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Blog log from R3 of 2019: Western Sydney vs Richmond

Blog log for Western Sydney vs Richmond, R3 of 2019

Vlastuin drops Whitfield with a bump after kicking inside 50, Cameron gets the downfield free and pops through the first goal from 25m on a slight angle. (Q1 1:13)
Finlayson misses on the run from the HFF. (Q1 3:42)
Cameron takes a big Michael Roach special over a big pack 30m out on the flank, he tries a screwing set shot but snicks the post. (Q1 9:57)
Lambert feeds Prestia for a miss with a snap from half forward after a stoppage. (Q1 11:22)
Prestia gets another chance from half forward and misses again. (Q1 11:57)
Cameron gets a set shot from the boundary 45m out, he hits the other goalpost flush on this time. (Q1 13:20)
Himmelberg’s 50m penalty for encroachment puts Stack 50m out on a slight angle, the first-gamer’s set shot is a bit wobbly but straight and long enough! (Q1 14:53)
Rioli and Williams fight for a crumb from a Nankervis contest 20m out in the pocket, Williams is pinged for a jumper hold, Rioli goals. (Q1 16:54)
Williams rushes a Balta dribbler from the pocket after a stoppage. (Q1 17:21)
Castagna snaps wide after a stoppage from 20m on a slight angle. (Q1 19:54)
Ellis dithers on the HBF and is mow down by Daniels, who quickly gives off to Cameron for a nice snap goal from 45m. (Q1 22:38)
Nankervis volleys out of ruck 15m out from his goal, it lands at the hotspot, no mark paid but Rioli catches and shoots for a fine opportunist goal. (Q1 25:39)
Cameron marks on the boundary 45m out, his set shot is impressive but it was touched off the boot by Vlastuin. (Q1 31:24)
Kelly marks at the top of the square and kicks his first goal of the season to bring the margin back within a goal. (Q2 3:05)
Lynch is paid a mark from a Lambert pass to 20m on a slight angle, didn’t hold it long before Davis spoiled it though. He kicks truly. (Q2 5:17)
A free kick for contact off the ball against Martin for contact on his tagger de Boer results in a charity goal for Daniels from the top of the square. (Q2 8:53)
Buntine kicks from the wing to an empty goalsquare, Cameron leads all chasers to boot goal number three for Q1! (Q2 10:07)
Martin baulks around Davis on the HFF but misses from 40m. (Q2 12:32)
Cameron gives to Lloyd who draws three on him 40m out on a slight angle, he doesn’t see Daniels on his own and misses under pressure. (Q2 13:21)
Hopper is the next Giant to goal from a stoppage 15m out in front. (Q2 14:04)
Prestia shoots from the boundary 30m out, across the face but Castagna marks on the boundary the other side 20m out, he misses. (Q2 15:52)
Hopper snaps his second goal from the pocket after Stack’s rebound kick is dropped cold. (Q2 20:16)
Coniglio feeds Kelly after a stoppage, the snap bounces wide. (Q2 27:48)
Balta punches a loose ball at half forward to space, Martin reaches it first with Taylor up his ginger but soccers wide from 30m. (Q2 29:24)
Lynch gets a contact free on Haynes at the hotspot and pops through another goal two for him so far today. (Q2 30:16)
Finlayson takes a pack grab 40m out on a slight angle and converts after the HT siren. (Q2 32:21)
Stack passes to McIntosh 40m out on the flank, who hits the post. (Q3 1:24)
Rioli is involved in a chain of handballs through half forward and is on the end of the final give by Edwards to goal from the hotspot. (Q3 2:26)
Kelly passes to Coniglio 40m out on the flank, Cogs has been a touch off today and misses that one. (Q3 4:24)
Reid marks outside CHF, crowded forward line so he goes to Cameron near the boundary 45m out. Jezza hits the square, spoil down the throat of Finalyson who snaps truly! (Q3 6:03)
Lynch marks 40m out on a slight angle in front of Taylor and strokes through yet another classy finish. (Q3 7:56)
Finlayson marks 20m out on a slight angle for the instant replying goal. (Q3 9:24)
Taranto receives from Whitfield and shoots quickly from a pack at the hotspot, it’s a wobbler but it sneaks inside the left goalpost! (Q3 12:10)
Cameron roves and shoots wide from 45m on the flank. (Q3 13:07)
Haynes passes to Cameron 50m out on the flank, Jezza runs in leftish looking for extra distance and hoofs it straight over the goal umpire’s peaked cap! (Q3 14:15)
Lynch snaps wide from the pocket after Castagna misses him with a pass. (Q3 15:39)
Lambert roves a pack on the HFF and sees Lynch over the back of it, nice handball clears the congestion and sets Lynch off to goal on the run from 15m. (Q3 17:16)
Taranto runs down the flank and into the open goal after an intelligent tap on the HFF by Mumford. (Q3 24:16)
Lambert roves and goals from the square after Rioli fights for a ground ball to create a crumb. (Q3 26:28)
Castagna gets a free on Hopper on the HFF, he hits the square but no score results. (Q3 29:10)
Cotchin gives to Lynch 20m out but Taylor smothers it for a behind. (Q3 30:53)
Prestia misses from the HFF as the Tigers get repeat inside 50s. (Q3 30:53)
Daniels gives to Cameron for a snap across the body from the pocket 25m out, that’s number five for Jezza and it might even be the sealer! (Q4 1:05)
Finlayson catches Edwards HTB 45m out on a slight angle, he boots goal number four! (Q4 6:31)
Higgins drags a snag back for Richmond but it’s probably not enough. (Q4 12:23)
A cruel bounce for Butler on the HBF benefits Williams who zooms onto the loose footy and passes to Cameron in the pocket 25m out, six goals for Jezza! (Q4 14:12)
Whitfield runs through CHF and goes to the square for Himmelberg to mark and goal. (Q4 18:53)
Finlayson roves on the HFF and tries a snap across the body from fully 50m out on his non-preferred right boot, it’s his day because it skids through for goal number five! (Q4 23:51)
Tomlinson passes to Cameron in the pocket 25m out, this for number seven… just misses. (Q4 27:21)
Kennedy runs through the middle and goes long to Cameron who marks over Balta near the hotspot and gets that seventh major. (Q4 28:23)
Edwards gets a set shot 40m out in front just before the final siren, but doesn’t score. (Q4 29:00)

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