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Blog log from R20 of 2018: Brisbane vs North Melbourne

Blog log for Brisbane vs North Melbourne, R20 of 2018

Cunnington dishes the hands over the top to Turner, who with the first chance of the day, misses right from 40 on the run (Q1 0:58)
Turner gets another opportunity, again from 40 but a set shot this time. It’s straight through the middle. North on the board! (Q1 1:58)
Brown sends the footy inside 50 where Cunnington marks with strong hands. Ben’s set shot is a good one from inside 40. Through for their second. (Q1 3:44)
Ben Brown is involved again with another inside 50, this time hitting up Turner who marks in front of Hodge. On a 45 angle, from 35m, he goals! (Q1 5:32)
McCluggage, Robertson and then finally Hipwood who marks at 40. Behind play Simpkin puts down Zorko. 50m penality and Hipwood gets the goal from the line. (Q1 8:33)
Lewis Taylor gets the set shot opportunity from 30m and kicks the goal. The Lions edge back after a poor first 5 minutes. (Q1 13:34)
At the other end Waite bangs one through. Cunnington gets the centre clearance to Turner who hit Waite in space. (Q1 15:14)
McInerney bombs a long one from about 65. Somehow it clears the hot-spot pack and rolls through for a goal! (Q1 18:25)
Mathieson snaps a goal at 20m, directly in front, following a Robinson kick to the hot spot. 1-point game. (Q1 22:14)
Ziebell slots it from a minimal angle set-shot. Dumont roves an Andrews punch and his snap luckily falls in the vicinity of Jack. Jay-Z extends his squad’s lead. (Q1 26:15)
Off a step Zorko slots the goal from 40. Good pressure from the Lions caused the turnover inside the arc. (Q1 27:57)
Zorko gets the one-two-one-three on the wing and finds Rayner on the arc. From outside 50, he leans back and kicks a great goal! (Q1 30:29)
Here’s Ziebell from 35 who squeezes it through the big sticks for the first major of the second. He’s been starting in the guts and pushing forward. (Q2 1:51)
Jarrad was Waite-ing out the back to kick the easy goal in the square. A rather poor defensive effort from the Lions let the footy fall to the back of the back. (Q2 6:20)
Robinson takes full advantage of a Mathieson high-tackle free kick. From 49 on the run, Mitch kicks the goal! (Q2 7:21)
Zorko hands to Beams who ignores Christensen and elects to snap instead. Dayne didn’t hit it right, through for a point only. (Q2 9:07)
End to end stuff for the Kangas where Atley finishes with the goal. Simpkin did well to put his kick to the advantage of his running teammate. (Q2 9:36)
Dumont, Macmillan and then finding the middle of the Lions’ zone where the 2nd gamer Will Walker clunks the mark. From 25, he hits the post. (Q2 11:37)
Berry is pinger for HTB directly in front at 30m. Dumont the benefactor sprays the kick for a behind. (Q2 13:06)
Roving a boundary throw in on the burst, Will Walker chalks up his first goal in footy! From about 40 with a nice right foot snap. (Q2 15:16)
Ahern to Atley who kicks inside 50. Against Gardiner, Jack earns a free for HTM. From on the 50 at a decent angle, he hangs it right for a behind. (Q2 17:05)
Nick Robertson gives away a 50m penalty from the wing, bringing Hrovat into scoring range. From 25, small angle… Hrovat goals! (Q2 18:24)
Despite Zorko hot on his heels, Atley kicks the running goal from 20m out. North are breaking their opposition open now. (Q2 23:51)
Amongst a couple Kangas, McCluggage somehow squeezes a shot from an almost impossible angle. Great goal! (Q2 28:06)
McStay clunks it over the top of Tarrant. Unfortunately for the Lions he misses from 35m – behind only. (Q2 29:38)
Hipwood rises high, Rayner roves and then guess-who-Zorko squeezes a quick shot away while being tackled. Goal! (Q2 31:17)
It’s a chaos-ball snap from the pocket from Mason Wood that flies through for a goal, extending the margin to 22. (Q2 33:21)
Martin sends it inside 50 where McCluggage marks in the pocket. With the right foot snap, it’s straight through the middle! (Q3 5:20)
The first gamer Starcevich almost gets his first goal in footy but after roving the pack in the Lions’ hot spot, he hits the post (Q3 9:22)
McInerney stands tall above Daw inside Brisbane’s 50. His set shot from 35, directly in front, is a goal! (Q3 10:47)
Mathieson gets the centre clearance and inside 50 it’s Robinson who is able to shove Macmillan out of the way. From on the 50m he hits the post! (Q3 12:45)
Zorko’s pass in the centre of the field is a poor one, straight into Williams’ arms. He launches it inside 50 to Jarrad Waite, who marks in space but misses the set shot from 40. (Q3 16:30)
Witherden slices his kick through the traffic and hits Mathieson, lace out. From inside the arc on a 45 degree angle, Rhys goals! (Q3 21:25)
Simpkin pings Josh Walker HTB, who wasn’t aware of the footsteps on his tail. Jy kicks the goal to steady the Roos from the pocket. (Q3 23:48)
Turner roves a Simpkin hot-spot bomb, gives the quick hands to Ziebell. Jack throws it on the boot in rapid time and snaps the goal for two in a minute! (Q3 25:05)
Mathieson roves the mediocre Martin hitout nicely to chalk up that goal assist. The young dynamo Hugh McCluggage kicks his third of the day. (Q3 29:05)
Jack Ziebell is stamping his authority on this game more and more as time passes. From 45, on a tight angle, he can’t give that extra breathing space. Behind only. (Q3 29:38)
Within 27 seconds it’s 6 points to the Roos! Turner poked the inside 50 and Jarrad Waite cleverly flicked it toward the goals and away from the boundary. Will Walker kicks the goal (Q4 1:51)
Dumont eyes the goalless Brown in the one-on-one with Andrews. An arm around waist = holding the man. From about 37, Ben goals! (Q4 5:44)
The BIG O, McInerney can’t complete his chance after receiving from Berry. The Lions need to make the most of every opportunity from here in. (Q4 10:53)
And that’s exactly what they do. Zorko backs his pace and gets around Thompson, centres the ball, where Christensen snaps the ball through the big sticks off the pack. (Q4 11:47)
Christensen, Robinson, and then Christensen again. He snaps on his right from 30 out but it bends too far, through for a minor score. (Q4 14:35)
Robertson, Rich on his left and then a mark to Robinson who’d be pleased with the chance at goal after being thrown into the fence. He’s pumped! 10 points the margin with a goal! (Q4 19:17)
Christensen on the boundary has plenty of options to choose from with his kick into the middle. Rayner is the choice, the first choice, and he goals! 4 point ball game! (Q4 20:52)
Mason Wood needed to drag Andrews towards him but didn’t put enough thought into his play. Instead he snaps on the outside of his boot and misses to the near side. (Q4 24:59)
Hodge is doing everything he can to lift his team late in Q4. Will it be enough? (Q4 26:18)
1 minute left. Lions are getting repeat inside 50s at this stage… (Q4 28:05)
HUGE PLAY. Incorrect disposal against Scott Thompson. Cam Rayner takes the shot from 25 out on a 45 degree angle. He runs around for the snap… and misses! 25 seconds left. (Q4 29:07)
GAME OVER. Kangas keep there season alive with a win, only by the skin of their teeth. Final margin – 3 points. (Full Time)

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