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Blog log from R22 of 2018: Gold Coast vs Brisbane

Blog log for Gold Coast vs Brisbane, R22 of 2018

Rich kicks long inside 50 and Taylor is first to gather the footy and he kicks the opening goal of the game. (Q1 2:23)
Bailey fends off a tackle and hands to McCluggage who snaps a simple goal. (Q1 13:08)
Cutler runs down the wing and kicks to Starcevich who marks 45m from goal. He goes back and kicks his first AFL goal. (Q1 16:21)
Lyons scraps a kick forward where Sexton marks 20m from goal, plays on and goals. (Q1 22:45)
Mathieson initiates high contact from David Swallow and wins the free 45m from goal. He goes back and kicks truly. (Q2 3:27)
Fiorini runs onto a loose ball 40m from goal, snaps instinctively and kicks a nice goal. (Q2 5:31)
Sexton receives a handball 45m from goal, runs to 30m and kicks a terrific goal. (Q2 11:01)
Young wins a hard ball on the boundary, handballs forward to Sexton who snaps his 3rd goal. He’s on fire. (Q2 13:00)
Zorko kicks low and accurately inside 50 and hits Rayner on the chest 40m out directly in front. Rayner misses to the left. (Q2 18:10)
Rayner runs to 55m from goal, loads up and it’s through! Great goal from a great talent. (Q2 20:43)
Bowes wraps up Robertson and wins a holding the ball free tight on the boundary. He improves the angle and kicks a good goal. (Q2 22:58)
Late in the quarter and May gives away a holding free on Andrews 20m from goal. After the siren, Andrews goals. (3 Qtr Time)
Bowes spills a mark on the lead but Young is there to crumb and snap a goal. (Q4 1:39)
Sexton picks up the ball 45m out, throws it onto the outside of his foot and kicks a miraculous goal! (Q4 3:49)
Christensen marks in the centre square and gets a 50m penalty for an encroachment into the protected zone. He takes his kick from 40m out and goals. (Q4 7:52)
Lester hacks a kick off the ground forward and it lands straight in Beams’ arms 20m from goal! Beams goals and puts Brisbane in front. (Q4 14:10)
Forward 50 stoppage for GC and Lyons manages to scrap a kick forward for a goal! GC are 3 points behind with 2:29 remaining. (Q4 30:25)

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