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Blog log from R17 of 2018: Hawthorn vs Brisbane

Blog log for Hawthorn vs Brisbane, R17 of 2018

Howe gives to Mitchell for an ungainly left-foot snap from 45m in front that bounces wide. (Q1 3:06)
Gardiner dumps a kick to the HBF but straight to Howe who goes quickly inside, Breust goes further inside to Mitchell 35m out on a slight angle for the first goal. (Q1 4:22)
Martin roves his own ruck tap at the next centre bounce and bombs to the hotspot where Hipwood leaps over Sicily to mark… but he shanks it OOTF. (Q1 6:05)
Chaos ball by Walker pitches between Hawks at the Lions hotspot, McInerney taps down to Barrett who feeds Robinson to run into the open goal. (Q1 7:36)
Howe passes to Whitecross 35m out on the flank on the end of a display of quality outside kicking skills through midfield by the Hawks. But Whitecross misses. (Q1 10:24)
O’Meara roves the spillage from a Mitchell tackle on Christensen at a stoppage 15m out on the flank, he throws the ball on the boot and it bounces through! (Q1 15:30)
Taylor passes to Beams who dives in front of Howe and is paid a mark 40m out in front, but he misses. (Q1 17:20)
Sicily kicks OOTF on the HBF, Rich pumps it back it to a big pack, many Hawks up but more Lions down, Berry to Mathieson to Robinson who screws through a nice finish from 30m. (Q1 21:15)
Shiels runs away from a stoppage on the wing and lets fly from 50m on a slight angle… wide left. (Q1 24:28)
Mitchell catches Beams HTB on the wing and passes to the lead of Roughead 50m out on the flank, his set shot falls in the square and is rushed. (Q1 25:40)
Smith gives to Breust who has options inside but goes himself from 25m on the boundary off the left… well wide. (Q1 26:57)
Hipwood marks 55m out in front, dithers and then goes back for the set shot after the QT siren… no score. (Q1 28:40)
Howe is pinged for a throw at the Brisbane hotspot, Christensen takes the free and converts to put Brisbane in front. (Q2 5:57)
Mitchell passes to Breust 40m out on the flank, who shoots across the face. (Q2 7:18)
Sicily is pinged for deliberate rushing, Zorko takes the free and screws home a big goal in a low-scoring contest. (Q2 11:22)
Rayner marks in front of Sicily 40m out on a slight angle and sails through a beautiful set shot in the tricky breeze. (Q2 14:17)
Whitecross catches Beams HTB in the centre, Beams holds onto the footy and the ump pays 50m, Whitecross lines up from the hotspot and converts. (Q2 15:29)
Sicily intercepts on the wing and pumps it back to the hotspot, Roughead roves and rides a tackle to give to Gunston who does the rest off the right boot. (Q2 19:25)
Hardwick roves on the wing and gives to Morrison, the quick kick to the pocket finds Gunston all on his own 20m out who marks and goals to restore the Hawthorn lead. (Q2 24:44)
O’Meara catches Cox HTB at the Hawk hotspot after Puopolo clears from the next centre bounce. JOM steers that one through, Hawks are dominating and getting scoreboard reward. (Q2 25:57)
Mathieson draws a high contact free at half forward and plays on with a pass to Cutler 30m out on a slight angle. Cutler shanks it for no score. (Q2 28:27)
O’Meara snaps the first goal of Q3 on the run from 25m on the flank after pack work on the HFF by Puopolo and Mitchell. (Q3 2:05)
McCluggage snaps a nice goal from 20m on the flank after a give by McStay. (Q3 4:10)
McStay takes a pack mark in front of Stratton and goals as well from 20m in front. (Q3 5:54)
Taylor passes to Hipwood 50m out on the flank, he bangs through the set shot to give the Lions the lead back! (Q3 10:09)
Zorko runs from the next centre bounce but misses a snap from CHF. (Q3 11:23)
Zorko roves a long ball to the Lions goalsquare, his snap is smothered but it falls for Rayner who soccers it through for another one! (Q3 13:19)
Roughead bombs long from the next centre bounce, Gunston taps to Duryea who goals from near the square. (Q3 14:15)
O’Meara roves a stoppage and snaps his fourth goal from the hotspot, Hawthorn back in front! (Q3 16:19)
Zorko toepokes to Hipwood who straightens for a snap from 40m on the flank, it’s a wobbler but it goes through! (Q3 18:18)
Cutler gives wide of congestion at half forward to Hipwood who lets fly from 45m on the flank… across the face. (Q3 19:59)
McCluggage sets up Taylor for a low punching snap from 40m on a slight angle to an empty square, that one rolls through. (Q3 26:34)
Robinson marks 30m out on a slight angle but shoots wide left. (Q3 28:00)
Shiels roves and kicks quickly to the Hawk goalsquare, Whitecross chooses to volley instead of pick up with a bit of space but he hits the goalpost from 5m. (3 Qtr Time)
Hipwood marks near the boundary 40m out and misses. (Q4 0:47)
Impey passes to Gunston 50m out on a slight angle, who goes back for the set shot but doesn’t make the distance, Lions clear. (Q4 6:07)
After a long period of play in Hawthorn’s half, Brisbane gets a fast break with Rayner shooting on the run from 40m on a slight angle, great finish! (Q4 10:14)
Beams clears from the next centre bounce to Hipwood who marks over Stratton near the hotspot and goals as well, Lions taking control of this one late! (Q4 11:37)
Barrett passes to McStay 20m out on the flank who kicks the sealer, the Lions are going to do the double on the Hawks. (Q4 19:01)
McCluggage passes to Berry 40m out on a slight angle who kicks off junk time with a goal. (Q4 21:23)
Christensen dribbles wide from a pack at the hotspot. (Q4 23:39)
McInerney marks just before the siren 50m out on a slight angle, his set shot falls short. (Q4 27:54)

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