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Blog log from R12 of 2018: Western Sydney vs Gold Coast

Blog log for Western Sydney vs Gold Coast, R12 of 2018

Griffen marks 35m out on the flank and misses with the first scoring shot. (Q1 2:19)
Leslie is pinged for a hold on Patton on the boundary 15m out Patton tries a set shot screwing ball off the left boot, and curls it in for the first goal. (Q1 6:03)
Young gathers a bouncing ball and screws through a nice left foot snap from 20m on the flank after Ah Chee mops up an errant kick by Haynes at CHF for Gold Coast. (Q1 8:43)
Lloyd gives to Himmelberg for a flying snap from 40m on a slight angle, but that goes wide left. (Q1 11:51)
Himmelberg roves in the pocket and handballs to the square but Heron chops in front of Giles-Langdon to rush a behind. (Q1 14:01)
The kick in doesn’t clear half back, Davis marks over Lynch and passes to Cameron 40m out on a slight angle who just misses. (Q1 14:34)
Cameron crumbs his own contest and snaps around the corner off his left boot from 40m on a slight angle, also wide. (Q1 16:12)
Kelly feeds Shiel who misses from a pack 35m out on the flank. (Q1 18:22)
Cameron kicks from the wing to the hotspot just before the QT siren where de Boer marks between two Suns, he kicks the red time goal. (Qtr Time)
Patton passes to Cameron on the boundary 20m out on the end of a fast break around the outer wing, nothing Thompson could do there. Jezza screws through a trademark quality finish! (Q2 4:05)
de Boer feeds Langdon forward of a pack at the Giant hotspot to checkside another one from 20m. (Q2 5:50)
Patton marks in front of Leslie 40m out on the flank, but the free is reversed for a hold off the ball by Himmelberg, no score. (Q2 7:36)
Young converts a contact free kick on Corr from 40m on a slight angle, to little reaction from the sparse crowd. (Q2 11:05)
Rischtelli kicks to a big pack at the Suns hotspot, Shaw is pinged for contact on Young, who misses a soda. (Q2 13:36)
Lobb roves a long Haynes ball to the square but kicks into Bowes for a rushed behind. (Q2 14:49)
Reid screws through his first goal from 20m on the flank. (Q2 17:19)
Bowes is pinged for deliberate OOB 20m out, Lloyd plays on and snaps his first goal. (Q2 17:51)
Reid snaps another one from deep in the pocket 20m out. It is one-way traffic. (Q2 19:39)
Hopper misses a snap from a pack at half forward. (Q2 20:52)
Harbrow snaps a goal off his left boot from near the hotspot after a ball-in to the pocket. (Q2 24:36)
Cameron marks just inside 50m on the flank and sails through another one for the rampant Giants. (Q2 25:36)
Cameron snaps his third goal from teh pocket. (Q2 31:06)
Himmelberg kicks off second half junk time with a nice snap goal from the HFF. (Q3 1:05)
Himmelberg roves, shoots and goal from the hotspot after the next centre clearance was won by Ward. Too easy. (Q3 2:24)
Ward converts a set shot from 45m in the corridor. (Q3 6:22)
Cameron marks 30m out on the flank, is called to play on but the Suns are so listless that they don’t stop him booting goal number four. (Q3 11:15)
de Boer catches Ah Chee HTB near the goalsquare for another one. This is extremely boring. (Q3 15:50)
Cameron plays on after marking but misses from the HFF. (Q3 17:53)
Brodie snaps a goal from 40m on the flank after busting through a big pack. (Q3 19:45)
Kelly performs a party trick for a goal from the pocket. (Q3 23:23)
Cameron marks 40m out on the flank and screws through his fifth goal off the left. (Q3 26:01)
Joyce fumbles a loose footy at the hotspot, Ward pounces for another one. The court of King Caractacus was just passing by. (Q3 29:46)
Kelly marks 25m out on the flank but shanks it OOTF. (Q4 4:35)
Taranto misses a set shot from 45m in front. (Q4 9:22)
Kelly converts a set shot from 40m on the flank. (Q4 15:05)
Patton passes to Cameron 50m out on a slight angle, yet again there was nothing Thompson could do to stop it. Jezza shoots for his sixth… just falls over the line for the goal. (Q4 17:35)
de Boer steers through another one for the Giants from mid-range with a few minutes to go. (Q4 26:16)

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