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Blog log from R17 of 2019: Essendon vs North Melbourne

Blog log for Essendon vs North Melbourne, R17 of 2019

The Bombers are off to a fast start with McDonald-Tipungwuti dishing off to a galloping Stringer. Jake takes a ping from close to the boundary but hits the post. (Q1 1:14)
Dumont roves the pack at half forward and kicks into the path of a leading Brown. Ben marks, walks in, and celebrates the goal a little prematurely. Behind only. (Q1 3:35)
Goldstein is awarded a kick for being held at half forward. He sets it up to a dangerous spot where Zurhaar jumps freely to clunk the mark and kick the first major of the day. (Q1 4:44)
Cunnington and Ziebell combine amidst forward-50 congestion, with the latter’s quick snap sailing wide. (Q1 6:11)
Ben Brown crumbs off the pack and centres to the hot spot where Zurhaar roves and snaps on his right boot for his second. (Q1 9:09)
McKenna catches Anderson HTB on the HFF and roosts a drop punt that sails over the goal umpire’s head! (Q1 10:41)
A popped-up kick from Hrovat is well-placed for Brown to launch and snare the mark in front of Hurley. From 42m, he squeezes it home. (Q1 12:10)
Thomas is able to get a running shot away from 40 but some last-second pressure forces his kick wide. (Q1 13:22)
A non-paid HTB free kick in Essendon’s favour allows Zurhaar to find Ahern who sets up Thomas for the 40m set-shot goal. (Q1 16:18)
Thompson is penalised for holding Laverde off the ball, way ahead of the play, 30m out from goal. Laverde takes his chance and nails it. (Q1 17:55)
The footy jolts out of a tackle into Stringer’s hands who hurridly snaps and goals from 25m out. (Q1 18:50)
Parish’s little kick inside 50 to McKernan is a good one but Shaun can’t convert his 50m shot, off hands for a minor score. (Q1 21:26)
Stringer bursts through Macmillan with strength, runs toward the boundary, and then snaps on his right to slot an impressive 6-pointer. (Q1 24:55)
Brown uses Hooker as a genuine stepladder before nailing the 40m set shot. (Q1 29:26)
Zurhaar takes down Gleeson with a solid tackle and will shoot after the QT siren from 50. With minimal angle, he has no issue. 3 for Cam in the opener! (Qtr Time)
With a touch of luck, McDonald-Tipungwuti slips over and is caught high by Luke McDonald. He lines up from 45 and splits the middle. (Q2 4:33)
McKernan clunks a commanding mark in the pocket but can’t align his shot on goal. (Q2 7:37)
Redman lands on Taylor’s back, gifting the second-gamer a look at goal. He shoots from 35 on a slight angle but hangs it out to the right. (Q2 10:53)
McDonald-Tipungwuti picks up the ball within range and hurriedly snaps from 45. Off his left boot, it’s marginally wide. (Q2 14:35)
A free kick against Thompson gifts Laverde has a set-shot opportunity from 45m, directly in front, but the Bomber can’t convert. (Q2 16:34)
Turner pounces on the dangerous Hooker kick, forcing the turnover, which allows Anderson to strut inside 50 and kick sweetly on the run from 45. (Q2 17:30)
McGrath loses his footing in a dangerous area which allows Thomas to pop up and sneak a grubber toward goal that bounces wide. (Q2 21:04)
Francis’ kick inside 50 is lace-out to the leading Tippa. His shot, however, falls short and is across the face in the end. (Q2 25:53)
McDonald-Tipungwuti makes amends for a previous ever by instinctively roving a hot-spot pack and snapping it through for a goal. (Q2 28:04)
Stringer snaps 30 seconds before HT but hooks it too much and misses, bringing it back to a dead heat. (Half Time)
Zaharakis waits patiently at CHF before passing over to Mitch Brown on the lead. His 48-metre attempt is stellar. (Q3 6:31)
Tough Kangaroo pressure eventually allows Hrovat a couple of seconds to steady and centre the footy to Brown who clunks the contested mark against Parish and then goal. (Q3 12:01)
Razor Ray pins Anderson for a push on Tippa in the pocket. Anthony wheels around on the left and curls it into the post. (Q3 13:18)
Thompson’s clearing kick is rubbish, allowing Merrett to collect and pass inboard to Mitch Brown, who kicks the straightforward set-shot. (Q3 15:47)
Stringer toe-pokes the footy out of trouble into Parish’s area who hurriedly snaps from the hot spot but misses to the right. (Q3 17:02)
Ben Brown puts in a couple of good efforts to contest and then give himself an opportunity on goal, but he mucks it up with a poor dribbling attempt from 20m. (Q3 17:59)
Mitch Brown marks on the HFF and kicks into space in front of Stringer. The drop punt from the tight angle is as good as it gets! (Q3 19:01)
Hrovat picks up the footy and gets a fast handball out to Ben Brown who snaps a much-needed goal from 40. (Q3 22:36)
McDonald-Tipungwuti crumbs in the goal square and shrugs off two tackles before snapping an impressive goal of the round contender. (Q3 23:31)
Gleeson blocks Ziebell in the marking contest which gifts North’s skipper an eye at goal. His snap lacks accuracy, hugely hooked OOTF. (Q3 26:03)
Gleeson trots through the corridor and kicks it forward to Langford on Pittard. Kyle shoves his marker under the ball, takes the mark, and slots the easy goal. (Q3 29:47)
Ziebell launches a long one from outside 50 that’s almost held by Ben Browm, but Hooker pressure forces it over the line for a minor score. (Q4 1:42)
A lack of body contact allows Ben Brown to run and leap at the footy, marking the Thompson entry above a cluster of others. He kicks from 35m flawlessly. (Q4 2:05)
Williams smacks it forward from 75, landing with Zurhaar in the pocket. He plays on, runs inboard and snaps, but it barely makes it in for a behind. (Q4 6:22)
Ben Brown marks outstretched above Hooker, however, on a tight angle he can’t have his regular run-up. The result? Sprayed OOTF. (Q4 8:50)
Polec’s entry is low, hard and into the mitts of Thomas. He lines up and nails it. (Q4 10:52)
Zurhaar lowers his eyes at half forward to hit Ben Brown on the lead. From 50m, he nails his sixth of the day to put North in front! (Q4 20:08)
Saad dashes down the wing to spot Laverde in plenty of space on the flank. His kick is offline, bringing the margin back to a solitary point. (Q4 25:20)
With 17 seconds on the clock, McDonald-Tipungwuti spins onto his right and kicks an unbelievable goal from deep in the pocket to give the Bombers the lead! (Q4 28:03)

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