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Blog log from R18 of 2019: Brisbane vs North Melbourne

Blog log for Brisbane vs North Melbourne, R18 of 2019

Ziebell releases Higgins outside of a forward-50 stoppage who streams toward goal and snaps quickly on his left boot for the first major of the evening. (Q1 3:32)
Robinson chips a lateral pass over to Berry who can’t convert his 50m set shot. (Q1 3:55)
A free kick against Andrews gives Larkey an eye on goal, and he has no trouble splitting the middle from 35. (Q1 10:42)
McCarthy snaps hastily from out wide, but his shot is marginally offline to the near side. (Q1 11:00)
Zurhaar’s pickup is silky smooth, then kicking into a paddock of space in front of Brown. He lines up from 50 and makes it three in a row for the Kangas. (Q1 13:56)
Christensen sharks a Tarrant defensive handball in the goalsquare, kicking the easiest of goals from point-blank. (Q1 21:32)
Zorko sidesteps Atley on the wing and pokes a pass inside 50 to McCarthy. On a tight angle, Lincoln sprays it OOTF. (Q1 24:02)
Dumont marks on the HFF and pops it up to the 40m mark where Larkey flies and clunks it. Without significant angle, he has no trouble slotting the goal. (Q1 27:16)
Wood makes it five in a row for the Roos with a sizzling drop punt on the run from just inside the boundary line. (Q1 28:08)
Gardiner sends it inside 50 from the wing where McInerney proves too big, clenching the mark above a cluster of players. His set shot, however, is offline. (Q1 31:02)
A hasty grubber from Lyons rolls toward goal from the hot spot, but it doesn’t have enough power on it, knocked over for a minor score. (Q2 3:47)
Hodge receives in the centre circle, runs his measure and launches forward where McInerney clunks it on the second grab over Durdin. From directly in front, 25m out, he goals. (Q2 5:33)
McCarthy flies for MOTY but Rayner is the Lion who holds the mark in the end. On a 45-degree angle, Cam pushes it across the face. (Q2 5:54)
Robinson sends the footy toward goal from the boundary line and the 50 arc which somehow evades everyone and bounces through for a minor score. (Q2 8:53)
Despite loud boos from the Brisbane faithful, Polec has no trouble collecting at 55 and slamming it home on the run. (Q2 10:40)
Bailey bombs it long to the goalsquare from outside 50, and out the back of the pack Charlie Cameron swoops, gets a toe in, and nabs a much-needed Lions goal. (Q2 14:30)
Higgins chips the Sherrin inside 50 from the flank and Brown clunks it on the second bite ahead of Andrews. On a difficult angle, Brown strikes it well but it fades to the left. (Q2 18:18)
Wood sidesteps an overcommitted Rich with ease, then dinks a pass to Simpkin just on his range. He elects to pass at the last second to Higgins, who can’t covert the 48m shot. (Q2 22:05)
Turner picks up the loose ball on the flank, stabbing a short-range pass to Brown in space. Ben lines up from 45 and nails it. (Q2 23:45)
It’s a play to forget for Polec who drops a mark and then catches Christensen high. Bundy makes him pay, converting the 35m set shot without worry. (Q2 26:15)
Wood marks near to the boundary about 45m out from goal and has no trouble whatsoever with the tight angle, splitting the middle with a classy finish. (Q2 29:31)
Hipwood works it out of traffic to Bailey who dashes away but can’t convert his running shot on goal from 25. (Q3 5:06)
Neale pumps the footy inside 50 from the corridor where a worried Tarrant is penalised for an off-the-ball hold on Cameron. The livewire has no trouble slotting the goal from 30. (Q3 7:44)
Macmillian spills an easy mark deep in his defensive lines, inviting Christensen to swoop, snap, and chalk up a simple, opportunistic goal. (Q3 15:45)
McStay launches it goalward from outside 50 but it’s across the face and eventually off hands for a minor score. (Q3 21:30)
Lyons gets a hand in to intercept the Larkey handball, then squeezes a quick kick toward goal from congestion which bounces through! (Q3 23:35)
A hold is paid against Simpkin at the stoppage, gifting Zorko a shot on goal. From 45 on a slight angle, his shot cannons into the woodwork. (Q3 26:18)
Cunnington’s unnecessary aggression reverses a North Melbourne free kick in favour of Christensen. From tight on the boundary, Bundy’s attempt flies the wrong side of the post. (Q3 27:21)
Rayner wills himself with consecutive efforts, but can’t end it all on a high, missing the hasty shot to the near side. (Q3 29:12)
Hipwood pounces on the loose footy in the hot spot, releasing backwards to Lyons who snaps truly off two steps on the right and extends the Lions’ lead. (Q4 3:06)
Amidst congestion, Zurhaar cleverly slaps it down to Cunnington just outside of the goal square. Ben hastily throws it on the boot, crucially nabbing one back for the Roos. (Q4 4:38)
A path opens up for McCluggage who steps through traffic with ease, puts on the afterburners, straightens up, and slots it from 40 on the run. (Q4 6:32)
Berry catches Polec HTB just outside the arc. He lines up and shoots from 52 but the connection isn’t perfect, thumped over for a minor score. (Q4 11:05)
Witherden receives out the back of the contest, swinging onto his right boot from 40 under pressure. Following a score review, touched on the line is the final call. (Q4 15:00)
McCluggage catches Thomas high, gifting the Roo a shot on goal from smack on 50. Without significant angle, Tarryn strikes it superbly and it’s straight through the middle. (Q4 19:22)
Polec, Higgins, and Anderson link up, with Zurhaar the last link in the chain. From 45, directly in front, Cam slices the shot. (Q4 20:52)
A soft arm-bar free kick against McInerney in the ruck allows Brown a shot at goal. From 40m, Ben makes the most of his opportunity. (Q4 23:07)
Goldstein takes it out of the ruck and clears his defensive lines, however only as far as the booming left boot of Daniel Rich. From 55, he launches it goalward and it’s flawless. (Q4 25:33)
Polec marks a hasty Brisbane clearance and will go back for a shot of his own. His shot drops short but Thomas crumbs and goals, putting the Roos in front! (Q4 27:18)
Zorko bullies his way forward and handballs over the top to McStay, but his under-pressure shot from 25 is wide. Scores are level with two minutes on the clock. (Q4 29:18)
Answerth sends a kick inside 50 and a soft-as-you’ll-see free kick is paid against Thompson on McInerny for a block. He makes the most of it, taking the Lions to a 6-point lead. (Q4 32:18)
Another free to the Lions is picked out for in-the-back on McCluggage against Pittard. Hugh nails the shot as the siren sounds. Well done, Lions. (Full Time)

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