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Blog log from R16 of 2019: Essendon vs Sydney

Blog log for Essendon vs Sydney, R16 of 2019

Shiel works the footy forward from the wing toward Brown. The big guy keeps it in play and squeezes an almost-remarkable dribbler from the boundary which hits the post. (Q1 5:18)
McDonald-Tipungwuti pops a set-shot goalward from 40m on a tight angle and sprays it OOTF. (Q1 6:18)
Mitch Brown has the chance to kick the first major the day with a gettable 45m shot, but the slight angle affects his kick to the right. (Q1 10:34)
McCartin offloads a handball under pressure straight into the arms of Stringer who quickly snaps OOTF. (Q1 14:34)
Heeney marks in the centre square with nothing forward. He waits and waits, then gives to Rowbottom who kicks to the 3-on-1 in the hotspot. The 1 is Blakey, who marks and goals! (Q1 15:59)
The Bombers’ reply is rapid. Parish pumps the footy forward after being held, and out the back of the pack, it’s Stringer who slots the goal with an A-grade soccer strike. (Q1 17:34)
McCartin’s pass to Rampe in defensive 50 is lacklustre, allowing McDonald-Tipungwuti to intercept. He slots the snap on his right boot from the pocket with ease. (Q1 18:49)
A free kick is picked out of a Sydney forward stoppage but Papley misses badly to the right from 30m. (Q1 25:23)
Lloyd’s dangerous centering kick is picked off and allows Dylan Shiel a shot at goal. On the run from 45, he misses left. (Q1 26:49)
Guelfi haphazardly soccers a defensive clearance from the goalsquare but it falls straight into the lap of a diving Aliir. He shoots from 45m after the QT siren and misses the lot. (Qtr Time)
The Bombers turn it over. Papley slips as he kicks forward but it falls fortunately to the advantage of Parker, playing in front. He drills it home from 20m. (Q2 1:52)
A soft-but-there 50m is paid against Papley for entering the protected zone, gifting Zaharakis a shot at goal from 40m which he slots without issue. (Q2 2:53)
McKenna’s HBF kick is a horrid one. It allows Zak Jones to mark a pass at true CHF, sell some candy, take a bounce and kick a nice goal on the run from 40m. (Q2 7:16)
McGrath’s centering kick to Zaharakis at CHF is a cracking one. Zaka plays on and nails it from 50. (Q2 10:22)
Fantasia burns Mills on the forward flank but his shot just misses, anticlimactically. (Q2 14:12)
Shiel then has a go with a 55m long bomb which gets the crowd out of their seats… but it hits the post. (Q2 14:42)
Saad skips his way through Hayward’s protected zone resulting in a clear 50m penalty. From 25m on a slight angle, Will hits the post. (Q2 18:13)
Despite being tackled as he was kicked, Heeney is able to pinpoint the pass to Blakey in the pocket. Nick’s left-foot snap is good but it clips the post. (Q2 19:13)
Guelfi coughs it up to Heeney who snaps hastily from the pocket and it just sneaks in for a behind. (Q2 23:58)
Lloyd is involved a couple of times in the lead-up but can’t convert his 45m set shot to complete the play to Sydney’s liking. (Half Time)
Aliir gets the clearance to start the third term. Heeney marks and finds the leading Sam Reid who kicks the goal from 30m on a slight angle. (Q3 1:27)
Redman is caught HTB by McCartin but the Swan can’t align his tight-angled 40m set-shot. Minor score only. (Q3 3:45)
Zaharakis is involved a couple of times as the Bombers work the footy forward from the wing. Fantasia marks in the pocket, quickly plays on and snaps a quality goal. (Q3 7:19)
Rowbottom feeds backward to Aliir who throws it on the boot toward Papley. Tom juggles the mark, shoots from 35m and it sneaks in for a goal by a whisker. (Q3 9:41)
Papley bullocks out of a Sydney forward 50 contest and collects the loose ball but his running 45m shot falls short, off hands for a behind. (Q3 13:57)
Rampe and Dawson muck it up deep in defence. Jake Stringer puts on the chase and tackle before Zaharakis snaps his third goal of the day. (Q3 14:57)
Reid quickly kicks out to Rose who clunks the mark just before Saad can get a fist in. From 45m on a 45-degree angle, he slots the goal! (Q3 17:42)
Blakey spins on a dime at a half forward stoppage and dinks a pass to Reid in a paddock of space. Sam goes back and nails the shot from 45m directly in front. (Q3 19:43)
McDonald-Tipungwuti is paid the free for a Florent push. Tippa drops his shot short to the path of McKernan and Shaun kicks the easy goal from 15m. (Q3 27:28)
Aliir thumps the footy forward from the centre circle and McCartin marks strongly over Francis. From 40m, Tom splits the middle. (Q4 0:46)
A very soft holding free is paid against Aliir allowing McKernan a shot at goal from 25. The goal umpire asks for a goalpost review but it’s confirmed a goal. (Q4 5:01)
Stringer marks on the HFF and then pops a pass into Langford who slid into the hole. Kyle shoots from 45 and nails it. Bombers back in front. (Q4 7:17)
McGrath drops the mark which allows Papley to pounce and catch him HTB. Tom lines up from 40m on a 45-degree angle but hits the post. (Q4 10:50)
McDonald-Tipungwuti takes three bounces as he streams forward with Mills hot on his heels. He eventually gets a shot away but late pressure forces his kick wide. (Q4 11:51)
A bobbling footy in Essendon’s hot spot is finally fed out to Parish who snaps on his right boot and kicks the goal! (Q4 13:03)
Gleeson launches the footy deep to Stringer sitting behind Aliir in the goalsquare. Jake drops the marks but recovers quickly and soccers it through. (Q4 17:12)
Shiel takes a ping on the run from 50m but it narrowly misses to the right. (Q4 18:46)
Hayward crumbs the footy off a pack and snaps from 35m but the bend is too much, through for a minor score. (Q4 20:18)
Rampe trots down the wing with a couple of bounces before pinpointing a kick to Parker inside 50. Luke sneaks his shot in for a goal and the Swans are still in it! (Q4 22:02)
Reid earns a free kick within scoring range and Blakey takes the advantage but runs himself into trouble, eventually rushing a snap wide. (Q4 23:37)
Following a Dylan Clarke entry, McKernan outmarks Melican with ease at 45 but gets close to the man on the mark and misses to the right. (Q4 27:48)
The Swans counter through the middle but Heeney rushes his 55m kick and misses. 2 minutes left. (Q4 28:17)
Laverde marks and misses, but with 18 seconds left, the game is iced. Well done, Bombers. (Q4 30:19)

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