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Blog log from R1 of 2019: Melbourne vs Port Adelaide

Blog log for Melbourne vs Port Adelaide, R1 of 2019

Viney slides on the HFF and gets a slightly lucky high contact free on Rockliff 45m out. He hooks it OOTF. (Q1 2:35)
Weideman passes to Melksham on the HFF who wheels and goes quick and long as Tom McDonald has Gray on him for some reason, easy mark to the taller man and first goal. (Q1 5:31)
Weideman provides a contest at the top of the square against two Power defenders after a scrambling play down the flank, the crumb falls eventually for Sparrow, first kick goal! (Q1 8:00)
Marshall marks a Gray centre clearance kick on the lead 45m out on a slight angle, but misses. (Q1 9:00)
Harmes screws a centring ball for the pocket and Jonas has two Demons to contend with, numbers win out with Brayshaw marking on his chest for another Demon goal. (Q1 11:05)
Neal-Bullen intercepts Duursma at the hotspot but misses a relatively easy set shot. (Q1 14:08)
Lycett grabs the ball out of ruck on the HFF and feeds Boak for a running snap from 45m that bounces just inside the near goalpost and through for the first for Port. (Q1 15:06)
Tom McDonald marks over Byrne-Jones on the behind line, plays on for a backwards kick and finds Melksham in space 20m out on the flank, he pops it through off the left. (Q1 17:32)
Neal-Bullen misses another long set shot. (Q1 19:24)
Drew pokes a pass from half forward for Boak to mark running back with the flight 40m out in the corridor just before Salem arrives. Boak misses, just. (Q1 20:19)
Robbie Gray contests with Hibberd for a Motlop pass to 20m in front, can’t mark but butters up and snaps under pressure off the left… just wide. (Q1 21:47)
Watts intercepts a Salem rebound kick on the HFF and sends a chaos ball back in, eventually Brayshaw gets pinged for legging Marshall 30m out on the flank. Marshall goals. (Q1 25:36)
Ryder marks on the HFF and just misses. (Q1 27:21)
Ryder bombs long from wing to the hotspot, four Demons near Westhoff but he judges it best of all of them to mark and goals. (Q2 2:59)
Melksham baulks clear at half forward and goes hard and long to the top of the square where Fritsch leaps over Rockliff to mark and goal. (Q2 7:42)
Port performs a flowing move around members wing on the rebound that ends with Duursma feeding Butters to goal on the run from the hotspot, that’s the modern Port gameplan! (Q2 10:29)
Boak snaps OOTF under a heavy tackle 45m out on a slight angle. (Q2 12:30)
Powell-Pepper bursts from a pack but misses from 20m in the pocket, probably should have given it off. (Q2 13:58)
Drew passes to Powell-Pepper 30m out on the flank, this one for the lead… rammed into the near goalpost. (Q2 15:07)
Weideman taps unopposed at a throw-in in the Port FP but straight to Drew who feeds Butters for the go-ahead goal across the body from the hotspot! (Q2 17:45)
Duursma soccers into the post from the top of the square after beating two Demons to a loose ball. (Q2 19:08)
Loose ball at the Port hotspot, Ryder wins it and feeds Duursma who checksides another one for the rampaging Power! (Q2 22:16)
Corey Wagner drops a mark on the wing but butters up and hits Melksham within range who goes further to Petracca near the hotspot. Trac converts. (Q2 24:15)
Harmes snaps hard but wide from a stoppage near the hotspot. (Q2 26:01)
Gawn bounces a pass to Weideman who snaps off a step from 40m on a slight angle… also wide. (Q2 27:01)
Westhoff marks an Amon pass just inside 50m on a slight angle, and hoofs through the first goal of Q3. (Q3 2:36)
Melksham marks a Petracca pass near the hotspot and inexplicably passes backwards to Jones 40m out. Jones kicks truly. (Q3 4:21)
Hunt breaks the lines with two bounces and a scoot from half back, the play ends with Spargo feeding Melksham with a Joe the Goose special. Demons regain the lead. (Q3 6:37)
Weideman splits a pack 40m out in the corridor with a nice contested mark after Gawn sets up the next centre clearance, his set shot starts leftish but straightens for a goal. (Q3 7:37)
Westhoff marks in front of Hore 30m out on a slight angle and stops Melbourne’s run with his second goal. (Q3 10:23)
Rockliff forces a Brayshaw grubber to the Port HFF, Burton mops up and kicks to the square where Ebert is best placed to mark over Hibberd and goal. (Q3 14:17)
Brayshaw misses a hurried snap off a step from 45m on a slight angle. (Q3 19:32)
Port attack quickly down the wing in a move started by Watts, Gray draws a holding free on Jetta sitting under a long ball to the hotspot but sprays a soda. (Q3 20:17)
Spargo has time on the wing to hit a pass to Fritsch 40m out on a slight angle, who misses everything. (Q3 22:06)
Oliver is pinged for encroachment after Gray marks outside the HFF to bring the mark near the goalsquare for a charity goal leading into 3QT. (Q3 28:21)
Butters gets involved twice in the pocket in a mad scramble, Boak has a low-percentage snap from 20m that is narrow. (Q4 1:31)
Tom McDonald passes to Jones 40m out in front but he drops a sitter, gives to Sparrow whose snap is marked on the line by Watts, no score. (Q4 3:31)
Port rebounds around the outer wing on the end of that play, Westhoff is over the back to mark a Marshall pass on the goal line for the big twelve-point play! (Q4 4:01)
Next centre clearance to Port, Gray marks 50m out on a slight angle, he pulls the set shot to pass it to Ryder but it clears him and lands with Westhoff 20m out, goal! (Q4 6:15)
Gray passes short to Duursma 40m out on the flank, who goes even shorter to Rozee on a worse angle 35m out. Rozee’s set shot lands on the behind line and is rushed. (Q4 8:46)
Sparrow snaps on his left foot off balance 20m out and it’s OOTF. (Q4 14:19)
Drew feeds Burton for a snap from CHF that goes just wide. (Q4 16:17)
Rozee strips Jones in a tackle in the centre, Powell-Pepper mops up and runs to near CHF for a shot… just left. (Q4 18:01)
That would have been the sealer but Melbourne don’t look anywhere near it. (Q4 18:31)
Motlop catches Frost HTB at CHB and gets a 50m penalty, his pass goes to Gray 40m out on the flank, who misses. (Q4 20:01)
Burton marks just inside 50m in the corridor but misses, it’s junk time now. (Q4 24:38)

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