Blog log from R3 of 2019: Hawthorn vs North Melbourne

Ceglar feeds it out of a forward 50 stoppage and Morrison throws it on the boot. Puopolo likewise scrambles a kick, this one going toward goal, but it misses. (Q1 2:26)
Pittard launches an attack from half back that quickly results in a Ben Brown mark on the lead in space. He lines up and misses to the near side from 48. (Q1 4:38)
Goldstein decisively taps the throw-in down to a running Hall. Aaron’s quick snap from the pocket is just offline. (Q1 6:56)
A little confusion on the boundary line from Wingard results in a 50m that will bring Dumont within range. From 35 on a slight angle, the Roos draw first blood. (Q1 9:50)
It’s back to back goals for North thanks to a flawless 25m set shot from Ben Brown. He’ll thank Luke Davies-Uniacke for a great kick to his advantaged side. (Q1 12:11)
Higgins breaks the lines on the wing to work it inside 50. Cunnington and Brown bully the footy toward goal, but Brown can only scramble a minor score. (Q1 14:08)
North Melbourne have a paddock of space inside 50 and they make it count. Ziebell unselfishly feeds it over the top and eventually Scott kicks an easy goal. (Q1 15:26)
Polec cleverly centres the footy into a dangerous spot. It sails over Hall where Ziebell takes a strong mark. From 40, it’s four in a row for the Roos! (Q1 18:25)
McDonald is caught HTB by the big man Ceglar. He’ll line up from 35 on a slight angle to get the Hawks on the board. It’s just offline. (Q1 19:26)
Both Isaac Smith and Wingard commit for the mark which Smith, in the end, clunks with great courage. His 30m set shot is true! Hawks on the board. (Q1 24:26)
Turner shrugs a tackle in the hot spot, then offloads to young Thomas on the run. His quick attempt seems relatively simple but is offline. (Q2 3:11)
Dumont’s 50m kick prioritizes power over accuracy as it flies through the near side for a minor score. (Q2 6:56)
A soft 50m is paid against Stratton on the HFF for late, high contact in a marking contest. It brings Turner to the goal line and he has no trouble. (Q2 9:40)
Sicily pumps it inside 50 where Wingard marks over the top of Wingard at 45. He gets close to the man on the mark, but his shot is straight nonetheless. Goal to the Hawks! (Q2 10:28)
Gunston marks in front of Tarrant on the 50m arc. His set shot appears flawless but is touched on the goal line. (Q2 12:56)
Worpel extracts the ball from congestion on the wing. It passes through some Hawthorn hands before Gunston floats it inside 50. Breust marks strongly in the pocket and snaps a goal (Q2 16:23)
Cousins dashes away from his marker on the HFF and pumps it forward to a pack. Atley gets pinged for a hold on Breust who capitalises and kicks another one for the Hawks. (Q2 18:38)
The Kangas counter quickly as Higgins and Goldstein work together to feed the footy over to Hall in the forward 50. His long-distance snap is wide and through for a minor score. (Q2 20:19)
Scrimshaw slips into a tough Turner tackle. It’s paid HTB and 50 for O’Meara kicking the ball away. Turner offloads to Higgins who roosts a huge goal from outside 50. (Q2 22:33)
McEvoy slots a quick reply for the Hawks with a perfect set shot from just inside the 50 arc. (Q2 26:10)
Breust goes up for a massive speckie but can’t hang on. Scully almost draws first blood of the second half with a left foot snap after crumbing the pack, but it’s wide. (Q3 4:07)
Campbell elects not to use Polec, instead roosting a shot from 55. He has no trouble with the distance. His accuracy, however, isn’t much to write home about. Minor score. (Q3 5:22)
It’s a Nash runs onto a loose ball and taps in the goal from the square! Hawks get the quick reply. (Q3 6:38)
Worpel snaps quickly from 30m following some inside-50 congestion, but it doesn’t quite bend back enough. Behind only. (Q3 8:14)
Isaac Smith centres the footy to Gunston who marks relatively uncontested in a good location. His set shot from 35 misses. (Q3 8:14)
It’s O’Meara then Worpel with a lovely attacking entry into the lap of Breust. On a tough angle from 40, he sneaks it through for a goal! Hawks in front. (Q3 9:38)
Tyson sees Turner inside 50 who will line up for his second of the day. His attempt from 40 is way out to the right, scraping in for a minor score. (Q3 13:52)
Hardwick is involved a couple of times to work the footy from end to end. Henderson finds himself loose in the attacking 50 and has an eternity to align himself. Goal from 40. (Q3 24:38)
Tom Scully is pinged for HTB in the hot spot. Ziebell lays the tackle, measures his run up and misses from 35. (Q3 26:22)
Luke Davies-Uniacke shows composure to spot Polec free in the corridor. Jared’s shot from 45 is perfect as he continues his purple patch of hot form this quarter. (Q3 26:58)
It’s Davies-Uniacke again with the smart assist. He lowered his eyes to find his skipper on the short lead. Ziebell’s attempt from 49 hits the post. (Q3 29:03)
A little bit of dribbling Wingard magic from the pocket can’t quite sneak through the goal, bouncing into the near post instead. (Q4 0:39)
Dumont fumbles which allows Smith to mop up and pass on his right to Wingard in the pocket. On the better side for a left-footer, Chad splits the middle and doesn’t he love it! (Q4 2:25)
The Hawks work the footy quickly down the wing, eventually falling into the hands of Cousins. His flying shot from 45 on a slight angle is offline (Q4 6:44)
Aaron Hall roves the Sicily/Brown contest in the hot spot and has absolutely no trouble to swing onto his left boot and snap the goal from the pocket. 3 points the margin! (Q4 8:42)
Breust swoops on the loose ball at the HFF stoppage and bullets the footy through the big sticks. The Hawks take their lead out to 9 points. (Q4 10:56)
It’s back to back goals for Hawthorn, this time thanks to a classy McEvoy snap from 40. Gunston and Nash were involved in the lead-up. (Q4 12:28)
After a sidestep and a left foot snap, Hawks fans rejoice as their boom recruit Chad Wingard kicks another goal. Without momentum, it’s looking tougher for North now. (Q4 17:36)
50m is paid against Pittard for entering the protected space around Breust. It brings Breust into scoring range and his 35m set shot makes the Kangaroos pay. (Q4 19:11)
Scott finds space where there wasn’t much and then kicks in the Ziebell direction. The Roos’ skipper is too strong for Impey. He marks and plays on, kicking the simplest of goals. (Q4 26:00)
The big Hawks combine as Ceglar launches a high inside-50 that McEvoy marks brilliantly above a cluster of players. His 35m kick slides to the right for a minor score. (Q4 26:42)
Dumont gives the Roos the smallest of sniffs with a quality snap goal from 30. Two minutes left. (Q4 29:27)

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