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Blog log from R5 of 2019: West Coast vs Port Adelaide

Blog log for West Coast vs Port Adelaide, R5 of 2019

Boak sharks at a stoppage in the pocket 15m out but wobbles a snap wide. (Q1 0:30)
Wines passes to Ryder who misses from 40m on a slight angle, some fluky wind skewing that right. (Q1 2:00)
Powell-Pepper roves a long ball to the pocket and screws through a sensational finish from 25m for the first goal of the evening! (Q1 2:00)
Wines passes to Ryder 40m out on the flank, he misses again. (Q1 4:56)
Rockliff snaps wide after a stoppage 20m out. (Q1 5:58)
Petrucelle misses after playing on from a mark 50m out on a slight angle. (Q1 6:45)
Port works well through heavy traffic from a stoppage on the HBF with run and support through midfield, Sam Gray has Duursma to run free down the flank and goal from 25m! (Q1 10:31)
Petruccelle zooms past Burton chasing a loose ball in the pocket, he gathers but then fumbles as Burton claims him, lucky free for holding the man, Petruccelle goals from 20m. (Q1 14:01)
Ebert catches a smothered kick on the HFF as Schofield loses his bearings in the match up, he snaps around the corner for a fine goal! (Q1 17:26)
Schofield is pinged for a push on Marshall as the latter leads to 40m on the flank, more of an arm chop but it was there. Marshall misses. (Q1 20:02)
Ryder gives to Sam Gray on the HFF, he runs to 45m and lets fly.. did Sheppard get a touch on it before it bounced through? Goal umpire thinks no, review inconclusive, ruled goal! (Q2 1:03)
Rain has started falling with Port now four kicks in front already. (Q2 1:49)
Ebert is on his own in the square to receive from Butters, turn and goal after Butters roved a Ryder contest, Jetta it was who was sucked to the contest to leave him free. (Q2 3:33)
Darling taps a loose ball at half forward to Cole who props as he is chased and finds Petruccelle 20m out on a slight angle, he kicks truly. (Q2 5:18)
Shuey kicks blind from a stoppage in the BP but it’s short and straight to a short man in Sam Gray 35m out on a slight angle. But Gray misses. (Q2 13:34)
Marshall provides a crumb for Drew in the pocket, the little redhead throws it on the left boot and it’s an ugly wobbler but it sails through from 20m! (Q2 17:49)
Ryan almost intercepts a Port kick at the Eagles hotspot, Petruccelle eventually snaps wide. (Q2 19:32)
Powell-Pepper roves and snaps awkwardly from traffic 40m out on a slight angle, just wide. (Q2 22:18)
Duursma snaps on the run from 50m on a slight angle, Robbie Gray and Jetta fall over backwards in the square, did Jetta touch it before it went through? Umpire’s call, goal. (Q2 24:14)
Hurn is pinged for holding Marshall as they go for a ground ball 20m out in front, pretty red hot that one. Marshall converts, Port is in full control of this game! (Q2 27:29)
Darling gives away a free and 50m for two silly contacts off the ball, not much there but not particularly brainy by him, Ryder converts from near the hotspot! (Q2 32:01)
Yeo kicks from the next centre bounce, Darling marks 45m out on the flank, he owes the team one, last minute before HT… drops on the line in the rain, Port holds on. (Q2 33:49)
Powell-Pepper bursts through a pack on the HFF but shoots off-balance from 45m for a point. (Q3 2:49)
Wines snaps wide from a stoppage on the flank. (Q3 5:50)
Howard catches Jetta HTB in midfield, Ryder kicks inside 50, eventually Rockliff passes to Sam Gray 20m out on the flank, who goals. (Q3 9:02)
Boak gets a centre clearance kick off the ground and it lands in the breadbasket of Westhoff playing in front of McGovern 50m out on a slight angle… set shot is rushed. (Q3 10:11)
Hurn’s rebound kick to the HBF shanks to Duursma who feeds Burton for a snap from 50m… wide. (Q3 11:20)
Bonner roves 25m out on the flank from the Eagles goal but three men in blue and gold converge on him, HTB free goes to Ryan who kicks truly. (Q3 13:16)
SHuey fends off Robbie Gray on the HFF and gives to Redden whose snap across the body from 40m is across the face and off Darling’s hands for a behind. (Q3 16:19)
Shuey kicks down the flank to Kennedy to mark deep in the pocket 20m out, he boots his first goal. (Q3 19:20)
Wines takes a mark in front of Sheppard just inside 50m on the flank, wet ball but Ollie has thighs of steel and he winds up for a huge goal! (Q3 24:33)
Butters smothers Gaff on the wing, Port butters up and somehow get a two-on-one at the hotspot, Lycett marks in front of Cole and misses. (Q3 25:48)
Rozee is over the back of two Eagles at half forward as they turn and chase a crumb, he burns off Hurn and leaves Duggan in his dust to goal from the hotspot! (Q3 28:18)
Gaff marks at half forward, Burton gets there a half-second too late and gives away the penalty to gift the shot on the line for a belated goal. (Q3 29:12)
Wines wobbles a kick from half forward to a phonebox where Marshall marks 40m out on a slight angle after Port bosses the first centre bounce of Q3. Marshall misses, just. (Q4 0:45)
Boak snaps OOTF from a pack in the pocket. (Q4 5:15)
Cripps has a man on his hammer running after a kick to space in the pocket by Kennedy, he tries a Joe the Goose to Darling but misses the target by hand, skids for a behind. (Q4 7:00)
Powell-Pepper is one-out with Hickey at the Port hotspot and gives away a fairly soft free for holding his arm. SPP spills the Easter egg, just a point. (Q4 8:30)
Half a dozen players fumble in the centre and it squirts out to Hickey standing flat-footed on the wing, he kicks to space for Petruccelle to lead Byrne-Jones into the open goal. (Q4 12:32)
Ryan roves near CHB but gets mown down by Houston 40m out, the HTB free kick sails right through! (Q4 14:43)
Petruccelle is again over the back to mark a Hutchings kick and run into the open goal, that’s four for him. (Q4 17:11)
Rozee roves and snaps wide from 30m on the flank. (Q4 20:16)
Kennedy passes to Ryan 50m out near the boundary, has options but goes himself… off hands for a point. (Q4 22:06)
Ebert marks a Sam Gray kick 50m out on the flank but misses. (Q4 24:46)
Petruccelle is somehow over the back again to mark near the square and boot goal number five as the final siren sounds. (Q4 27:29)

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