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Blog log from R1 of 2019: Western Bulldogs vs Sydney

Blog log for Western Bulldogs vs Sydney, R1 of 2019

The Swans work it by foot down the wing after Wallis is caught HTB by Parker. The ball gets popped up to the hotspot where Heeney takes a hanger over Wood! He slots it from 20. (Q1 2:20)
The footy is extracted out the back of a stoppage in the Swans’ 50. The quick hands come out to Jones who launches off a step from 40. He hits the woodwork. (Q1 7:07)
Lloyd desperately dives for a loose ball 20 out from his defensive goal. He catches Richards below the knees and concedes the free kick. Richards pops it through. (Q1 9:36)
Naughton soccers one off the ground while running toward goal. He mis-cues and it goes through for a behind. (Q1 11:06)
Hunter is taken high by Clarke. He hands off and Gowers marks a spearing pass. From deep in the pocket Gowers’ snap sneaks through for a point. (Q1 13:01)
From a stoppage inside the Doggies’ 50 the ball is fed back to Duryea. He sets sail from 50 with his trademark left boot and it flies through for a goal! (Q1 14:51)
A strong contest between Naughton and Melican brings the ball to ground 30 from goal. Dickson roves and bounces it through for a behind. (Q1 17:32)
Dunkley hoofs one from 50 out but only manages a minor score. (Q1 18:52)
Naughton doubles back on Melican and the long kick inside 50 perfectly floats over the pack into his arms. From 30 out he slots the goal. (Q1 23:06)
Bontempelli sends a worm burner from centre wing and hits a sliding Gowers. From 50 out on the flank he just makes the distance for a goal! (Q1 24:23)
Dunkley gets a quick kick from the centre and Gowers marks with front position. He shanks his set shot and it fortuitously lands with Naughton in the pocket. His snap misses. (Q1 27:05)
Naughton gathers a loose ball on the wing and finds Bontempelli on the lead in front of Melican. The Bont goes back from 40 and hits the post. (Q2 2:59)
A couple of good kicks from McVeigh and Lloyd opens up the Swans’ forward line. Jones spots up Reid 30 out directly in front. He misses poorly. (Q2 7:32)
Macrae runs onto a bouncing ball and dashes inside 50. He centres to Naughton who marks in front of Grundy. Naughton slots it from 40. (Q2 10:42)
Kennedy gets a quick snap out of traffic in the pocket. It flies through for a behind. (Q2 12:13)
Naughton marks all on his own 40 out from goal. He hands it off to Lloyd who fires at goal but puts it across the face for a point. (Q2 14:19)
Wallis catches Kennedy around the neck 40 out from goal. Kennedy goes back and hangs it out to the right for a behind. (Q2 15:37)
Bontempelli sends a long shot toward goal. Sinclair goes to mark it on the last line of defence but spills it through for a behind. (Q2 24:03)
Libba snaps a hurried kick inside 50 and as the ball is in the air, Melican puts down Schache for a free kick. Schache’s set shot from 40 is true. (Q2 26:03)
Suckling sends it to the top of the goal square. Gowers has a couple of bites at the footy against Jones and is paid a dubious mark. He slots the goal. (Q3 2:12)
Libba roves the throw in and has lots of time to measure up a snap at goal. He hits the post. (Q3 4:01)
The Swans work it by hand down the middle of the ground. The ball is put into the path of Blakey who runs onto it and from 30 out, slots his first career goal! (Q3 6:15)
The Doggies get the centre clearance and Lloyd finds it 50 from goal. Off a couple of steps Lloyd shoots at goal and kicks his first for the Dogs! (Q3 8:10)
Reid takes a strong mark against Williams 40 out on the flank. He goes back and slots the set shot. (Q3 9:13)
Reid marks a long ball at the back of the contest. Only 20 out from goal, Reid decides to handball off. This results in a pressured shot at goal from Blakey who misses. (Q3 10:26)
Hayward marks a chipping 40 out from goal with the attempted spoil coming from Duryea. He slots the set shot nicely. (Q3 11:59)
Wood collects Mills with a hip to the head 30 out from goal and Mills is paid the free for high contact. Mills slots another to bring the Swans back into it! (Q3 13:42)
A squaring ball goes to the tip of the Bulldogs’ goal square. The Swans spill a straightforward defensive mark. Gowers soccers it off the ground but only manages a behind. (Q3 15:42)
Lloyd bends one around the body, trying to find Bontempelli in the goal square. The ball is too high and his direct opponent comes across and rushes it through. (Q3 18:55)
Jones gets sold a hospital handball and is run down by 2 Dogs whilst trying to exit his defensive 50. Wallis takes the kick and sprays it for a behind trying to make the distance. (Q3 21:10)
A long ball is sent the Dogs’ attacking 50. Naughton is paid a fortunate free kick for a block against Melican. He slots the goal from 30. (Q3 26:10)
Hunter is released from a stoppage just outside the Bulldogs’ 50. He runs to 40 and shoots. It just doesn’t bend back enough and hits the post. (Q3 28:42)
Papley puts a kick to the top of the square. It comes off hands and the Bulldogs shepherd it over for a rushed behind. (Q4 1:03)
Lloyd takes an intercept mark in his defensive 50. He takes off straight away and Franklin wraps him up, catching him HTB. From 50 out Buddy just misses to the right. (Q4 4:35)
Franklin juggles a mark 40 out in the pocket in front of Wood. He centres to Reid who takes a strong contested mark on a better angle. Reid puts it through for a goal. (Q4 6:34)
Reid drops a sitter in the pocket after pushing off his man. Luckily he has enough time to gather and handball over the top to Heeney. He pokes it through from point blank. (Q4 10:04)
English concedes a free kick at the centre bounce. The Swans go inside 50 where it comes off hands to Heeney. He gives to Papley who shimmies and pops it through from 30! (Q4 12:19)
Hewett finds Parker in the pocket. He then centres to Hayward 30 out from goal. Hayward’s set shot goes out to the right for a behind. (Q4 13:54)
Blakey and Wood contest on the wing. The ball goes to ground but Blakey wins out. He goes long to the hot spot where Buddy is free! Buddy rolls it through! 5 points in it! (Q4 17:06)
A quick kick goes inside the Bulldogs’ 50. Melican makes contact with Schache and concedes the free kick for a push. From 30 out Schache misses to the left. (Q4 19:09)
The Swans go end to end and find Buddy 1 on 1 with Wood. Jones finds Buddy who takes a strong mark against his direct opponent. His shot hits the post! (Q4 20:52)
The Swans are locking it into their attacking 50 with extreme pressure. This time a poor kick lands with Jones. He sets sail from 50 and just misses! (Q4 22:21)
The ball goes to ground from a contest on the wing and the Dogs rove it! Bontempelli leads the race back to the goal square. He marks a McLean kick and runs into an open goal! (Q4 25:18)
The Dogs get a second in quick succession! After getting the centre clearance they lock it in their forward pocket. It eventually spills out to Lloyd who snaps the goal! (Q4 26:22)
The Swans turn it over coming out of their defensive 50. Libba gathers and fires a wild shot through for a behind. (Q4 29:22)

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