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Blog log from R23 of 2018: Brisbane vs West Coast

Blog log for Brisbane vs West Coast, R23 of 2018

Allen marks a Schofield pass from the wing after Lycett outmarks Martin. He lines up from 40m on the flank but misses. (Q1 4:36)
Christensen spoils a long Darling ball from the HFF to the Eagle goalsquare over Ryan for a behind. (Q1 6:49)
Rayner feeds Robertson zooming up from defence on a chain of handballs from the wing, he scoots to CHF and skids through the first Brisbane goal. (Q1 8:42)
LeCras passes to Cripps who draws a free for Walker clattering into him from behind. Cripps lines up from 45m near the boundary and nails the set shot. (Q1 12:20)
Rioli passes to Venables 40m out on the flank who also delivers a nice set shot for his first goal. (Q1 15:11)
Shuey misses a hurried snap from the HFF. (Q1 17:23)
McStay snaps a screwing goal from the pocket off the left boot from 15m after getting clear of Barrass running back with the flight. (Q1 18:48)
Berry plays for and gets a contact free on Hutchings for a hold at a stoppage 40m out on a slight angle and gives Brisbane the lead with a goal. (Q1 20:32)
Darling stays behind a pack to rove in the pocket 20m out, turn and kick low and accurately for an opportunist goal. (Q1 22:15)
Shuey misses a set shot from half forward. (Q1 24:19)
Rich volleys a loose ball from CHB to CHF straight to McStay who feeds Bailey zooming past, he straightens and shoots from 45m for a go-ahead goal. (Q1 26:54)
Venables roves a big pack and snaps truly from 10m out, another lead change. (Q1 29:09)
Ryan marks in front of Rich 20m out from a centring ball by Cripps and converts to kick the Eagles clear. (Q1 30:35)
Walker is pinged for a hold on Darling 40m out on a slight angle, who misses. (Q2 1:19)
Hipwood sprays a set shot from 50m on a slight angle OOTF. (Q2 2:34)
Hodge chases Cripps on the HFF and puts enough pressure on for the screwing snap to go wide from 45m. (Q2 3:47)
But the Lions can’t clear half back on the kick in, Venables has Darling over the back in the square for the easy mark and goal. (Q2 4:19)
Rioli passes to Cripps near the goalsquare for another one as the Eagles take control. (Q2 6:04)
Bailey misses a set shot from the HFF. (Q2 7:33)
Allen bounces a kick to the square, it bounces luckily over Rich to Ryan who kicks into the goal umpire and through for a goal… video review rules it a goal! (Q2 10:15)
Taylor misses a set shot from the HFF. (Q2 12:09)
Darling leaps over Andrews to clunk a centring ball by Allen to the top of the square, but sprays a very easy one. (Q2 14:28)
Cripps marks a Hurn bullet and sails through another one from a set shot from 45m on a slight angle. (Q2 24:20)
Lycett misses a set shot from 30m on the flank to kick off second half junk time. (Q3 1:17)
Taylor roves a stoppage in the pocket and screws through a quality finish over the right shoulder from 20m in front. (Q3 2:03)
Hutchings snaps a goal from near the behind line over his right shoulder after Vardy taps towards the square from a stoppage near the hotspot. (Q3 4:19)
Darling is on the line for a Cripps ball to mark and dribble the easiest of goals. (Q3 8:19)
Berry feeds Taylor for a running snap from 50m on a slight angle, that goes wide. (Q3 10:18)
Hipwood leaps over Hurn to mark a high Robinson pass from CHF to the pocket 25m out, he kicks truly. (Q3 12:29)
Rioli snaps a goal from a ball up 20m out. (Q3 16:43)
Shuey misses a heavily pressured snap from the pocket. (Q3 20:20)
Starcevich receives from McInerney and misses from the HFF. (Q3 24:22)
Starcevich keeps his feet after contesting a long Zorko ball with Barrass and gives to McInerney for a snap goal from the square. (Q3 26:06)
McStay beats Barrass to mark a Starcevich pass from the HFF to 20m on a slight angle, but misses a very easy one. (Q3 28:23)
Allen falls into the back of Beams in a tackle 40m out on a slight angle, the Lions captain kicks truly. (Q4 1:11)
Mathieson gives to Bailey at half forward who baulks around Barrass for a goal from the hotspot. (Q4 3:06)
Darling roves and boots his fourth goal from the line after Shuey kicks long from the next centre bounce. (Q4 3:51)
Ryan receives from Venables and rolls through another one from the HFF as the Eagles again boss the centre clearance. (Q4 4:43)
Shuey is pinged for deliberate rushing, Beams takes the free on the behind line and kicks the goal. (Q4 8:47)
Mathieson marks a Rich kick from the wing to 20m in front for a goal. (Q4 11:45)
Darling misses a quick snap from 15m. (Q4 14:55)

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