Blog log from R22 of 2018: Gold Coast vs Brisbane

Rich kicks long inside 50 and Taylor is first to gather the footy and he kicks the opening goal of the game. (Q1 2:23)
Bailey fends off a tackle and hands to McCluggage who snaps a simple goal. (Q1 13:08)
Cutler runs down the wing and kicks to Starcevich who marks 45m from goal. He goes back and kicks his first AFL goal. (Q1 16:21)
Lyons scraps a kick forward where Sexton marks 20m from goal, plays on and goals. (Q1 22:45)
Mathieson initiates high contact from David Swallow and wins the free 45m from goal. He goes back and kicks truly. (Q2 3:27)
Fiorini runs onto a loose ball 40m from goal, snaps instinctively and kicks a nice goal. (Q2 5:31)
Sexton receives a handball 45m from goal, runs to 30m and kicks a terrific goal. (Q2 11:01)
Young wins a hard ball on the boundary, handballs forward to Sexton who snaps his 3rd goal. He’s on fire. (Q2 13:00)
Zorko kicks low and accurately inside 50 and hits Rayner on the chest 40m out directly in front. Rayner misses to the left. (Q2 18:10)
Rayner runs to 55m from goal, loads up and it’s through! Great goal from a great talent. (Q2 20:43)
Bowes wraps up Robertson and wins a holding the ball free tight on the boundary. He improves the angle and kicks a good goal. (Q2 22:58)
Late in the quarter and May gives away a holding free on Andrews 20m from goal. After the siren, Andrews goals. (3 Qtr Time)
Bowes spills a mark on the lead but Young is there to crumb and snap a goal. (Q4 1:39)
Sexton picks up the ball 45m out, throws it onto the outside of his foot and kicks a miraculous goal! (Q4 3:49)
Christensen marks in the centre square and gets a 50m penalty for an encroachment into the protected zone. He takes his kick from 40m out and goals. (Q4 7:52)
Lester hacks a kick off the ground forward and it lands straight in Beams’ arms 20m from goal! Beams goals and puts Brisbane in front. (Q4 14:10)
Forward 50 stoppage for GC and Lyons manages to scrap a kick forward for a goal! GC are 3 points behind with 2:29 remaining. (Q4 30:25)

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