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Blog log from R8 of 2019: Carlton vs Collingwood

Blog log for Carlton vs Collingwood, R8 of 2019

Cripps works the footy out of congestion by hand to Silvagni. Jack’s quick attempt from the HFF misses narrowly for the first score of the day. (Q1 4:21)
Ed Curnow pounces on a loose ball in the pocket, squaring it to Dow well within scoring range. Paddy’s set shot is offline. (Q1 5:51)
Pendlebury gallops toward goal, sums up his options and kicks to Stephenson who marks ahead of Williamson. From 35m, Stephenson capitalises, kicking the first goal of the day! (Q1 9:06)
With minimal time, Stephenson throws it on the boot toward goal from a contest. Hoskin-Elliot attempts to soccer, but he’s too late, arriving after the ball meets the post. (Q1 13:51)
Without chalking up a possession, Kreuzer knocks the ground ball to the advantage of Ed Curnow. Ed’s flying snap for goal from 40 is marginally wide. (Q1 20:56)
Cripps is penalised for holding Sidebottom on the flank. Steels centres it to the hot spot. Carlton’s defenders can’t squander it, resulting in a quick Josh Thomas crumb and goal. (Q1 21:51)
Thanks to some persistent forward pressure, Charlie Curnow pounces on an inaccurate Langdon handpass, dribbles the ball toward goal, and gets Carlton’s first major of the day! (Q1 23:34)
Cripps loops a handball into the corridor where he has teammates aplenty. Stocker then hits McKay on the lead at 45, but the big man can’t get his shot on target. (Q1 25:06)
Jamie Elliott marks on the forward flank, about 55 out, seconds before the QT siren. His post-siren torpedo was never going to make it and even he knew that. (Qtr Time)
Murphy catches Mihocek in a very high tackle on the wing. Brody sends it inside 50 where Grundy marks cleanly above a big pack. His set shot from 45 is flawless. (Q2 2:52)
In an effort to kick his second of the day, Stephenson’s 45m set shot fades very wide and is knuckled over the line for a minor score. (Q2 3:23)
Pendlebury’s inside-50 kick is centimetre-perfect to a leading De Goey. Jordan’s 35m set shot should be easy, but it’s offline. (Q2 6:54)
Collingwood’s pressure at CHF is relentless, resulting in Maynard feeding to Phillips on the run. Tom’s shot from just inside the 50 arc is to the near side. (Q2 9:08)
Charlie Curnow flies and marks over the top of Howe at 48. His kick is touched and lands in the goalsquare. After a few bounces and bobbles, McKay toes it in for a goal. (Q2 11:10)
Silvagni streams forward but elects not to shoot for goal, instead choosing to centre it to Gibbons in the corridor. His 35m kick is straight! (Q2 13:38)
Brown flicks on the afterburners on the HFF and kicks to De Goey. Jordan marks, plays on, snaps on his right, and misses to the near side. (Q2 19:06)
Cripps, Cunningham and then Silvagni combine to move the ball toward goal inside 50. The latter kicks the relatively easy goal and the Blues take the lead! (Q2 21:22)
Cripps and Fisher combine in the centre square, sending it forward. McGovern marks at 45, lines up and kicks the goal! (Q2 22:43)
Callum Brown’s sliced 45m set-shot kick is punched over the line for a minor score. (Q2 23:53)
Greenwood launches to the hot spot where Reid takes a strong mark. The Blues are caught napping as he loops a handball over the top to Phillips who kicks the easiest of goals. (Q2 25:20)
Kruezer is drawn to a contest in the pocket, allowing Grundy to drift to the goal square and mark Brown’s centering kick. Brodie puts the Pies back in front! (Q2 27:04)
A striding Walsh feeds to Petrevski-Seton, but he can’t align his running 45m shot. (Q2 27:40)
With 30 seconds left in the half, Kreuzer does well to kick to the advantage of McKay. Harry’s attempt from 45 lands in the goal square, eventually resulting in a rushed behind. (Half Time)
De Goey catches Stocker HTB with an excellent tackle at half forward. He pops it up to a dangerous area, allowing Mihocek to mark in between Blues, kick, and goal from 35m. (Q3 2:11)
Fisher dashes down the wing, takes a bounce, and chips it inside 50 to Dow. From just inside the arc, Paddy’s shot doesn’t bend back enough. Minor score only. (Q3 5:14)
Silvagni muscles through a couple of Pies, working it out to Stocker. Liam snaps it forward to the pocket where McGovern crumbs, steadies, and goals! (Q3 7:41)
Stephenson’s poking kick to Elliott is poor but Jamie has enough time to collect and dish to Callum Brown. He feigns one way but goes the other, snapping a great left-foot goal. (Q3 9:56)
Following a Howe inside-50, Stocker is penalised for holding Brown, well away from the contest. His 40m set shot falls to the right. (Q3 12:57)
Setterfield sends it inside 50 to the tantalising contest of Charlie Curnow and Darcy Moore. Charlie works Moore under the ball, takes the mark, plays on and kicks the easy goal. (Q3 15:26)
Silvagni pulls his kick at the last moment to hit Cunningham running back with the flight. His tough 45m kick is straight through the middle as the Blues take the lead. (Q3 17:41)
McKay clunks an impressive pack mark on the 50. With nobody standing the mark, Harry is able to gain a few extra metres, allowing him to sail a shot over the goal umpire’s head! (Q3 19:42)
Wills dishes to Grundy by hand at half forward. Brodie’s kick is the awkward in-between of shot and pass, eventually bouncing through for a minor score. (Q3 23:04)
Pendlebury finds time and space in a HFF contest, sending it to the De Goey and Plowman contest. Jordan clunks it with the one hand, then kicks the goal from 25. (Q3 24:41)
Cripps roves a ball-up in the hot spot but can’t align his quick snap as he would have liked. (Q3 25:14)
Elliott, Grundy, and Reid combine to work the footy down the line. Reid’s centering kick is awful, but lackluster marking by Fisher allows Hoskin-Elliott to pounce and goal! (Q3 26:39)
HTB isn’t paid against Charle Curnow, after which the Pies cough it up. Cunningham works it laterally to Murphy in the pocket who slots an impressive wrong-foot banana! (Q3 28:14)
A path opens up for Treloar to break free from a HFF stoppage. Unimpeded, he lines up a running shot from 48 but can’t convert. (Q3 29:42)
Hoskin-Elliott and Reid combine with the one-two before Hoskin-Elliott centres to the top of the square. Treloar is in the perfect front and centre position, snapping the goal! (Q4 4:26)
A scrubby kick from Mihocek lands with the dangerous Stephenson in the goal square. Jaidyn rams it through the middle from point-blank range! (Q4 5:57)
A quick-footed Brown snaps toward goal out of congestion. The Sherrin bounces on its point, giving Phillips a huge soccer-style look at it, but he sends it wide. (Q4 8:11)
Cripps takes a phenomenal mark on the wing, then pushes forward to get on the end of the play to finish with class from 45. Silvagni’s spoil on Langdon was crucial. (Q4 14:38)
A 100m penalty is paid against the Pies for Phillips stepping over the mark and then encroaching on the runner. Cunningham kicks the goal from 15m. (Q4 15:43)
Kreuzer reads the centre bounce and sends it inside 50. Gibbons crumbs the content and offloads to McGovern who kicks the running goal! Blues edge ahead. (Q4 17:26)
Kreuzer taps it down to Cripps who launches a quick shot from 35 but it’s just wide. (Q4 21:11)
After receiving the 50m penalty, Crisp’s intended pass sails over the head of Elliott and Plowman, narrowly avoiding fingertips. It’s through for a hugely important goal. (Q4 23:55)
Mihocek applies great pressures, forcing the ball to spill out of the hot spot. Callum Brown pounces and dribbles a goal from 20m! (Q4 24:17)
Ben Reid forces the ball to ground in a two-on-one, leaving Plowman winded. De Goey is the first to pounce on the ground ball, soccering it through for a crucial goal! (Q4 29:56)
Weitering needed to pump it down the corridor, but instead went wide, turning it over. Phillips grabs the loose ball, lines up from 48, and goals! (Q4 31:26)
Hoskin-Elliott takes a courageous mark running back with the flight. With 5 seconds left, he kicks the goal! (Full Time)

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