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Blog log from R19 of 2018: Western Sydney vs St Kilda

Blog log for Western Sydney vs St Kilda, R19 of 2018

Lobb sends a quick kick inside 50 toward Taranto. Gilbert bowls over Himmellberg which allows Giles-Langdon to run onto it and snap the first. (Q1 3:38)
Greene kicks a shocker coming out of defence, landing on the chest of Carlisle. He plays on and takes a ping from 45 but just misses. (Q1 7:25)
Sorry – Whitfield it was with the clanger kick. (Q1 7:53)
Coffield sends a long ball inside 50 where Acres shades across the front of the pack to take a strong contested grab. His shot from 40 out is a behind. (Q1 9:20)
Shiel is pinged for high contact in the middle and St Kilda play on. Lonie taps to his advantage and puts a fantastic centring ball onto the chest of Gresham. From 40 out he goals. (Q1 13:00)
Savage marks a panicked kick out of defence from Whitfield. He sends it long to the hot spot where a free kick is paid to Lonie after he was thrown by Davis. He hits the post. (Q1 17:00)
Ross goes across the ground where Dunstan swoops on the loose ball. He spots up Marshall in front of Davis in the pocket. His set shot is across the face for a point. (Q1 18:49)
Kelly gets a quick snap toward the goal square from a stoppage in the Giants’ pocket. Greene stands under it and gets steamrolled but this allows Lobb to crumb and snap the goal. (Q1 21:50)
Acres is smothered and follows up well to keep the ball in play. It is dished off to Lonie who attempts a shot from a tight angle but he misses. (Q1 23:31)
Lonie gathers a loose ball deep in his forward line and releases to Steven in the pocket. His snap is wild and only a behind. (Qtr Time)
Geary sends a floater toward a Gresham-Shaw contest. Lonie does well to control the loose ball with multiple Giants on him. He releases to Gresham who runs to 30 and goals! (Q2 7:39)
Hickey is pinged for a push on the wing. The Giants go long and find Greene who marks on front of McKenzie. He centres to Taranto who misses with a flying shot from 40. (Q2 12:39)
The Saints go down the guts with Dunstan finding Membrey backtracking on Taylor. His set shot from 40 out is a behind. (Q2 13:55)
Kennedy kicks a stinker coming out of defence. Savage collects the bouncing ball and bombs it long from 60 but it smacks the woodwork. (Q2 15:34)
Kennedy shanks another one going inside 50. Luckily this time it goes to Taranto. He gives to Deledio who finds Himmelberg in the square. He goals from point blank. (Q2 16:56)
Greene receives a free kick on the wing and GWS receive a down the ground free kick following a Carlisle push on Daniels. He slots the goal from 40 out on the flank (Q2 19:27)
Steven goes deep into the pocket where the ball comes off hands. It falls to Lonie whose snap is only a behind. (Q2 20:24)
Steven centres it and Dunstan does well to control the footy and bust a tackle running back into traffic. He dishes off to Lonie who shoots from 40 and splits the middle! (Q2 22:27)
Tomlinson gets the quick kick out from a stoppage on the Giants’ 50. It goes to the advantage of Himmelberg who marks in front of Gilbert. He goals from 40. (Q2 25:57)
Taranto does well to evade Newnes and release Kennedy down the wing. He takes a few bounces and goes inside to Coniglio. he shoots from 40 but it floats through for a behind. (Half Time)
The Saints go end to end from the kick in. In the space of 3 possessions Billings runs to the 50 and sends a long shot toward goal. It goes through for a behind as the siren sounds (Half Time)
Deledio intercepts a kick 60 out from goal. He goes to the tip of the square where it comes off hands to Daniels. His quick snap is high but good! (Q3 1:59)
Whitfield roves the throw in well and his quick kick finds Himmelberg in front of Brown. From 50 out on the flank he splits the middle. (Q3 3:58)
The Saints distribute poorly coming out of defence and Deledio intercepts again. The Giants work it by hand and go long to Greene who takes a strong pack mark. He goals from 20. (Q3 6:30)
The Saints probe around their attacking 50 and eventually Savage puts a stab pass onto the chest of a leading Membrey giving Taylor no chance. From 50 out he slots the goal. (Q3 10:12)
Lobb takes a nice grab on the wing and passes to a backtracking Daniels. He gives to Coniglio who has a shot while being pressured toward the boundary. He misses. (Q3 13:00)
St Kilda extract it from a stoppage on their 50. Ross flicks it out to the dangerous Lonie who finishes well from 40! (Q3 16:19)
Gresham gets the centre clearance and sends a long bomb inside 50. Membrey does well to out-muscle Davis and mark 40 out from goal. He goals and puts the Saints within a kick! (Q3 17:31)
Some class from Whitfield opens up the field for the Giants off half back. Greene goes inside 50 to a 1-on-3 where Langdon marks well. He gives off to Deledio who goals from 50! (Q3 21:00)
The Giants are pressured into a turnover following the center bounce. It goes to Gresham who spots up Membrey on the lead with Haynes unable to cut it off. His set shot misses. (Q3 22:15)
Acres butchers it coming out of defence causing the turnover. It is distributed to Shiel who misses poorly from 40 out on the flank. (Q3 24:00)
Kelly bursts from a stoppage on the wing. He runs to 45 and takes a ping but misses. (Q3 24:45)
Lobb receives a free kick for a hold following the kick in. The Giants play on and find Himmelberg leading out from the goal square with Gilbert trailing. He finishes from 20 out. (Q3 26:00)
Taranto out-marks Gilbert on the wing and plays on quickly. He goes to the flank where Langdon marks in front of Coffield. He goes back it slots it from just on his range! (Q3 29:26)
A great spoil from Shaw denies Gresham and lands in the lap of Buntine. The Giants go down the guts and Lobb launches a bomb from 60. It just misses. (Q4 2:45)
Daniels centres the ball but misses the target. Geary tries to gather but only manages to knock it into the path of Shiel. He takes a shot from 30 but misses. (Q4 3:30)
Shaw does well to disrupt a Lonie pass on the wing. The long ball goes to Lobb who takes a bite at it and then is caught high by Gilbert. He goals from 20 out. (Q4 8:15)
Langdon catches Lonie cold but falls into his back at the final moment. Lonie goes back from 50 and misses the set shot. (Q4 9:58)
Sinclair dashes down the middle and spots up a Steven lead into the pocket, giving Kennedy no chance. From 30 out he slots it. (Q4 11:46)
Whitfield goes central where Battle spoils Davis well. Gresham spots up a Membrey lead and he marks in front of Taylor. He hits the post from 30. Another chance goes begging! (Q4 16:57)
Hopper bursts past a loping Hickey and goes inside 50. Billings drops a sitter and Greene finds the loose ball. His snap is a behind. (Q4 18:15)
Kelly marks 40 out but is called to play on as it didn’t travel the required distance. He receives a free for high contact anyway. He finds Greene 30 out who goals. (Q4 20:00)
The ball gets locked into the Saint’s pocket and both teams scrap to gain clean possession. Billings eventually finds Battle by hand and he pops it through. (Q4 24:01)

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