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Blog log from R1 of 2019: Carlton vs Richmond

Blog log for Carlton vs Richmond, R1 of 2019

Martin goes long from the wing to the hotspot, Riewoldt goes early and takes out Jones to allow Lynch to mark and boot the first goal of 2019. (Q1 2:48)
Houli roves outside a stoppage on the HFF and screws in a blind kick to the hotspot that favours Higgins, who marks and goals. (Q1 8:50)
Balta gets a 50m penalty on Thomas for a late spoil to put him at about the same spot as Higgins, he repeats the dose. (Q1 11:19)
Nankervis kicks the next goal for the Tigers after roving a centre clearance kick by Balta to the hotspot. (Q1 12:59)
The Tigers run in a convoy through the middle, Graham handballs to space on the HFF for Weller to run onto, he shoots on the lope from 35m… wide. (Q1 17:04)
Ed Curnow roves a McGovern contest in the pocket and gives back to McLovin for a snap around the corner off the left from 35m on the flank… across the face. (Q1 22:02)
Newman tries to baulk on the wing but gets swamped by Tigers, turnover and there is gold and black everywhere, Lynch goals on the run from 40m on a slight angle. (Q1 23:19)
Rioli baulks Newman on the wing and picks out Graham just inside 50m on a slight angle. His set shot falls on the line, did Phillips touch it? Video review confirms behind. (Q1 25:34)
Cotchin and Martin form a convoy running down members wing, the Dusty kick is marked by Riewoldt 45m out on the flank. Li’l Rooey hits the post. (Q1 31:06)
Walsh somehow has two Tigers on him in defensive goalsquare and can’t prevent McIntosh roving a Cotchin kick and goaling from the line. (Q2 0:56)
Cotchin jumps on the back of Cripps to mark near CHF but just misses. (Q2 5:01)
McKay taps a loose footy to Thomas in the pocket, his centring ball finds two Blues, Fasolo wins the raffle and plays on to goal from 20m. (Q2 7:31)
Ed Curnow breaks a tackle in the pocket and feeds Cuningham whose pressured snap from 20m is OOTF. (Q2 11:01)
The Blues lock in the kick in, Thomas gets half a chance from 40m in front after good work by Dow and rams it home! (Q2 11:47)
Fisher goes long and quick from the HFF, Rance is pinged for a hold on McGovern 15m out in front, easy goal for the ex-Crow. (Q2 13:17)
Fisher gets caught HTB in the BP, Higgins picks up and tries a low-percentage snap off a step from 25m near the boundary… it comes off! (Q2 15:57)
Setterfield toepokes OOTF 40m out, Rioli misses the free. (Q2 19:59)
McGovern nearly goes OOB in the pocket then gives to Ed Curnow whose pressured banana is wide from 35m. (Q2 21:15)
Lambert drops a mark 40m out on a slight angle but Plowman comes late and high, Lambert gives off to Short who misses. (Q2 22:32)
Fisher misses a snap from a stoppage on the HFF. (Q2 23:27)
Rioli sharks a pressured handball by Jones and measures a left-foot snap over Garlet from 40m on a slight angle… skids wide. (Q2 25:02)
Fisher receives from McKay outside a stoppage on the HFF, barrels a snap under a tackle from 40m on a slight angle… nice goal! (Q2 29:45)
Riewoldt taps a loose ball near the hotspot to Nankervis who grubbers the first goal of Q3 from the top of the square. (Q3 1:47)
Ed Curnow passes to McKay who outbodies Rance to mark 45m out on the flank and hoof through a lovely set shot for his first goal. (Q3 3:47)
Cripps feeds Fisher for the next centre clearance kick, ball flips over the back of the pack at the hotspot for Charlie Curnow to run onto and goal! (Q3 4:45)
Riewoldt roves a Lynch contest in the pocket but snaps while way off balance, OOTF. (Q3 6:17)
Riewoldt has the sit and takes a screamer on the back of Jones at the top of the square for his first goal in his 250th game. (Q3 7:45)
McKay marks a quick Newman kick from the centre running back with the flight to 35m on a slight angle, but hits the post. (Q3 9:57)
Martin kicks to space in the centre for Prestia, who finds Higgins 35m out on the flank for a goal. (Q3 11:04)
Charlie Curnow receives from his brother on the HFF and kicks to centre field for Setterfield 45m out, who misses. (Q3 12:45)
Short shoots on the run from 50m on a slight angle but shanks it OOTF. (Q3 13:40)
Walsh has two Tigers chasing him on the HFF, he draws them both then gives over the top for Murphy who screws home the goal from 25m! (Q3 15:45)
Newman mops up a dump kick to the Blues HFF, he runs onto his left near the boundary 40m out and rams through another one for Carlton! (Q3 18:25)
Cotchin catches Dow high after a stoppage. The kid lines up from 30m on the flank, and misses wide right. (Q3 26:01)
Weller passes to Lambert 25m out on the flank who shanks for no score. (Q4 0:34)
Martin wins a hard footy in a pack at the hotspot and gives out to Lambert who checksides into the goalpost. (Q4 2:48)
Higgins marks 20m out on a slight angle and gives off to Lynch who fumbles it, mad scramble but Martin butters up and gives back to Lynch who goals this time. (Q4 4:43)
Martin goes long from the HFF to the opposite pocket, Lynch has two on him but Weitering catches him high… but Lynch sprays it for a behind from 10m. (Q4 8:58)
Graham forces an errant handball by Petrevski-Seton at half back, Tigers everywhere and it’s Butler who checksides the sealer from 20m on the flank. (Q4 16:04)
Higgins handballs from a pack at the hotspot to the pocket, Weller is first there and he throws a boot at it… skids through from 20m! (Q4 16:34)
Walsh misses a checkside off a step from 35m on the flank. (Q4 18:17)
It’s champagne football time, with Nankervis booting his third goal from near the hotspot after a feed by Butler. (Q4 18:17)
Gibbons misses on the run from 35m near the boundary. (Q4 24:59)
Setterfield has McKay over the back to mark near the hotspot on a rebound up the guts, he goes back for the set shot and converts for some junk. (Q4 26:24)

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