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Blog log from R8 of 2019: Hawthorn vs Western Sydney

Blog log for Hawthorn vs Western Sydney, R8 of 2019

Kelly bursts through the middle of the ground and hits Finlayson on the chest with a low pass. Finlayson’s shot from 40m misses to the left. (Q1 1:22)
Williams turns the ball over to Hardwick who kicks centrally to O’Meara 45m from goal. O’Meara goes back and kicks the opening goal of the game. (Q1 5:12)
Burgoyne has time 70m and picks up Impey 35m from goal directly in front. Impey goals. (Q1 16:36)
Sicily marks just forward of the wing and kicks long to find Impey 30m out, tight on the boundary. Impey improves the angle and kicks his second goal. (Q1 20:58)
Greene wins a one-on-one at ground level in the pocket against Stratton, steadies, and snaps a nice goal. (Q1 22:58)
Gunston marks 65m, takes his time to pick out a target and hits Breust in the pocket. Breust misses his snap to the far side of goal. (Q2 4:12)
Burgoyne shows his class again with another kick inside 50, this time hitting Gunston on the chest 40m out. Gunston goes back and goals. (Q2 5:23)
Daniels pumps a long kick inside 50 and Finlayson marks on the goal-line, plays on and kicks the Giants’ second goal. (Q2 6:41)
Lloyd marks deep in the pocket 35m out. From the tough angle, he slots a drop punt right through the middle! (Q2 21:04)
The Giants are making a run here as Kelly hands to Finlayson who kicks a nice running goal from 30m. (Q2 24:25)
Breust ends the Giants’ run as he crumbs a ball in the pocket and snaps on his right. (Q2 24:54)
The ball is kicked forward with no-one between Shiels and the Hawthorn goal and Shiels can’t manage to pick it up! It bounces off his shin through for a behind. Big miss. (Q3 6:03)
Gunston marks 70m from goal and kicks to Lewis on a hard lead who marks strongly overhead. Lewis from 35m out on a 45 degree angle kicks truly. (Q3 17:34)
Cousins does a great job of intercepting a handball, runs to 40m from goal and kicks an important goal to extend Hawthorn’s lead. (Q3 25:34)
Shiels just inside 50 chips on the outside of his foot and it falls into the arms of Cellar 20m out directly in front. Ceglar goals. (Q4 1:15)
Almost an exact copy of the last play as Shiels chips inside 50 to Ceglar again for another goal! (Q4 4:07)
Cameron in a one-on-three gets taken high by Stratton and wins the free 20m from goal. Cameron misses from the set shot. (Q4 13:08)
Long and high ball in from Cousins and Lewis takes an impressive contested mark above his head. His set shot from 30m out hits the post. (Q4 15:13)
Shiels kicks inboard where Sicily recovers first from the aerial contest, wheels onto his right and kicks a nice goal. (Q4 21:53)
Greene chips inside 50 as Finlayson marks with a second to run on the clock. He goes back from 40m and kicks a goal but it’s Hawthorn’s day as they win by 33 points. (Full Time)

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