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Blog log from SF of 2018: Collingwood vs Western Sydney

Blog log for Collingwood vs Western Sydney, SF of 2018

Stephenson roves a Cox contest 35m out on a slight angle, gets tackled by Kennedy and checksides well wide.
The Pies lock in the kick in and it’s Thomas who snaps the first goal from half forward, the Pie faithful are not here in great number but they are already in full voice! (Q1 0:42)
De Goey marks on the HFF, wheels and shanks a chaos ball down the line, Phillips throws a boot at it near the behind line but it goes wide. (Q1 2:06)
Keeffe scrags Mihocek without the footy to give away an obvious free 40m out on the flank, the set shot is short and eventually does not score. (Q1 4:30)
Adams passes to the lead of De Goey 40m out on a slight angle after the Giants again fail to rebound past midfield. De Goey misses. (Q1 7:31)
Williams shanks the kick in straight to Thomas 40m out in the corridor who makes him pay with his second and the team’s second goal! (Q1 8:19)
Cox leaps majestically in front of Davis to mark just inside 50m on a slight angle, but his set shot is short and doesn’t score. (Q1 11:21)
Sier snaps off his left from the resultant thrown in to the pocket but Davis rushes it. (Q1 11:36)
Cameron gathers a bouncing Whitfield pass to 40m with Goldsack on his hammer, he snaps across the body off the left but it’s way wide. (Q1 14:06)
Howe shanks the kick in straight to Cameron 50m out on a slight angle, Jezza plays on around the man on the mark and just misses. (Q1 15:21)
Treloar misses a long snap from a slight angle. (Q1 16:34)
Stephenson misses a snap under a tackle by Reid from 40m on a slight angle. (Q1 18:27)
Williams is pinged for a fairly soft hold on Hoskin-Elliott at the top of the square just before the QT siren, WHE puts some more scoreboard pressure on with his first. (Qtr Time)
Griffen soccers the first GWS goal from a pack 20m out on the flank after good ground work by Himmelberg. (Q2 0:59)
Himmelberg beats Langdon in a ground battle on the wing and has Coniglio over the back to mark at the hotspot, he kicks truly. Giants back in the game, surprisingly! (Q2 4:41)
Varcoe roves at the hotspot and gives to Phillips who misses while off balance. (Q2 15:17)
Himmelberg marks a Coniglio ball over Goldsack in the pocket, keeps his feet and plays on into the open goal. GWS back within a kick! (Q2 18:12)
Treloar misses another long snap. (Q2 18:27)
Howe passes to the lead of De Goey 45m out on the flank, who shanks it OOTF. (Q2 26:22)
Lobb rises in the middle of a huge pack 40m out on the flank and clunks it like Michael Roach. His set shot is a work of art, Giants back within a point leading into HT. (Q2 28:09)
Cenntre clearance to Collingwood, De Goey roves near the hotspot and snaps just before the HT siren and it floats through! (Half Time)
Hopper misses from a stoppage on the HFF. (Q3 2:31)
Coniglio intercepts Goldsack on the boundary 25m out and threads the needle with a fabulous set shot to quieten the Collingwood crowd at the Punt Road end! (Q3 3:53)
Scores level now, this looked unlikely at QT but the Pies’ missed chances are now hurting. (Q3 4:13)
Coniglio centres from the pocket, Cameron hits the crumb from a De Boer contest 20m out, fends off Sidebottom with the left and snaps the go ahead goal! (Q3 5:58)
Aish passes to De Goey 50m out on the boundary, he goes for home from the set shot and it starts straight but swerves late and is rushed by Haynes. (Q3 8:10)
After a Shiel clanger by foot in midfield, Thomas passes to De Goey leading up to 40m on a slight angle who puts the Maggies back in front with his second goal. (Q3 8:53)
Two Giants spoil each other in defence, Hoskin-Elliott gives to Mihocek who checksides a huge goal from near the hotspot! (Q3 11:33)
Stephenson passes short from half forward to Aish 40m out on the flank, who misses. (Q3 14:53)
Giles-Langdon is in front of two Magpies to mark a blind kick from the wing by Davis. He lines up from 40m on a slight angle, and roosts a huge goal! (Q3 19:38)
Cameron marks at half forward, keeps his feet and plays on for a running snap from 50m… OOTF. (Q3 24:55)
Reid spoils Stephenson on the Magpie HFF but dives on the footy and is pinged for HTB. The kid lines up from 40m on a tough angle, and misses with a drop punt. (Q3 26:39)
Treloar toepokes a loose footy in a pack on the wing to half forward, De Goey gathers and feeds Varcoe steaming past for a snap from 45m on a slight angle… skids through! (Q4 0:56)
Grundy roves and snaps from 20m, it’s wide but Hoskin-Elliott marks near the behind post, he goals and the Magpies are on a roll to start Q4! (Q4 2:35)
Haynes is pinged for a very soft hold on De Goey at the top of the square, another goal to Collingwood and they are marching to the preliminary final. (Q4 5:00)
De Goey marks a Sidebottom kick on the lead 40m out on the flank, it fell short and the Pie was the first to react. But he misses. (Q4 6:47)
De Boer roves a contest 25m out on the flank and kicks a left-footed goal. (Q4 8:09)
Hopper passes to Himmelberg 40m out on a slight angle, who misses. (Q4 10:15)
Grundy centres from the boundary to Thomas 30m out on the flank. This for the game you’d think… wide left. (Q4 11:28)
Langdon falls over to allow Cameron to mark a Whitfield bomb from midfield untouched 40m out on a slight angle but Jezza misses, disappointingly. (Q4 15:15)
Mihocek roves a Hoskin-Elliott contest in the pocket, breaks a tackle but misses from 20m. (Q4 18:16)
Coniglio baulks at half forward but his snap off the right boot from 45m on a slight angle while off balance is OOTF, Pie fans bay their approval. (Q4 20:18)
Tomlinson is front and centre for a Himmelberg contest 20m out, he wobbles through a goal but it’s too late with 1:02 to play and still two kicks in it. (Q4 26:34)

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