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Blog log from R9 of 2018: Brisbane vs Hawthorn

Blog log for Brisbane vs Hawthorn, R9 of 2018

Eagles spills a mark in defence, Gunston picks up the loose ball, snaps on his right and kicks the opening goal of the game. (Q1 1:40)
Robinson marks 60m out, Sicily gives away a 50m penalty for getting too close and Robinson converts the simple set shot. (Q1 5:26)
Frantic start to this one as Gunston answers straight away for Hawthorn with a well taken shot from a standing start from 40m out. (Q1 6:21)
Gunston involved again as he handballs to Mitchell who has time and space to calmly slot a goal from 25m out directly in front. (Q1 8:01)
Hawthorn strike again, this time through Smith who wins a holding the ball free 35m from goal and slots the set shot. (Q1 10:03)
Hipwood wins a free 20m out directly in front for an illegal spoil from Brand. Hipwood goals. (Q1 16:23)
Hawthorn turn the ball over coming out of defence and Berry finds Hipwood tight on the boundary 30m out. Hipwood goes back and kicks a great goal. (Q1 18:56)
Loose ball in the Brisbane goal square and Zorko is the first to pounce by soccering it through for a goal. (Q1 27:06)
High ball to the Brisbane goal square and McInerney is held by Brand. McInerney takes the set shot and goals. (Q2 1:37)
Sicily intercept’s a Brisbane clearing kick out of defence. From 60m out Sicily loads up and kicks a terrific long goal. (Q2 9:38)
Sicily hacks a kick out of defence and it’s straight to Rich 40m from goal. Rich goals. (Q2 11:22)
Smith runs to 60m from goal, has a shot at an unguarded goal and it dribbles through for a goal. (Q2 14:22)
Rayner surrounded by opponents 20m from goal throws the ball onto his boot and it floats through for a goal. (Q2 21:38)
Brisbane go coast to coast from the kickout as it ends with McGluggage kicking to Beams in space who kicks the goal on the run from 35m out. (Q2 23:46)
Gunston wins a free for a block against Robertson 30m from goal. Gunston lines up for goal and kicks it. (Q3 4:23)
Hipwood wins a free for holding. He goes back and takes his shot for goal and it appears to go through the middle but it’s called a point. It’s reviewed and a goal is given. (Q3 10:25)
Brisbane get out the back of the Hawthorn defence and Berry chips over the top of the last defender to allow Cameron to run into the open goal. (Q3 16:22)
Cameron marks on the edge of the goalsquare, kicks backwards to Beams and Beams slots the set shot from 25m out. (Q3 19:35)
Breust hands to Shiels who has a running shot at goal but misses to the left. (Q3 22:24)
Christensen from outside 50 kicks low and hard and hits Hipwood on the chest 35m out. Hipwood misses to the left. (Q3 25:40)
Roughead marks on the edge of the 50, goes back, hits it sweetly and it sails through for a goal. (Q3 29:17)
Hipwood gets another free for holding on against Brand. From the top of the goal square, Hipwood’s shot for goal is through. (Q4 3:35)
McLuggage kicks across goal and it’s marked by Cutler in the opposite pocket. Cutler runs around and kicks truly. (Q4 6:00)
Christensen crumbs and calms slots another goal from a standing start. This is turning into a big win for Brisbane. (Q4 7:36)
Breust crumbs and hands backwards to Worpel who snaps a nice goal. (Q4 12:02)
Gunston marks above his head and cops a knock to the head from Hodge in the process. Gunston goes back from 30m out and kicks the goal. (Q4 24:16)
Zorko from 70m out chips inside 50 and Rayner marks overhead 40m from goal. He goes back and kicks truly. (Q4 27:48)
Taylor bursts through the stoppage, sells some candy, and finishes on the run to complete a great day for the Lions. (Q4 30:44)

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