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Blog log from R22 of 2018: West Coast vs Melbourne

Blog log for West Coast vs Melbourne, R22 of 2018

Lycett sprays a kick out of defence which is intercepted by Gawn. Tyson spots up Hannan 45 out on the flank. His set shot splits the middle for the Dees’ first. (Q1 4:00)
Venables turns it over with a shocking kick in the centre. Melbourne gather and Oliver launches a bomb from 55. It bounces on its end and is rushed over by Barrass. (Q1 9:16)
Gawn cleanly gathers a bobbling ball in the centre and sends a long kick to the hotspot. Weideman outbodies Cole to mark 30 from goal. He kicks truly. (Q1 13:34)
Neal-Bullen catches Cole HTB at half forward with a crunching tackle. His shot from 50 out is across the face for a point. (Q1 15:02)
The Dees worry the Eagles out of it on their forward flank. The ball is released from traffic by Hannan and Harmes dashes past to receive. He rolls one through from 50! (Q1 17:01)
A centring ball from Brayshaw misses the target. McDonald and Jones share it around by hand allowing McDonald the time to shoot and goal from 30! (Q1 21:02)
Hutchings finds space at half forward with a Sheed kick being put to his advantage. He sends it long inside 50 where Rioli gathers the bouncing ball and snaps the Eagles’ first. (Q1 22:32)
Kent puts it inside 50 where Cole drops a chest mark. Vandenberg gets a handball off under pressure to Weideman whose snap is off target. (Q1 24:13)
Hurn puts a low ball inside 50 and Vardy busts through a couple of Demons. Rioli taps the disputed footy into the path of Masten who runs into the open goal. (Q1 26:18)
Rioli marks with acres of space on the wing and finds Ah Chee who marks one-on-one with Hibberd. From 50 out on the flank he slots it! (Q1 28:16)
Shuey receives a hospital handpass from Rioli and gets caught HTB trying to evade a couple of Dees. Harmes takes it and from 40 out he hits the post. (Qtr Time)
Weideman gives it up to Rioli at half back. He runs to 40 and shimmies around an opponent. His snap hits the woodwork. (Q2 1:07)
Jetta spots up Vardy with a beautiful kick giving the lagging McDonald no chance. From 50 out he misses. (Q2 3:08)
Brayshaw has a brain fade on the wing having his handball cut off by Redden. This results in Eagles queuing up inside 50 with Yeo marking 40 out from goal. His set shot misses. (Q2 5:38)
The Demons work it well from defence with a nice releasing kick from Frost on the last line. Petracca finds a backtracking Brayshaw 50 out from goal. He bangs it through. (Q2 10:38)
Cripps and Vandenberg crash into each other contesting for a mark inside the Eagles’ attacking 50. Cripps comes off second best and is paid a dubious free kick. He goals from 45. (Q2 14:09)
Petracca paddles the footy backwards inside 50 busting through a few Eagles. He gives off to Vandenberg who bends one through from 40. (Q2 15:51)
Shuey scrubs a kick toward the goal square. Ryan can’t control it at first but gets a rebound off his opponent. He gathers and snaps one over his head! (Q2 17:39)
Rioli roves the pack beautifully in the pocket following a long McGovern kick. He dribbles one toward goal but it hits the post! (Q2 18:52)
Redden soccers one off the ground in his defensive 50 but it is intercepted by an opponent. Jones receives the handball and has time to steady but his shot from 40 out misses. (Q2 20:22)
Weideman puts a long ball inside 50 to the advantage of Melksham. Barrass does well to spoil but Melksham mops up and goes backwards to Jones. From 30 out Jones pops it through. (Q2 22:03)
A beautiful tap from Gawn at the centre bounce allows Oliver to run onto it and spot up a leading Petracca. From 40 out his shot drops short and is punched over by Barrass. (Q2 23:53)
Hibberd sends a long ball inside 50 where Weideman shades in front of a Jetta-Melksham contest to take a solid mark. He kicks it OOTF. (Q2 25:08)
Kent spears one inside 50 and finds Melksham who takes a nice slips catch. From 50 out he opens the quarter with a goal. (Q3 1:45)
Spargo roves a contest on his HFF following a high ball in from Jones. He gives off to Weideman who is knocked off balance as he shoots. He scrapes it through for a point. (Q3 3:43)
Both team miss targets by hand in the Dee’s attacking half. Eventually Melksham is able to spot up McDonald on the lead. From 40 out he slots the goal. (Q3 7:25)
LeCras comes off the back of the square to rove the centre bounce and he finds Vardy 50 out from goal. Vardy roosts a high ball which just makes the distance! (Q3 9:15)
Masten sends a long ball to the square. It goes over Vardy’s head and rolls toward goal where Yeo takes Tyson over the line. (Q3 11:16)
Lewis spoils Cripps in the pocket but Cripps is the one to keep his feet. He gathers and has a ping from the boundary but misses. (Q3 15:25)
Duggan receives a free for a push against Gawn. He sends it to the tip of the square where Vardy juggles it down off hands. He gives off to Sheed who snaps one through. (Q3 16:54)
McDonald sends one inside 50 and the Eagles spoil. Spargo beats Redden to the loose ball and gives to Fritsch. He tries to bend one through from the pocket but misses. (Q3 18:15)
The Eagles clear off half back and Redden finds Sheed over the top with acres of space ahead of him. He goes to Rioli leading back to the square and he soccers it through! Cheeky! (Q3 21:50)
Ryan ducks under a tackle and releases to Hutchings. With pressure from behind he loses it but gathers once again. From 40 out he slams it on the boot and goals! (Q3 23:14)
Harmes dances around an opponent and pops one to Hannan following a chaos ball inside 50 from Kent. He pops it though to steady the Dees. (Q3 24:40)
The Eagles work it down an open wing and Shuey spots Yeo up on the arc. He wheels around and launches one through the big sticks! Things are starting to open up now! (Q3 25:45)
Spargo marks on the lead 50 from goal following a Melbourne centre clearance. He finds McDonald open in the pocket with Barrass trailing behind. He goals from 20. (Q3 27:45)
McDonald wins it out of a 2-on-2 contest on the wing. He goes long to Hannan who marks after backtracking well on McGovern. From 30 out he goals. (Q3 31:31)
Ryan finds Cripps with a tidy look-away handball. He spots up Venables sitting in a central position 40 from goal. Venables goes back and slots the set shot. (Q3 32:58)
Salem sidesteps Rioli and finds Neal-Bullen inside. Neal-Bullen goes inside 50 to Melksham who marks in the pocket in front of Duggan. He plays on dangerously but goals. (Q4 3:49)
The Eagles work it forward by hand and Yeo stops to gather a bouncing handball. He gives to Redden who steadies and shoots from 40. He misses. (Q4 10:11)
Jones finds Weideman over the top on the wing. He goes inboard to Melksham who patiently waits for a lead and finds Hannan in the pocket. From 30 out he misses. (Q4 11:38)
Sheppard provides run down the middle and sends a long ball to a Cripps-McDonald contest. Cripps wins out and spots up a diving Hutchings. From 40 out he slots the goal. (Q4 12:35)
Oliver roosts one out of the middle. It goes to ground in the hotspot where Weideman dishes off to Melksham. He snaps from a tight angle but can only manage a behind. (Q4 13:59)
The Eagles work it around their attacking 50 to Hurn. He bombs one long inside 50. The ball goes to ground where LeCras roves. He has the time to give to Rioli who snaps the goal! (Q4 17:01)
The Eagles defenders are put under immense pressure with Barrass coughing it up to Kent in the pocket. His quick snap is wild and results in a behind. (Q4 17:47)
Yeo sends a wobbler inside 50 and LeCras marks against Fritsch. From 50 out on the flank he slots the goal! Eagles take the lead!! (Q4 19:21)
Fritsch puts it into the path of Hannan on the wing with an open forward line ahead. He sends it to the square to Melksham who wriggled free after a slip from Sheppard. He goals. (Q4 23:35)
Panic is setting in as players from both sides miss targets. Eventually Harmes calmly centres to a leading Kent. From 40 out directly in front he slots it! That could seal it! (Q4 27:47)
Petracca finds Melksham in the pocket after Barrass is caught ball watching. He takes his allotted time and pops through the goal! (Q4 29:17)

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