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Blog log from R11 of 2018: Essendon vs Richmond

Blog log for Essendon vs Richmond, R11 of 2018

The Bombers gain the ball in their offensive half with some outstanding repeat harassing of the ball carriers. Tipungwuti shoots from outside the arc, bouncing through a minor. (Q1 2:05)
Astbury sends the ball inside the arc and Moore takes the strong contested grab in his third senior game. He shoots from 25 on the slight and nails the goal! (Q1 4:20)
Edwards flicks the ball within congestion to the outside in the blink of an eye. Cotchin receives and notices the unmanned goal square. His bouncing attempt misses from 55. (Q1 6:04)
Caddy pushes himself out of congestion with the stiff arm and flicks to the speeding Lambert. Kane shoots at full pace, pulling his shot to the left side of goal. (Q1 10:31)
Short sends the Tigers inside the attacking arc. Guelfi is unable to handle the long bomb and Caddy gathers at ground level. Josh snaps it off the left foot for a major! (Q1 12:49)
Vlastuin powers through the middle and finds Ellis who gamble with a run forward of the ball. Brandon takes the mark within scoring range and he goals from 45 on the flank! (Q1 14:51)
Hurley takes the uncontested mark but is unable to make a decision within the requisite time, subsequently caught by the desperate Butler. Caddy plays on and goals with ease! (Q1 18:16)
Cotchin swings the ball to the open side of the ground, Menadue marking inside 50 unopposed. Connor settles on the set shot, missing from the flank region. (Q1 22:20)
The Tigers continue to swarm forward and this time Riewoldt is hitting the hot spot. Nankervis receives the free after being held by Ridley. Toby finishes truly from 25! (Q1 24:35)
Stewart and Rance fly at the pill and James is able to pull it down. Shooting from 30 out, directly in front, he misses poorly. (Q1 26:20)
Baguley darts the pass in the corridor and McKernan takes the leading mark, with some luck from a Vlastuin slip. The Bombers work it out the back and Tipungwuti goals! (Qtr Time)
The Bombers grab the first of the second term within thirty seconds! Stewart launches long and Bellchambers is able to force the Nankervis turnover. Merrett gathers and goals! (Q2 2:10)
Martin launches to the top of the square and picks out the active Edwards. Shane takes the mark and finishes with ease from close range via the set shot! (Q2 5:14)
McKernan produces the tackle on Astbury, forcing the turnover. Guelfi gathers the crumb and throws it on the boot, immediately tackled. His looping shot misses from 35. (Q2 6:42)
Essendon grab the quick reply through Fantasia! Smith, Heppell and Orazio link by foot as the red and black search for an open opportunity. Orazio bounces it through from 35! (Q2 7:58)
The Tigers win the resultant stoppage and Edwards dabs the pass to Cotchin in scoring range. Trent marks and dabs further forward to Moore. Callum shoots from 45 and misses. (Q2 9:12)
Heppell finds Laverde out the back as the Bombers force a turnover at the coalface. Jayden receives out in space and has little trouble turning finishing truly from close range! (Q2 11:28)
McKernan gathers the ball from the ruck stoppage and immediately throws ball to boot. The kick came 30 from goal, but Shaun could only muster a minor. (Q2 16:24)
Vlastuin loses contact on Stringer in the marking contest and Jake takes the isolated grab. The former Dog shoots from 35 on the slight, but misses poorly to the far side. (Q2 17:43)
Martin, Butler, Higgins and the goal is finalised from Edwards boot! The link up play went straight through the spine and the Bombers were unable to get close. (Q2 18:48)
Hurley and Martin battle in the isolated contest inside 40. Michael gives away the free for holding, much to the delight of the Tigers faithful. Dustin goals from 35! (Q2 25:28)
Make that two in thirty seconds for the rampant Tigers. They win it out of the middle from the resultant stoppage and Caddy is last in the chain. Josh nabs his third from the arc! (Q2 26:28)
The Tigers force another defensive turnover with their small forward pressure. Moore gathers the rebound and Graham receives the handball. Jack settles and goals from 35! (Q3 2:58)
Another two in quick succession for the yellow and black! Hooker is caught by Riewoldt and Butler plays on with immediacy. Dan runs into range and finishes with ease from 25! (Q3 4:49)
Riewoldt dabs the pass ahead of Caddy and Josh pushes out the undersized Ridley to take the contested chest mark. He snaps from 25, boundary side, and nabs his fourth! (Q3 9:09)
The Bombers send the ball into the hotspot via Fantasia, with the pass finding Tipungwuti on the hard lead.Anthony lines up the set shot and makes no mistake from the slight angle! (Q3 12:32)
Moore takes the strong lead up grab and will line up from beyond the arc. The third gamer shoots from the flank region and pulls it slightly to the near side for a minor score. (Q3 16:40)
The play that characterizes the difference between these two sides. Butler breaks the tackle, forces the ball to ground level and then repeats later on to goal from close range! (Q3 18:56)
McKenna makes the error through the corridor, flicking to Guelfi who is immediately wrapped up. The Tigers efficiently find Moore unopposed, although Callum is unable to goal. (Q3 25:20)
Jack Graham’s effort from beyond the arc falls short. A scrimmage ensues and Nankervis is the unlikely winner, soccering it truly off the deck from point blank! (Q3 26:38)
Menadue extends the Tigers lead beyond the ten goal margin! Connor receives through the middle of the ground, took three bounces and dabs it through from 30! (Q3 28:53)
Heppell slides into the contest and take Cotchin’s legs with him, duly punished with the free against. Trent shoots from 45 on the flank and misses to the far side. (Q4 4:34)
Tipungwuti dabs the pass short to Smith and Devon will line up from 45 on the flank. The former Giant shoots and kicks truly for his first! (Q4 9:06)
Ellis, Graham, Grigg and finally Riewoldt link by hand and foot, resulting in a set shot from 45. Jack lines up the set shot and makes no mistake! (Q4 10:36)
Moore forces the turnover deep in defence with a strong tackle on Guelfi. Conca takes the intercept mark and Reece lines up from 40 on the flank. He pulls it to the near side. (Q4 16:24)
Lambert launches to the isolated contest between the undersized Dea and Moore. The predictable outcome occurs and Moore nails the set shot from 35 on the slight! (Q4 24:07)

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