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Blog log from R14 of 2019: West Coast vs Essendon

Blog log for West Coast vs Essendon, R14 of 2019

Heppell sets McGrath off on a run through half forward and shot on the burst from 40m on a slight angle, that one sails through for the first goal of the evening. (Q1 0:00)
Ryan gathers and has a lot of space to run to a similar spot up the other end and shoot under no pressure, but he pushes it wide. (Q1 4:03)
Cripps plays on to advantage for the first Eagles goal, snapped from 25m on the flank after roving a big pack at the hotspot. (Q1 6:01)
Hutchings passes to Darling near the boundary 40m out, whose set shot is short and is rebounded. (Q1 7:16)
From that rebound, Laverde stands in front of the outmatched Jetta to juggle a Merrett pass to 30m on a slight angle for his first goal. (Q1 7:42)
Kennedy marks over Hooker and Hurley to mark 20m out on a slight angle for his first score, which is a surprising behind. (Q1 10:01)
Laverde feeds Parish a Joe the Goose special on the end of a rebound up the guts, the crowd boos for a free kick that wasn’t there. (Q1 18:13)
Cripps shoots from the HFF, Hurley runs to the line to try to touch it through but the ball just wins, goal West Coast. (Q1 20:34)
McDonald-Tipungwuti marks a short Langford kick from a huge pack outside CHF to the hotspot for his first goal. (Q1 24:47)
Shuey gets bumped high by McKernan on the wing, he gets up for the free kick to the hotspot which is roved by Yeo for a goal. (Q1 28:17)
Shuey passes to the boundary 40m out for Redden who misses. (Q1 30:13)
Yeo wins a HTB free on Langford just outside 50m on the flank just before the QT siren. But he shanks the kick, no score. (Q1 32:29)
Ryan gives to Sheed standing flatfooted on the boundary 25m out, he tries a left foot checkside that wows the home crowd to go through! (Q2 1:24)
Ryan receives at half forward, spins and looks inside for a pass to Allen 40m out in the corridor. Allen hoofs it way left. (Q2 3:02)
McGovern just misses after marking on the HFF. (Q2 4:47)
Kennedy marks near the boundary 45m out and hits the post. (Q2 6:17)
Cameron gets a free 45m out on the flank, his set shot is straight but just short and rushed by Hooker. (Q2 8:19)
Redden baulks past Clarke with a right foot step in midfield and passes to Kennedy leading up the corridor to 40m, who misses. (Q2 9:14)
Cameron gets a shot on the run from 45m on the flank to an empty goalsquare, he bounces through his first senior goal and the entire Eagle team jumps on top of him! (Q2 10:17)
Hutchings passes to Kennedy wide on the flank 30m out who misses again, four behinds for him tonight so far. (Q2 11:49)
Petruccelle flies for a Cripps attempt from 40m near the boundary but bobbles it into the goalpost for a behind. (Q2 13:33)
Halfway through Q2, the first inside 50 by Essendon results in a goal to Begley, running into the open goal after Brown gets involved in the build up. (Q2 15:03)
Kennedy beats Hurley to mark 25m out on the flank and just sneaks the set shot inside the left goalpost for his first goal. (Q2 18:38)
Begley roves and snaps his second goal after McGovern can’t hold onto the intercept from a Heppell kick to the top of the square. (Q2 21:00)
Laverde gives to Shiel under heavy pressure in the pocket, he misses off the left from 15m. (Q2 22:03)
Allen misses a tough set shot from the boundary 30m out. (Q2 23:33)
Ryan roves a Petruccelle smother on Hurley on the HFF, he runs to the pocket but fumbles and has to give to Cameron under pressure for a miss from 20m. (Q2 24:03)
Allen feeds Sheed to run from the pocket to the square for his second goal after nice ground work by Ryan at half forward. (Q2 24:29)
Hutchings passes to Kennedy on the boundary 25m out just before the HT siren, JJK misses again. (Q2 30:03)
Kennedy marks 45m out on the flank and steers through his second goal. (Q3 1:47)
Kennedy marks in front of Hurley again in the pocket, this one an Allen pass to the pocket 25m out and JJK’s radar is dialing in, that’s three majors for him. (Q3 3:47)
Darling marks in front of Hurley on the goal line for another one. It’s a procession at this point. (Q3 6:29)
Petruccelle has Ryan over the back but misses him and the goals with a running kick from 55m on a slight angle that sails wide. (Q3 12:21)
Petruccelle roves and snaps across the body from the hotspot for his first goal. Junk time has long since begun. (Q3 13:18)
McDonald-Tipungwuti feeds Shiel for a left foot snap across the body off a step from the hotspot that goes through. (Q3 15:35)
Petruccelle misses on the run from the hotspot. (Q3 17:53)
Sheed passes to Ryan on the boundary 20m out for a miss. (Q3 21:04)
Bellchambers converts a set shot from the hotspot after the 3QT siren. (Q3 29:03)
Redman hits the post with a highly unlikely snap from the boundary 20m out. (Q4 0:37)
Hutchings misses from half forward. (Q4 5:55)
Laverde gets a free for an obvious jumper tug by Sheppard 20m out for a bit of garbage, booed lustily by the local crowd who don’t know or care about the rules. (Q4 12:02)
McDonald-Tipungwuti chops the arms of Ryan going for a Sheed pass 40m out on the flank, Ryan passes to Hutchings 20m out on a slight angle who hits the post. (Q4 14:32)
The Dons go coast to coast from the kick in, Begley is over the back of the Eagle defence to mark and goal from 20m on a slight angle. (Q4 15:23)
Yeo bombs long from the next centre bounce, the ball comes off hands from the pack 20m out and falls to the square where Cameron gathers and goals with irrepressible glee. (Q4 17:23)
Clarke kicks to the square from CHF after the next centre bounce, the ball pitches and sits up for Brown to gather and goal under some pressure. (Q4 17:39)
Ryan leaps into Hooker to grab a Sheed pass to 20m out on a slight angle for the goal. (Q4 20:39)
Kennedy catches Langford HTB 40m out on a slight angle, his set shot is short but the crumb falls perfectly for Petruccelle to waltz into goal. (Q4 25:02)
Merrett misses a snap off a step from 40m on a slight angle. (Q4 26:25)

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