Blog log from R4 of 2019: Gold Coast vs Carlton

Long ball into the Carlton forward 50 where Fisher crumbs, exchanges handballs with Murphy, and snaps the first goal of the game. (Q1 2:35)
Phillips gives away a high contact free on Witts in the ruck 40m out on a slight angle. Witts goals. (Q1 5:51)
Thomas pumps the ball in long and McKay takes a good mark overhead. His set shot from 40m out misses to the left. (Q1 18:53)
Wright wins a free for high contact in the marking contest. He has a shot shot from the pocket, hits it beautifully, and puts the Suns in front. (Q1 26:22)
Sexton runs onto a ball deep in the pocket, throws the ball onto his boot and it’s through! Consecutive goals from tight angles for the Suns. (Q1 27:58)
Gibbons finds Charlie Curnow with a short kick inside 50. Curnow immediately plays on, wheels around and goals. (Q2 0:25)
Walsh chips a ball to 30m from goal and McGovern manages to protect the space and mark on his chest. He goals. (Q2 6:38)
Sexton gathers under no pressure 40m out, wheels onto his right and kicks a nice goal. His opponent, Thomas, was nowhere to be seen. (Q2 17:01)
McGovern does well to take a contested mark at the top of the square. He plays on immediately and goals. (Q2 18:43)
Walsh stands under a high ball and marks as Witts cleans him up in the process. He shoots at goal from 25m out and kicks truly. (Q3 4:01)
Dow feeds out a handball to Cripps who snaps on his right from 30m out and kicks another goal for Carlton. (Q3 8:23)
Walsh marks outside 50 and chips inside to Dow who marks 30m out on a 45 degree angle. He misses to the right. (Q3 24:38)
Ainsworth marks uncontested 45m from goal. He goes back and kicks truly, bringing the Suns to within 4 points. (Q4 4:27)
Holman wins a free after O’Brien held onto a tackle for too long. Holman takes a set shot from 45m and kicks the goal to put the Suns ahead! (Q4 15:08)
High, floating ball into the Carlton forward line and Cripps reads it best, marking 30m from goal. He goes back and kicks truly. (Q4 20:03)
Curnow has an opportunity to snap on his left 25m out but leaves it to the left. The door is still open for GC, with 2:30 remaining. (Q4 25:31)
10 seconds remaining, Bowes picks up the loose ball, throws the ball on the boot and it bounces through! Suns by 2 points! (Q4 28:40)

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