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Blog log from R8 of 2019: Sydney vs Essendon

Blog log for Sydney vs Essendon, R8 of 2019

Fantasia bounces through the first goal from the hotspot after the opening bounce following a rove and give by Francis! (Q1 1:22)
Hayward marks a Blakey kick from the HFF to the hotspot but misses. (Q1 6:07)
McCartin marks behind Hurley 30m out on the flank but also misses. (Q1 8:38)
O’Riordan is pinged for front-on contact on Bellchambers 45m out on the flank, crowd boos but it was there, Bellcho kicks truly. (Q1 12:52)
O’Riordan hits the post off his left boot from 45m in front. (Q1 15:08)
Blakey gives to Kennedy for a left foot snap across the body from 45m in front, it bounces wide. (Q1 17:31)
Fox snaps the first Sydney goal from half forward, rebounding from a Stringer set shot miss. (Q1 23:38)
Jones gives to Blakey who snaps from 30m on the flank, the ball takes a leg break the wrong side of the post. (Q1 25:37)
McGrath is pinged for contact on Jack in a marking contest 40m out on a slight angle, bit soft, Jack misses badly. (Q1 27:23)
Dawson rises in front of a pack 20m out on the flank to clunk a long Florent kick from the wing, he kicks truly to give the Swans the lead just before QT. (Q1 28:23)
Fox shoots just before the siren goes but it’s well short, McCartin catches and shoots, did it get kicked before the siren? Umps confer, no score is the ruling. (Qtr Time)
Blakey boots the first goal of Q2 to give Sydney a lead that seemed improbable half an hour ago. (Q2 4:27)
Merrett gives Essendon the quick answer with a snap from half forward that bounces high in the square. (Q2 6:12)
Fantasia marks just inside true CHF and clears the pack on the line for his second goal. (Q2 8:12)
Parker kicks to an empty forward line, Papley is behind the Essendon defence but Smith mows him down to prevent a score. (Q2 11:09)
Rampe marks in relief at CHB, dithers with ball in hand and the ump calls play on, Stringer catches him HTB and kicks a goal as the crowd boos once again. (Q2 15:06)
Jones bombs long from the HFF to the hotspot, Hooker is pinged for an arm to the face of Florent who converts. (Q2 17:57)
Fox misses on the run from 20m in the pocket. (Q2 20:27)
Papley runs back behind Saad to mark a long Thurlow kick to the pocket 20m out, he goals to give the Swans the lead back again. (Q2 22:23)
Heeney marks in front of Redman 25m out on a slight angle and he kicks truly as well, the Swans have a bit of a run on in a tight tussle. (Q2 24:06)
McGrath receives outside CHF, avoids Fox flying in for a bump and passes to Parish 45m out in front, who delivers the goal. (Q2 25:38)
Kennedy feeds Jones for a running snap from 40m on a slight angle that goes well wide, crowd goes aww. (Q2 27:11)
McDonald-Tipungwuti wins a hard footy at half forward and gives to Fantasia who has a man right on his ginger, he throws the ball on the boot from 30m and it wobbles through! (Q2 29:57)
Saad speeds away from Ham in the middle and goes long to Fantasia who draws a holding free on O’Riordan near the hotspot, he boots goal number four. (Q3 4:53)
Two contested grabs in a row by Sydney, first McCartin in front of Hurley on the HFF then Reid over a pack 20m out on a slight angle for the goal. (Q3 8:08)
Stringer and then Smith give away concurrent 50m penalties to bring O’Riordan from the BP to 35m out on a slight angle, the Irishman kicks the big goal to put Sydney in front again (Q3 12:23)
Clarke marks a Ham kick in front of Melican and Jones 35m out on a slight angle but misses. (Q3 15:38)
Fox gives to Dawson who launches from just outside 50m on the flank with Guelfi diving in vain… does it get over the pack on the line? Video review says yes, goal. (Q3 18:55)
Hewett bombs to a pack at the hotspot, spoil goes to the front where Kennedy lurks but his quick snap is wide. (Q3 22:38)
Saad’s dump kick to the HBF lands in the breadbasket of Dawson, who kicks OOTF. (Q3 24:10)
Hayward is pinged for a push on Ham 20m out on a slight angle, who misses. (Q3 25:39)
Merrett roves and has a lash with a checkside from the boundary 20m out but misses near side. (Q3 28:00)
Stringer streams from the first centre bounce of Q4 but misses from 55m. (Q4 0:25)
Hooker marks an Ambrose pass in front of Aliir on the HFF but misses. (Q4 1:39)
Reid catches Francis HTB on the wing and goes long to the pocket where Hayward is paid the mark in front of McKenna 20m out, he also misses. (Q4 3:04)
Hayward roves a handball clanger by Saad in the pocket but shoots wide from 20m. (Q4 4:10)
Parish baulks at half forward and sees McKenna zoning up to a vacant CHF area, the Irishman waltzes to the paint and bangs through a lovely finish! (Q4 5:25)
Shiel catches Jones HTB on the HFF, the kick goes to the square and is rushed easily. (Q4 7:25)
Melican kicks long to a pack with a dozen blokes in it 20m out, it drops a little short and it’s McCartin at the front who clunks it for the goal, his third of the night. (Q4 12:04)
Redman shakes a Jack tackle after a stoppage on the wing and feeds Zaharakis who hits Clarke leading to the hotspot, but the ex-Dockers sprays it wide. (Q4 15:58)
Parish turns the ball over by foot on the wing with an inboard kick to a contest, long ball goes to the Swans hotspot, Clarke fumbles, Hayward roves and goals. (Q4 18:41)
Heppell wins a hard footy on the wing and flips it to space, Bombers everywhere on this attack and Hooker provides a contest to a McKenna ball to the hotspot, Parish roves and goals! (Q4 25:04)
Dawson and then Mills mark in relief at half back to repel Essendon attacks as the clock ticks under 2:00. (Q4 28:25)
Saad slips on the wing, stoppage, 52 seconds left. (Q4 29:08)
Shiel clears to the centre, Redman marks and gives off to Zaharakis bombs to the hotspot, Rampe roves and dumps it to half back, Blakey wins the crucial HTB free… (Q4 29:40)
But his kick goes to Hurley, he finds Saad who runs and passes to Myers 55m out on the HFF, siren sounds, Myers winks at a teammate then walks in… no score, Swans win! (Q4 30:36)

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