
Tucker struts through the corridor before pinpointing Matera on the lead. From 35, Brandon misses another relatively simple shot. (Q1 22:00)
Dangerfield takes on Cerra on the flank with top-shelf speed and agility, centering to Clark who earns the free for front-on contact and slots the goal from 30. (Q1 23:30)
Henry’s spoil is a good one but it falls to Brayshaw front and square. He gets some momentum and snaps truly from 40, with help from a goalline shepherd. (Q1 26:15)
Stanley dashes away from the centre bounce before combining with Atkins and Kelly. Guthrie is the last link in the chain, snapping the goal on the run from 35 with the checkside. (Q1 27:35)
Hawkins is causing headaches early, exampled again by a Logue hold in the marking contest. After earning the free kick, Tomahawk goes back from 30 and nails it. (Q1 29:34)
Just before QT, Walters emerges from stoppage congestion in the pocket but the tight angle proves too tough, unable to bend his running snap back quite enough. (Qtr Time)
Brad Hill kickstarts a rebound with speed before Walters finds Darcy on the arc. He quickly finesses a pass to Crowden who makes it count from 40. (Q2 3:44)
Menegola sends a sky-high kick to the pocket that’s clunked by Hawkins on the chest ahead of Hughes. He pokes a pass to an unmanned Ablett who sneaks it home from 30. (Q2 7:37)
Ablett sharks Sandilands’ palm-down in Geelong’s attacking pocket before sending a dribbling grubber toward goal which bounces into the post. (Q2 9:30)
Hill, Conca, Tucker and then Banfield combine by hand, with the latter taking the time to steady on the run before nailing it from 40. (Q2 16:29)
Kelly releases the handball under immense pressure to Scott Selwood who dashes goalward and sends it straight into the woodwork from 45. (Q2 17:59)
Ablett’s tackle causes Sandilands to drop the footy. Dangerfield then marks the Duncan kick strongly above his head, but the tight angle proves too tough for the drop punt. (Q2 21:11)
Walters waits and waits at half forward before pinpointing Fyfe loose in the 50. Nat shoots from 45 but it’s always far to the left. (Q2 24:29)
Matera’s kick spills fortunately to Crowden who releases hastily outside to Schulz. Lachie’s unable to seize the moment, however, dribbling the shot to the near side. (Q2 28:13)
Brad Hill smartly lays it into the path of Crowden who marks and makes the most of his opportunity, slotting the goal from 30 on a slight angle. (Q2 28:13)
Crowden finds himself in a paddock of space inside 50. Whether a shot or a pass, it’s marked by Darcy on the behind line. He plays on and hammers it home as Freo take the lead! (Half Time)
A Blakely fumble invites Kelly to lay a great tackle, inches from the boundary line. On the tight angle, Tim’s shot is an absolute sizzler, giving the Cats back the lead. (Q3 4:59)
Henderson sends it to the genuine one-on-one where Rohan marks strongly in the slippery conditions above Cerra. Gary goal back and nails the 40m set shot. (Q3 6:44)
Joel Selwood trots down the wing and kicks to a contest at the 40. Bodies fly in all directions before Ratugolea clunks it, however, he can’t covert the set shot opportunity. (Q3 9:15)
Switkowski pops it cleverly into the path of the leading Fyfe, marking strongly above Henry. Nat hammers it home from 35! (Q3 10:58)
Walters roves the Blicavs/Darcy contest before snapping with class from 40m on his trusty left boot. (Q3 13:23)
Rohan puts in a couple of good efforts which allows the footy to remain up for grabs. Kelly is the one who emerges with it but his 25m attempt is wayward. (Q3 15:42)
Hughes sends it into the pocket to Matera who marks, plays on, snaps, and cannons it into the woodwork. (Q3 28:00)
Just before 3QT, Fyfe’s sticky hands to clunk the Hill pass and a clean finish from 40m thereafter give his Dockers an 8-point lead. (Q3 29:00)
The rain has started to come down heavily in Perth at 3QT, so we’ll be in for an old-fashioned slippery slog in the final term. (3 Qtr Time)
Despite an abnormally quiet day, Mundy steps up when it counts and seizes his moment, crumbing a Darcy palm-down at the hot spot and snapping truly on his left. (Q4 6:28)
Langdon sends a bomb into a dangerous area that comes to ground off hands. Matera is best placed to swoop and dance around before snapping the goal and putting his boys up by 20. (Q4 10:00)
Langdon tumbles one toward goal from 45 that doesn’t quite get the bounce he would have liked, through for a minor score. (Q4 11:42)
Mundy hooks a centering pass on his left boot to Langdon who marks in plenty of space at the 35. From directly in front, Ed makes it seriously tough for the Cats. (Q4 14:42)
Bews crumbs off the back off the Kolodjashnij entry kick but can’t hook it back enough, missing narrowly to the near side. (Q4 19:27)
A timely spoil from Henry spills out into the lap of Duman who snaps off a step to slot his first goal in footy and put the game beyond doubt. (Q4 21:06)
Matera has a chance to inflict further damage, however, his 40m shot is under pressure and bounces offline. (Q4 21:06)
Guthrie is fed by Duncan and launches one from 55 that sails marginally over the players on the line, bringing the margin back to 27 with 5 minutes left. (Q4 24:29)
Switkowski pokes a pass to Mundy who nabs it on the second bite, centimetres inside the boundary line. David goes back and nails the drop punt to put the cherry on top. (Q4 30:20)
Switkowski has a chance of his own within the last minute of the match but the accuracy is missing, through for a behind. The siren sounds – Dockers claim a huge scalp! (Full Time)

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