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Blog log from R13 of 2018: Sydney vs West Coast

Blog log for Sydney vs West Coast, R13 of 2018

Hayward gets a free kick on Duggan 35m out on a slight angle but misses an easy one to kick us off. (Q1 1:33)
Lot of footy breaking down at half forward for both sides, not much goalmouth action. (Q1 7:32)
Duggan gives to Sheed running through CHF, he snaps on the turn from 40m, Aliir watches it sail over his head for a behind. (Q1 8:02)
Kennedy of the Eagles leaps in front of Heeney to mark in a big pack at the hotspot from a speculator by LeCras. JJK kicks the first goal, finally. (Q1 18:14)
FLorent drops a sitter on the HBF, Masten was holding back but gets the easy crumb and shoots just wide with a screwing snap from 40m. (Q1 19:18)
Heeney catches Redden HTB near the point of the centre square, his ball to the top of the square is a low chaos ball, eventually Sinclair snaps wide. (Q1 20:45)
Marsh passes from midfield with a wobbler to his teammate Kennedy 40m out on a slight angle. JPK shoots wide right. (Q1 21:19)
Ronke kicks the first Sydney goal from 40m in the corridor after marking a very short pass. (Q2 1:26)
Lloyd fumbles in midfield straight to Shuey who gives to Yeo for the quick inside 50 kick to the hotspot, Ryan roves and runs into the open goal. (Q2 2:40)
Gaff is not paid a relieving mark that it looked like he took at the Swans hotspot, Papley receives from Hewett and snaps, did it hit the post? Video review says no, lucky goal. (Q2 5:19)
Masten roves at the Swans hotspot and tries to fend off Cunningham but the Swan catches him HTB with a classic chicken wing tackle and kicks the goal. (Q2 8:10)
Ryan misses everything from a free on Jones 30m out on the boundary. (Q2 14:01)
Ryan snaps on the turn from 40m on a slight angle, Josh J. Kennedy dives on the behind line but can’t reel it in, off hands for a point. (Q2 15:56)
Aliir intercepts Nelson on the HFF and goes short to Papley 40m out on a slight angle, who rams through his second goal. (Q2 18:57)
Shuey misses on the turn after a stoppage 20m out. (Q2 21:31)
Franklin marks a Florent ball on the HFF and centres to the corridor where Kennedy of the Swans marks in front of Shuey and steers through another one for Sydney. (Q2 26:12)
Ryan runs back with the flight ahead of Jones and marks a centring Yeo ball from the HFF to the hotspot for the first score of Q3, but it’s a disappointing kick for a point. (Q3 2:27)
Rohan kicks long from midfield to a pack 20m out, Franklin crumbs his own contest but hits the post from the pocket. (Q3 3:18)
Josh J. Kennedy leaps in front of Rampe to clunk a long Naitanui ball from the wing to 50m out on a slight angle, but he kicks into the man on the mark, no score. (Q3 5:45)
McCartin gives to Ronke forward of a pack in midfield, he runs to empty grass on the HFF, reaches 30m and rolls through the goal with McGovern not close enough to stop him. (Q3 7:25)
Jack jumps in front of Nelson to mark a Josh P. Kennedy pass from wing to 40m on a slight angle. His kick is careful, but straight and just long enough. (Q3 11:08)
McGovern doesn’t get to Parker in time to stop a mark at half forward, his man Franklin stayed back and gets the quick pass to 20m on the flank. Buddy goals, Sydney in control. (Q3 15:15)
Naitanui gets a snap off after a stoppage at half forward but it bounces wide. (Q3 17:33)
Waterman catches Jack HTB near the hotspot and kicks a rare Eagle goal. (Q3 18:15)
Yeo roves on the wing and kicks long from the HFF to the other side for Josh J. Kennedy 30m out on a slight angle, he kicks truly. Eagles suddenly within touch again! (Q3 20:35)
After the next centre bounce, McCartin passes from outside CHF to Hayward 25m out on the flank who slots the steadying goal. (Q3 22:15)
Hurn is pinged for some very soft contact from behind on Franklin 30m out on the flank. Buddy misses near side, footy gods smile. (Q3 24:35)
Hurn gives away another free on Franklin, this time for a hold 25m out on a slight angle, but Bud misses again. (Q3 26:36)
Franklin gets a third free in quick succession, this one for a hold by Sheppard 20m out on a slight angle, Bud plays on and goals. (Q3 27:45)
Yeo plays on after marking on the HFF and boots a much-needed goal just before 3QT. (Q3 28:54)
Naitanui to Shuey to Yeo at teh first centre bounce of Q4, Yeo loads up for bear from 55m and roosts a massive goal! (Q4 0:31)
Marsh intercepts at half back, Josh J. Kennedy clips him late to concede 50m, the pass goes to Franklin 40m out on the flank who misses. (Q4 2:20)
McCartin catches Duggan HTB on the boundary 20m out, he tries a checkside that shanks to the opposite pocket, eventually Rohan snaps OOTF. (Q4 6:02)
LeCras feeds Yeo after a stoppage at half forward for a quick snap under pressure but that one goes wide. (Q4 12:18)
LeCras turns the ball over at half back, Hannebery gives to Hayward for a running snap from 30m on the flank that drifts across the face. (Q4 13:42)
Sheppard turns the ball over with a tired handball on the HBF, Rohan picks up and gets around him but his long kick is fumbled by Franklin over the behind line. (Q4 17:18)
Heeney marks 50m out on a slight angle but doesn’t score. (Q4 17:46)
Franklin misses after a stoppage from 40m on a slight angle. (Q4 18:45)
LeCras props over a skidding ball from Cripps 40m out on a slight angle and draws a holding free on Aliir. The Frenchman sprays it wide right. (Q4 20:16)
Yeo feeds Gaff for a miss from a snap from the pocket. (Q4 21:41)
Lycett plays on to advantage after a holding free to Josh J. Kennedy and goals from 20m. (Q4 22:42)
Josh J. Kennedy gives to Brander at the top of the square, man on him and he can only kick wide off his left boot. (Q4 24:01)
Josh J. Kennedy gets a rather lucky free for an accidental clash of heads with Rampe at the hotspot, he misses, home crowd cheers and so do the footy gods. (Q4 26:40)

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