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Blog log from R15 of 2019: Geelong vs Adelaide

Blog log for Geelong vs Adelaide, R15 of 2019

Betts gives to Seedsman running free through midfield on a rebound around the outer wing, he reaches 55m on a slight angle and roosts a trademark howitzer for the first goal! (Q1 1:33)
Dangerfield gives to Ablett zooming past to snap to an empty square from 30m on the flank, that skids through in front of the Gary Ablett Terrace. (Q1 3:30)
O’Brien beats Stanley to mark a centring ball to the hotspot for his first goal, a rarity for him at this level. (Q1 10:40)
Sloane kicks long from the next centre bounce to Walker who beats Blicavs to mark 40m out on a slight angle, he converts as well. (Q1 11:50)
Seedsman snaps wide from a stoppage 30m out on the flank. (Q1 14:18)
Henry marks at true CHF and passes short to Guthrie not much further in, but he has no one on the mark so he shoots from 45m on a slight angle and just lands it in. (Q1 17:51)
Kelly hits the lead of Hawkins to the fat side pocket on a switch play from the members wing. Hawkins lines up from 20m and punches it through. (Q1 21:06)
Dahlhaus marks a Selwood pass at half forward, just on his range at 45m so he wheels and hits Stanley to mark over Laird 20m out on a slight angle, who misses. (Q1 23:25)
Gallucci rolls through a nice goal from the HFF to an empty square after a gather under pressure and blind give by Himmelberg. (Q1 26:46)
Blicavs fumbles a ground ball 15m out with a bunch of Crows milling about, Himmelberg soccers it through but did it snick the goalpost padding? Video inconclusive, called a goal. (Q1 29:00)
Rory Atkins misses from a stoppage in the pocket. (Q1 31:43)
Bews kicks over O’Brien to Stanley on a fast rebound around outer wing, Stanley lines up from 35m on the flank after the QT siren and boots an important goal. (Q1 33:05)
Tom Atkins passes to Hawkins near the boundary 20m out, the Tomahawk tries a left foot screwing set shot but misses. (Q2 2:05)
Walker marks at half forward, wheels and sends a low bullet to the hotspot for Murphy to mark untouched and goal. (Q2 4:32)
O’Brien gets a ruck free on Dangerfield at half forward and sends a high speculator to the top of the square where Greenwood marks in front of Henry and goals as well. (Q2 8:53)
CLark passes short to Miers 40m out on the flank, Dangerfield (and the crowd) call for it long but he goes short to Hawkins 35m out near the boundary. Hawkins kicks truly. (Q2 12:32)
After a rather ugly passage of play through half forward, Miers gives to Kelly who carefully dribbles through a left foot goal from the hotspot. (Q2 16:10)
Kelly clears from a stoppage on the wing, Dangerfield gesticulates to draw a contact free on Keath 30m out on a slight angle but misses, footy gods smile. (Q2 19:14)
Fogarty passes to Bews 40m out in the corridor with Betts drifting too far back, Eddie stands the mark as Bews kicks it over his head for a rare goal. (Q2 21:13)
Dangerfield spoils a short kick in to Clark who just misses from 35m on a slight angle. (Q2 22:45)
Davis marks just on 50m on a slight angle, his set shot is off hands for a game-tying point. (Q2 26:59)
Hawkins marks 40m out on a slight angle and kicks after the HT siren… hits the post. (Q2 28:29)
Miers snaps the first goal of Q3 after getting a nice bounce chasing an inside 50 chaos ball to the hotspot with Laird after a stoppage. (Q3 4:05)
Tuohy receives on a run to CHF but Gallucci closes and he gives off hurriedly to Dahlhaus who snaps wide from 40m. (Q3 4:24)
Walker baulks near the hotspot and gives off to Smith who rolls home a goal against the massive wave of play to the Cats across the last half hour of play. (Q3 6:29)
Guthrie roves a stoppage on the wing and starts a fast attack up the guts, Miers reaches CHF then chooses a short pass to Stanley 40m out on a slight angle… who misses. (Q3 10:04)
Stewart passes short to Clark who is paid a mark running back ahead of Seedsman to 40m on a slight angle, didn’t hold it long though. Clark kicks truly. (Q3 12:49)
Gallucci roves a Taylor fumble in the centre and kicks wide to the wing, Seedsman gathers, has nothing on, gets a shepherd by Walker to run to 45m on the flank and goal! (Q3 16:19)
Murphy feeds Brad Crouch who runs to 45m on a slight angle and snaps awkwardly for a behind. (Q3 17:17)
Taylor spoils on the HBF but straight to Douglas who gives to Sloane for a left foot snap off a step from 40m on a slight angle… wobbles into the point post OOTF. (Q3 21:01)
Miers beats Brad Crouch to a ground ball at half forward and breaks his tackle, then runs to 45m on a slight angle and chips a big red time goal nearing 3QT. (Q3 22:34)
Keath rushes a high-bouncing snap by Ablett from the pocket. (Q3 24:21)
Stanley sets Guthrie off on a run through half forward and shot from 40m on a slight angle, that one sails through as well. Cats establishing control. (Q3 30:05)
Tim Kelly bounces through a snap from a stoppage in the pocket but the video review shows it touched the back of the post, just a behind. (Q4 3:40)
Clark catches Seedsman HTB on the flank 25m out, but he sprays the free kick OOTF. (Q4 6:22)
Dangerfield catches a dithering Keath HTB just outside 50m on a slight angle but kicks OOTF as well. (Q4 10:00)
Dangerfield leaps in front of Hartigan to mark a Guthrie pass to 30m on a slight angle but misses, disappointingly. (Q4 13:41)
Blicavs intercepts at half forward, his kick is a horrible shank but it lands luckily in the breadbasket of Duncan near the hotspot who goals. Just about the sealer. (Q4 17:05)
Brad Crouch hits the post with a snap from the pocket, but it’s too late. (Q4 19:33)
A chaos ball to the Cats hotspot rolls past everyone and through to Tim Kelly who gathers and goals with glee from the square. (Q4 21:10)
Himmelberg gets some very smelly junk in the last minute. (Q4 28:11)
Ablett answers from half forward after the next centre bounce to send the home crowd away happy. (Q4 29:26)

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