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Blog log from P2 of 2019: Fremantle vs West Coast

Blog log for Fremantle vs West Coast, P2 of 2019

Lobb marks at the hotspot and just misses the first set shot of the game. (Q1 0:51)
Petruccelle is front and centre to rove a Rioli chaos ball to the pocket, he dribbles through the first goal. (Q1 3:41)
Matera gives to Giro who tries a torpedo off a step from 40m on a slight angle in heavy traffic, it’s a wobbler but it avoids the left goalpost and goes through! (Q1 7:41)
Hickey beats Lobb in ruck in the pocket 25m out, grabs the footy and throws it on the left boot for a nice goal. (Q1 9:21)
Walters is not paid a mark from a short pass, he gets stripped but Banfield bobs up to rove and snap truly off the left from 30m on the flank. (Q1 13:37)
Giro feeds Tucker for a snap across the body off the left from 40m in front off a step, that one falls in as well. (Q1 15:57)
Cox gets the benefit of a 50m penalty to take him from deep in the pocket to the goal line after he catches McGovern HTB then gets scragged late by Brander. (Q1 21:17)
Ballantyne shoots wide on the burst from just outside CHF. (Q1 22:26)
Hogan snaps wide from a pack 20m out on the flank. (Q1 22:57)
Matera snaps a crowd-pleasing goal from the pocket after Ballantyne smothers Duggan to force spillage for Hogan for the goal assist handball. (Q1 25:27)
Allen is first back to an errant Gaff snap that bounces up near the behind post, he has time to snap off his right for a goal. (Q1 27:27)
Rioli works Wilson away from the fall of a long ball to the pocket 15m out, the QT hooter sounds, Rioli goals with a drop punt. (Q1 34:38)
Yeo marks 45m out on the flank but misses. (Q2 3:18)
Darling intercepts 45m out on the flank but his set shot is ugly and marked in relief on the behind line. (Q2 4:47)
Ryan marks 45m out on the flank, the ball falls near the goalpost and Hickey hits it with a volley in the pack. (Q2 5:27)
Cerra marks a long Walters kick from the wing to the HFF, plays on but skids a shot wide from 30m. (Q2 10:19)
Long passage of handballs through half forward by Freo ends with Matera spraying the snap from 20m in the pocket. (Q2 11:11)
Darcy marks a Mundy pass across half forward on the lead 45m out on a slight angle. His set shot goes right. (Q2 13:13)
Banfield marks between Cole and McGovern deep in the pocket 25m out, tough set shot from there into the wind but he makes it look easy. (Q2 14:30)
Ryan catches Walters HTB in a pack at the hotspot and kicks the first goal for the Eagles with the breeze, belatedly. (Q2 16:27)
Brander is first to a blind kick out of defence by Duman on the HFF, his dinky little left foot kick lands in the breadbasket of Venables 25m out, who kicks truly. (Q2 18:31)
Sheed out of the centre, Rioli juggles in front of Ryan and falls to ground with the mark secured. He also kicks straight, Eagles hit the lead. (Q2 20:01)
Darling misses a quick mid-range snap. (Q2 25:03)
Waterman similarly misses. (Q2 26:03)
Venables kicks down the flank with a high ball, pack forms but Allen fights to the front to clunk it 30m out and boot the first goal of the second half. (Q3 0:52)
Shuey intercepts Darcy’s handball after a stoppage in the Eagle FP, he throws the ball on the boot and it sails through from 15m. (Q3 7:52)
Petruccelle intercepts Wilson’s kick in 45m out and sends it towards the behind line, Rioli is front and centre for the crumb and snaps the goal. (Q3 10:27)
Masten marks at the hotspot and steers through another one, Freo have stopped. (Q3 12:42)
Brayshaw catches Cole HTB 30m out on the flank but shoots OOTF. (Q3 16:37)
Hickey runs back to mark a long Rioli ball down the flank to 20m, two Dockers nearby but he tries a Joe the Goose special… Sheed makes it look good. (Q3 21:41)
Sheed misses a low snap from 30m on the flank. (Q3 23:17)
Rioli glides through a stoppage untouched 20m out, his grubber is less beautiful but it has just enough juice to skid over the line. (Q3 24:28)
Darling marks 40m out on a slight angle but misses. (Q3 26:23)
Hogan marks a Conca pass 40m out on a slight angle and kicks his first goal. (Q3 27:59)
Rioli roves and misses from the pocket. (Q3 29:30)
Darling misses a set shot from near CHF. (Q4 3:48)
Hogan marks near the hotspot and misses. (Q4 6:59)
Petruccelle goals on the run from 40m in the corridor as Freo can’t rebound past half back. (Q4 10:58)
Ryan snaps from a stoppage on the HFF, it drops for Darling to mark near the behind line, but he hits the post. (Q4 12:30)
Giro bounces a snap wide from a pack 30m out with Ballantyne open for the give. (Q4 14:43)
Sheed gathers a bouncing Jetta kick at CHF, baulks clear of Bewley and passes to Darling at the hotspot for his first goal. (Q4 16:01)
Hogan gets rid of McGovern on the HFF with body work and mops up a ground ball, then passes to Ballantyne 30m out on a slight angle. Balla kicks truly. (Q4 18:16)
Vardy gets a ruck free on Lobb for a slight jumper tug, he lines up from 30m on the flank and makes no mistake. (Q4 20:56)
Bewley is pinged for holding the man, Redden takes the free 45m out on a slight angle, it’s off hands in the square for a point. (Q4 23:20)
Vardy has a blast from 55m in front, also off hands for a behind. (Q4 23:51)
Jones sets Ballantyne away for a scoot down the flank to 30m but he misses on the trot. (Q4 24:21)

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