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Blog log from PF of 2018: West Coast vs Melbourne

Blog log for West Coast vs Melbourne, PF of 2018

Lewis punches Ryan off the ball with the ball in Melbourne hands in the BP, reversed kick is given to Rioli whose first score is a kick across the face from 25m. (Q1 1:18)
Yeo marks a nice Jetta kick over Harmes on the wing, turns and hits the lead of Kennedy 40m out on a slight angle. JJK’s set shot is short and doesn’t score. (Q1 3:48)
Kennedy rams through the first goal with a snap from 20m in front after a stoppage in the pocket. (Q1 4:45)
Melksham bounces a snap from the HFF but it rolls the wrong way into the post. (Q1 7:16)
Brayshaw gives to Smith for an unlikely snap across the body from 40m on the flank that goes well wide. (Q1 8:33)
LeCras feeds Cripps to waltz into the open goal after a bad turnover in central midfield by Brayshaw. (Q1 9:08)
Harmes gets a push in the back by Yeo on the boundary 20m out, his free kick is a bit of a shank for a behind. (Q1 11:22)
Darling tries his luck from 55m on a slight angle but hoofs it wide left. (Q1 14:23)
Spargo coughs the ball up by hand in central midfield, Duggan roves and bombs long, Smith gives away a holding free to Darling at the hotspot who goals. Eagles have the jump! (Q1 16:21)
Vardy passes to Darling sliding on the boundary 20m out in front of Frost. Darling tries a screwing set shot, but hits the post. (Q1 18:08)
Darling drops a Ryan pass in the pocket at much the same spot, gathers and gives to Sheed who screws wide. (Q1 19:23)
Ryan shanks an inside 50 kick but Frost’s tap goes to the hotspot where LeCras gathers and snaps… but on video review it was touched off the boot. (Q1 21:08)
Sheed hits Kennedy leading to the boundary 50m out, he plays on but his shot is rushed. (Q1 27:04)
McGovern kicks short to Redden at half forward, ump paid the mark but he plays on anyway to Cripps who snaps from 40m on a slight angle for another one for the Eagles! (Q1 28:49)
Venables picks up a loose ball near the hotspot, rides a soft Frost tackle and gives to Kennedy who does the rest off the right boot. This is not pretty. (Q2 1:15)
Kennedy marks 45m out on a slight angle, his set shot starts leftish but swings right and in. Everything coming up Eagle! (Q2 2:29)
Kennedy feeds Sheed for a snap at half forward, it’s a shank but lands in the arms of Ryan in the pocket 20m out, who hits the post. (Q2 6:48)
Ryan flies between Hibberd and Lycett to take a trademark flying mark at the top of the square for another one for the rampaging Eagle.s (Q2 8:27)
Ryan drops a mark in the square but the ball sits up on the line, LeCras taps it down to backheel it through! That was a party trick, the celebrations have already started. (Q2 10:13)
Salem is pinged for holding LeCras 50m out on a slight angle, kick falls in the square and is rebounded. (Q2 13:16)
McGovern handballs straight to Oliver at half back, he snaps from 50m on a slight angle but hits the post. (Q2 16:03)
Kennedy marks over Weideman 40m out on the flank and slots his fourth goal, Eagles can do no wrong. (Q2 18:43)
Spargo gets a 50m penalty after a mark on the wing to bring him to 30m on a slight angle, the boos reach a crescendo and he shanks a behind. (Q2 21:59)
Smith wins a HTB free on Sheed in a pack 50m out on the flank, he goes high to the square but the Eagles rebound with ease. (Q2 22:46)
Mad scramble in the Eagle goalsquare, Darling keeps his feet and soccers through another one. Complete destroyation. (Q2 24:21)
Petracca takes an OOTF free next to the behind post but misses. (Q2 28:58)
Oliver roves a Smith contest to a Vandenberg inside 50 kick, swerves clear and checksides the first Melbourne goal from 35m on a slight angle. (Q3 1:06)
Lewis turns the ball over by hand at half back under not much pressure, LeCras rolls through the champagne footy goal from 40m on a slight angle. (Q3 2:36)
Melksham marks in the centre and gets a very soft 50m penalty for encroachment to gift him a goal from the hotspot. (Q3 6:38)
Osccar McDonald falls into the back of Darling when tackling near the behind post, Darling shanks it but Venables marks in the opposite pocket 20m out, he doesn’t score either. (Q3 8:21)
Rioli to Cripps at a stoppage 20m out, snap and it’s another one for the West Coast. (Q3 9:14)
Hannan gathers a bouncing Neal-Bullen handball and snaps off his left boot from 20m on the flank for a nice goal. (Q3 11:18)
Petracca passes across half forward to Brayshaw diving to mark just inside CHF, he misses. (Q3 13:21)
Neal-Bullen gets dropped by Jetta after centring from the pocket, Melksham takes the downfield free and converts from 15m. (Q3 14:54)
Ryan breaks tackles by Lewis and Jones on a run up the wing, he goes to Venables who gets scragged by Harmes to earn a free 25m out on the flank, he goals. (Q3 17:36)
Hannan marks a Jones pass 40m out on a slight angle but misses. (Q3 19:32)
Darling marks within range but goes to LeCras 35m out in front, Salem bundles him over late but no 50m penalty, the Frenchman kicks the goal anyway. (Q3 21:51)
Melksham kicks to open space from half forward, Hannah is first there but he gets a horrible bounce and has to leap for it, Duggan closes and catches him HTB, no score. (Q3 25:59)
Smith gathers the crumb from a Melksham handball towards big traffic at the square but misses on the turn from 15m under heavy pressure. (Q3 27:52)
It was clear from the start that it was the Eagles’ day, and that is underlined by an outrageous leg break bounce from a Darling left-foot shank from the HFF for his third goal. (Q3 29:53)
Smith goals with a snap from the square under Duggan pressure after Gawn sets up the next centre clearance. (Q3 30:52)
Gawn marks in front of a pack 20m out on a slight angle for the first score of Q4 junk time, which is a disappointing hooked behind. (Q4 0:58)
Harmes leaps over Cripps to take an intercept mark from a McGovern kick to 45m on the flank, his shot starts left but slices right and through. (Q4 3:06)
Shuey bounces away from the next centre bounce and goes long from the wing, Darling marks 45m out on a slight angle but misses. (Q4 4:44)
Ryan tries his luck with a snap from the boundary 25m out, but it’s well wide. (Q4 6:05)
Weideman marks 50m out on the flank and shanks OOTF. (Q4 6:37)
Weideman fumbles a Neal-Bullen ball in the pocket but is able to butter up and run into the open goal. (Q4 6:37)
Darling feeds Hutchings to run through half forward and shoot from 45m on a slight angle to an empty square, heading left but takes a lucky off break and through. West Coast’s day! (Q4 13:21)
Petracca wins a HTB free on Vardy 30m out on the flank but shanks it badly for a behind. (Q4 14:41)
LeCras just misses a snap from near CHF. (Q4 15:06)
Rioli snaps a goal from half forward to continue the party. (Q4 24:37)
Redden converts from the hotspot after a 50m penalty against Oliver for encroachment. (Q4 24:37)

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