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Blog log from R19 of 2019: St Kilda vs Melbourne

Blog log for St Kilda vs Melbourne, R19 of 2019

Viney gets the first clearance and sends it inside 50 where Fritsch marks on the lead. From 47, he smacks through the first of the day and the boys get around him. (Q1 1:42)
Petracca collects, hammed in on the boundary line, draws the man in Carlisle, then handballs to Lewis who steps onto his left and snaps the Dees’ second. (Q1 4:13)
Melbourne goes bang for three goals in three minutes, this time through Petracca who made the most of a spillage out of the forward stoppage. (Q1 6:45)
Dunstan launches a shot from the 50 arc that’s touched just on the line by Hibberd. A score review confirms the minor score. (Q1 9:43)
The footy falls off hands to Seb Ross who kicks a ripper left-foot snap from the pocket to get his squad on the board with a much-needed stabiliser. (Q1 12:31)
Smith’s defensive clearance is poor, falling into the lap of Jack Billings. The shot at goal, however, is equally poor, punched over for a boundary throw-in. (Q1 16:13)
Bruce makes the most of said shallow throw-in, clunking it out of the ruck unopposed, wheeling onto his left and snapping truly from 30. (Q1 17:11)
After a passage of terrible kicking from both teams, Hind sends it to the top of the square where Salem loses focus on the ball, allowing Long to mark and goal from 25m out. (Q1 20:59)
Gawn shoves Marshall with ease to clunk the footy from the boundary throw-in, then rushes a shot toward goal which never looked online. (Q1 24:20)
Coffield’s switch kick is poor, intercepted by Smith. Petty and Wagner then get involved, but the latter can’t get his shot on target from 40. (Q1 26:11)
A lace-out kick from Dunstan finds Langlands on the lead at the 45. He goes back for the set shot, however, it drops short and is punched over the line for a behind. (Q1 28:29)
Frost and Harmes combine to find Maxy Gawn within range. Without confidence in his kicking, he dishes to Hibberd who shoots on the run from 50 and misses. (Q1 29:59)
Fritsch proves dangerous with multiple efforts in the goalsquare, eventually receiving the handball from an under-pressure Petty and kicking the easiest of goals. (Q1 31:10)
Smith flies to clunk an impressive contested grab, slotting the goal from 25m after the quarter-time siren to take the Dees out to a 13-point lead. (Qtr Time)
An under-pressure Carlisle gifts the handball straight to Smith who gets a hasty left-foot snap away that is eventually escorted over the line by Wilkie, with a behind the result. (Q2 3:03)
Lever’s clearing kick is a wobbly grubber that goes straight to Billings. The Saint collects and dashes goalward but sprays his 45m shot to the near side. (Q2 12:46)
After a comedy of errors from both teams, Corey Wagner eventually throws a snap on the boot from 20m under heavy pressure that sails through for a goal. (Q2 16:20)
Ross marks the footy at CHF and kicks to a contest where Bruce takes a strong contested grab as the man in front. From 30m, he makes it count. (Q2 17:59)
A Billings entry into the 50 from the flank finds the leading Membrey in space. Tim marks but his shot thumps into the post. (Q2 20:49)
Long roves a St Kilda attacking stoppage, breaking away and snapping on his right, but he too hits the woodwork. (Q2 21:49)
Steele is able to work out of congestion at half-forward and find the second-gamer Langlands just outside the square. He makes the goal umpire move, but the shot squeezes through. (Q2 23:48)
Gresham pounces to intercept a Salem handball, then hastily snaps from 35m. The shot is a chance but it’s touched before it can cross the line. (Q2 25:32)
A backwards kick from Gresham finds Clark at the 45. His kick has the journey but not the accuracy, through for a minor score. (Q2 27:16)
Long pops it up to the hot spot where a cluster of players flies. The footy trickles out the back where a goalside Membrey is the first to react, kicking the easiest of goals. (Q3 6:52)
Hunt sits a pass up in the Petracca direction who proves too strong for Coffield. From just outside the 50, Christian launches a long bomb which sails through the big sticks. (Q3 9:05)
Oskar Baker roves a pack to get a boot to ball mid-air, but it misses. The Dees send it straight back in after the kickout, however, Brayshaw’s running 45m shot is wide as well. (Q3 10:07)
Following an important effort from Carlisle at half-back, the Saints work it up the wing and find Bruce in the pocket. Membrey marks in the opposite one then snaps the goal (Q3 12:51)
Some good offensive pressure allows Long to pounce on a loose ball in the attacking zone. He feeds it forward to Acres, and then Membrey who kicks another goal from point-blank. (Q3 14:53)
The loose ball in the pocket rapidly comes out to Lonie, yet not even Jack can feed the footy through on that tight an angle while under immense pressure. (Q3 18:05)
Brayshaw’s kick toward the goalsquare isn’t perfect yet Harmes proves good enough. He collects and steps around Coffield with ease to kick the simple 6-pointer. (Q3 20:06)
Lonie has the opportunity to get a snap away but makes insignificant connection, allowing Salem to get a hand in and eventually rush it over the line. (Q3 22:51)
Wilkie passes to Ross at CHF who plays on immediately and roosts it through for a telling goal from outside 50. (Q3 23:47)
Lonie roves another hot spot contest and snaps on his left, but the bend is too influential, sailing through for a minor score. (Q3 24:49)
Gawn’s tapwork down Harmes’ throat is flawless, but with pressure on the kick, it drops short. Off hands, Petracca soccers it off the ground for a quality goal. (Q3 26:36)
After the goal, a free kick is paid for high contact against Carlisle on Petty. From the hot spot, it’s an easy finish, making it a 2-goal play to the Dees. (Q3 29:07)
From the centre of the field, Long hits a leading Bruce right on the 50. Kicking from 55, he nails it, giving the Saints the lead just before the 3QT siren. (3 Qtr Time)
The Dees get the first of the last within 20 seconds thanks to the boot of Clayton Oliver. Neal-Bullen and Gawn were involved, as was Smith with the assist. (Q4 2:48)
A poor Dunstan turnover in the centre allows Hunt to find Petty who hits up Harmes at the top of the square. From that distance, he has no issue whatsoever. (Q4 5:32)
Gresham links up with Sinclair who centres to Lonie with space ahead of Hibberd. Without any angle to contend with, the 40m set shot is as easy as you like for Jack. (Q4 8:19)
Superb work from Hunter Clark at CHF allows Ross to hit up Bruce on the lead. From 45, Josh sneaks it home by a whisker. (Q4 12:49)
Acres takes a bounce and loads up from long range. It wasn’t looking online, but a fist from Jetta makes a minor score a certainty. (Q4 13:59)
Brayshaw sends it forward from the wing. Following quick hands from Fritsch and Petty, a running Neal-Bullen makes it count from 35m for the eighth lead change of the match. (Q4 15:21)
High contact is paid against Petracca on Long in the Saints’ forward pocket. Ben whirls around on his right and snaps truly, taking the lead back. (Q4 18:33)
Marshall slaps the footy back with vigor to Hind who snaps from close range straight into the post. Six points the difference with six minutes on the clock… (Q4 21:00)
Ross brilliantly steps through traffic and feeds to Lonie, but Jack’s running 40m shot is wide. That could prove to be a handy point. (Q4 22:47)
Hind goes back with nothing but courage and somehow avoids contact, collects the footy on the bounce, and dribbles it through from the top of the square. Saints up by 13. (Q4 24:32)
Billings goes back with the flight to clunk the Lonie kick in the pocket. On the wrong side for a left-footer, to ice the cake for the Saints, he absolutely nails it! (Q4 26:00)
A poor OOTF kick-in from the Demons allows Clark to intercept and link up with Jack Billings, but he can’t convert the easy running shot. (Full Time)

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