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Blog log from R21 of 2018: Collingwood vs Brisbane

Blog log for Collingwood vs Brisbane, R21 of 2018

Berry passes to Robinson just inside 50m on the flank, IQ’s set shot is high and just wide. (Q1 2:14)
Rayner kicks up the guts where Hipwood marks over Langdon 45m out for a miss. (Q1 6:29)
Rich wobbles a ball towards Beams 40m out in front, he turns and shoots before the cavalry arrives but it’s wide. (Q1 7:24)
Starcevich roves at CHF and sees Cutler on the outside, delivers a lovely touch kick over the pack to set him up for the first goal on the run from the hotspot. (Q1 9:14)
Cutler passes to Christensen on the HFF, who gives back to Cutler for a snap that goes just wide. (Q1 11:12)
Taylor snaps on the run from the HFF, that one sails through! Brisbane has the jump. (Q1 13:31)
Adams misses a snap from a stoppage at the hotspot. (Q1 14:52)
De Goey marks in front of Gardiner on the HFF but misses. (Q1 16:30)
Phillips passes to De Goey to mark in front of Walker 40m out on the flank, his set shot starts left but swings right and in. (Q1 18:00)
Rayner smothers Aish near CHF, Pies playing a high line so all he has to do is beat Madgen to the crumb and feed McStay for the grubber from the hotspot, big turnover goal! (Q1 27:30)
Grundy gets a ruck free on Martin 30m out on the flank but misses. (Q2 3:37)
Oxley misses a running snap from the HFF. (Q2 5:23)
Varcoe gives and receives on a barnstorming run down the wing, he goes to the pocket for De Goey who plays on from 25m and misses. (Q2 7:52)
Hodge burns the footy by foot across half back but De Goey’s skidding snap is wide from near the hotspot, hurried it more than he needed to. (Q2 9:19)
De Goey chases his own crumb near the goalsquare after a rebound around members wing, he can’t gather under Taylor pressure but Mihocek comes in to volley home. (Q2 11:07)
McStay leaps over Murray to mark 15m out after a quick rebound around members wing,, he converts to make good on early weight of inside 50s. (Q2 16:23)
Hipwood juggles a mark 45m out on a slight angle after the Lions dominate the next centre bounce, the goal umpire watches the ball sail straight over his peaked cap. (Q2 17:52)
Adams marks well within range after a rebound through midfield but goes short to Mayne 30m out on a slight angle who converts. (Q2 21:08)
Varcoe catches Hodge HTB bear the boundary 50m out, he hits the square but no score results as Sier eventually snaps OOTF from CHF. (Q2 23:49)
De Goey contests a quick Aish kick to the square from a pack at CHF, the crumb falls for Mihocek for another snap goal from point blank range. (Q2 25:23)
Cox feeds Pendlebury who runs to CHF, has many options and chooses Varcoe to takes a contested mark at the top of the square to give the Pies the lead. (Q2 27:53)
Hipwood marks a long ball up the corridor by Berry 20m out in front for the first goal of Q3. (Q3 0:26)
Cox marks a Sidebottom pass over Andrews 30m out on the flank following the next centre bounce, he tries to restore the Collingwood lead but misses. (Q3 2:24)
Pendlebury gives to Sier for the go-ahead goal from the pocket 20m out after the Lions fail to clear a ground ball at half back. (Q3 4:11)
Adams passes to Thomas 45m out on a slight angle, who hits the post. (Q3 5:15)
Mathieson is pinged for encroachment to bring Crisp to 50m on a slight angle, but that one goes wide. (Q3 7:26)
Adams sharks Martin on the wing and gives to Aish who bombs from CHF… Hoskin-Elliott juggles it over the goal line for a point. (Q3 8:29)
Mihocek roves, baulks away from Hodge and straightens for a snap from 40m on the flank, that one sails through. (Q3 9:36)
Stephenson roves a Cox contest in a pack at the hotspot and screws through his first goal of the evening. (Q3 11:02)
Beams goals from the square after a rove and give by Cutler, following Mathieson setting up Robinson for the centre clearance torpedo. (Q3 13:11)
De Goey sharks an errant Witherden handball to empty grass and gives to Thomas who wobbles through another one for the Pies from 20m. (Q3 16:26)
Sidebottom misses a snap off a step from 30m on the flank. (Q3 17:32)
Berry goes long over Crisp to Robinson 15m out on the flank for a rare goal for Brisbane. (Q3 20:40)
Mayne passes to De Goey who draws a contact free on Robertson 30m out on the flank and goals in red time. (Q3 29:01)
De Goey marks again 45m out on a slight angle and converts again, that is your ball game. (Q3 30:57)
Pendlebury clears from the centre to De Goey who leaps in front of the hapless Robertson to mark 40m out on a slight angle, but he doesn’t score. (Q4 0:39)
Stephenson screws through a set shot from the boundary 20m out after getting a very soft free for a tackle by Robertson. (Q4 2:09)
Greenwood is brought from the HFF to near the square as the ump picks out encroachment by McCluggage, but he misses from 20m. (Q4 5:26)
Sier centres to Mayne 45m out on a slight angle who converts. We are in junk time now. (Q4 6:54)
Cutler centres to Robinson 40m out in front, IQ trots in right but shoots straight for his second goal. (Q4 8:54)
Berry has Hipwood over the back of Langdon on a fast break to mark and play on into the open goal. (Q4 12:26)
Greenwood misses a long snap. (Q4 13:44)
Oxley spoils Hipwood at half forward but the crumb sits up for Hipwood to gather and pass to McInerney 45m out on a slight angle, who misses. (Q4 15:10)
Maynard bombs to the square from outside CHF, De Goey draws a free on the hapless Robertson for goal number four. (Q4 21:24)
Zorko sprays a set shot deep in the pocket 20m out. (Q4 24:36)
Murray burns the ball by foot on the HBF, Taylor centres to Hipwood at the hotspot who misses badly. (Q4 25:31)
Taylor gets some junk with a set shot from 30m on the flank. (Q4 26:41)
Phillips has a snap from a pack 25m out on the flank touched for a behind. (Q4 28:13)
Sier passes to Mayne on the boundary 30m out just before the final siren, he has to go the drop punt and misses. (Q4 29:40)

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