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Blog log from R8 of 2018: Gold Coast vs Melbourne

Blog log for Gold Coast vs Melbourne, R8 of 2018

Lyons gets a free kick for a hold following the centre bounce. He sends it long inside 50 where Young does well to give to Martin. Martin’s snap from 30 opens things with a goal! (Q1 1:19)
Lewis spreads with a beautiful handball to Hibberd. He sends it long to Melksham who marks 1 on 1 with Harbrow. His shot from 40 just misses. (Q1 4:21)
Tom McDonald goes long into the pocket toward Gawn who has pushed forward on Witts. He marks 30 out on the boundary. His snap misses to the near side. (Q1 6:02)
Jones passesa bullet toward Petracca who is spoiled. He punches the loose ball forward to Brayshaw who snaps from 30 but misses. (Q1 7:05)
Swallow bursts through to knock forward the loose ball following a throw in inside the Suns’ 50. It falls to Ainsworth who snaps from a tight angle and misses. (Q1 11:09)
The Dees go coast to coast with Leslie spilling the intercept mark inside his defensive 50. Weideman gathers the loose ball and gives to Spargo who finishes from 30. (Q1 12:24)
Jones receives a free for a hold at the centre bounce. He goes long inside 50 and T McDonald outbodies May to mark 30 out. From directly in front he goals. (Q1 14:01)
Spargo chips one to Salem who has a paddock in the forward pocket. He tries the checkside from 30 out on the run and hits the post. (Q1 14:56)
Some good skills get the Suns up to half forward with Day marking in space. He runs to 40 and has a ping at goal but he misses. (Q1 16:19)
The Suns go inside 50 to Young running back with the flight. Lewis contests but makes contact with Young’s arms to give away the free. Young’s shot from 30 out is a goal. (Q1 17:36)
Harmes kicks a shocker across the ground in his defensive 50. Ballard intercepts and gives off to Day who shoots and misses from 30. (Q1 20:18)
Brayshaw roves a pack mostly made up of Suns 50 out from his goal. He roosts a high snap which just makes the distance for a behind. (Q1 21:35)
Martin turns it over to Neal-Bullen with a poor kick across goal. The Dees have numbers everywhere deep and he spots T McDonald in the pocket. McDonald runs to 15 and goals. (Q1 22:35)
McDonald turns it over coming out of defence to Hall. Hall then spots up Martin in space 40 from goal. His set shot on a slight angle is a goal. (Q1 24:20)
Oliver extracts it from the centre and the hands go out to Neal-Bullen who hits it with pace. He runs to the 50 and sends a low shot through for a goal! (Q1 25:49)
Martin receives a free kick after copping front on contact from Harmes. He goes short to Sexton who marks 50 out. Sexton’s set shot makes the distance but is only a minor score. (Q1 29:19)
From a stoppage just outside the Suns’ attacking 50 the hit out falls for Miller who hits it with pace. He runs to 40 out and shoots but misses. (Q1 31:34)
Oliver receives a free kick in the centre after Lyons incorrectly disposed the footy. He finds Neal-Bullen who chips it over the top to Spargo in the pocket. From 30 out he misses. (Q2 1:35)
Harbrow turns it over coming out of defence with the ball coming off a Witts-Gawn contest to Fritsch. He spots up Harmes 40 out. His set shot misses. (Q2 4:05)
The long kick in falls to Harmes. he gives to Salem whose short pass finds Oliver. From 50 out directly in front he gives it a roost but just misses. (Q2 5:21)
Oscar McDonald kicks it out of defence but it only gets as far as May. He sends a long bomb towards goal from 60 out and nails it! (Q2 11:52)
The Suns receive a downfield free kick due to some afters from Hibberd on Holman. Swallow goes long and the ball comes off the pack and is fed to Sexton. He runs into an open goal. (Q2 14:04)
Young goes long inside 50 and the ball comes off hands to Day who gives off to Ballard. He snaps from 20 but misses. (Q2 16:05)
Melbourne run it down the middle with Harmes stepping around his opponent and finding Neal-Bullen. He plays on but is pressured by Ah Chee and misses disappointingly from 15 out. (Q2 18:02)
Melksham takes a nice mark going back with the flight and sends a grubber inside 50. Weideman is first to it and gives to T McDonald who runs into an open goal. (Q2 19:20)
From a throw in the ball bounces off the ruckmen toward the boundary. Petracca tracks it but the ball ends up bouncing off Witts foot to be OOTF. Petracca misses the resulting snap (Q2 22:15)
Melbourne have the ball outside 50 then receive a downfield free kick with May taking Hannan high. This takes the footy to the tip of the square where Hannan goals. (Q2 24:17)
Oliver recieves a free kick at the centre bounce for high contact. He goes long inside 50 where Tom McDonald outmarks Thompson. His set shot from 30 out is a goal. (Q2 25:20)
Harmes gets the releasing handball from a contested situation on the wing. It comes to Melksham who runs to 50 and sends his shot across the face for a behind. (Q2 30:17)
Salem marks on the wing and Day comes in late to clean him up. A scuffle ensues and Salem receives a 50 metre penalty. This takes him to within 40 from goal where he slots it. (Q2 31:47)
With the ball in dispute at the tip of Melbourne’s goal square the hands come out toward the pocket to Melksham. He snaps back inside where McDonald gathers and misses the snap. (Q3 2:23)
Sexton goes backwards to Harbrow who drops the mark inside the Dees’ 50. Melbourne gains possession and the chain of handballs finishes with Neal-Bullen who dribbles it through. (Q3 3:53)
Scheer gets the centre clearance and his quick kick finds Day on the lead in front of Oscar McDonald. He goes back and slots it from 50. (Q3 5:24)
Brayshaw tumbles a ball toward goal and Hogan knocks it on. It falls into the path of Gawn who outmuscles Ah Chee to soccer it through! (Q3 6:56)
With some great forward pressure Melbourne lock it into their attacking pocket. It is eventually given up to Neal-Bullen in the pocket whose dribble kick goes across the face. (Q3 11:14)
Tyson receives a free kick on the wing for a hold. He quickly goes into the pocket where McDonald has fresh air to lead into and mark. From 40 out on the flank he kicks his 5th! (Q3 12:50)
Weller goes long inside 50 where Tyson does well to spoil and not infringe on Swallow. The ball goes to ground and Martin can run onto it and run into an open goal. (Q3 17:40)
A kick gets sent down the wing to Day who gathers the loose ball. Day gives to Holman and shepherds him well, allowing him to run to 40 and finish! (Q3 18:28)
May sends it to half forward where Holman gathers and handballs over the top of Vince. Young receives and dribbles one with heavy pressure from Oliver. He scores a behind. (Q3 20:26)
Brayshaw spots up Hannan who managed to float off Rischitelli. He shoots from outside 50 and makes the distance but can’t quite get the accuracy. (Q3 21:24)
Sexton goes long and high inside 50 where Spargo and Hall jostle. Spargo tries to block for Lever but doesn’t disguise it well enough and gives away a free kick. Hall goals from 30 (Q3 22:51)
Hannan roves a stoppage on his attacking 50 and pirouettes. He then takes a flying shot from 40 but he misses. (Q3 24:25)
The Dees work it through the centre by hand with Hannan giving to Hibberd who finds himself in unusual territory inside 50. He shoots from 40 and goals. (Q3 26:52)
Jetta rushes one through after the ball comes off hands in a dangerous position at the tip of the goal square. (Q3 28:22)
Spargo cops a high tackle from Ah Chee after roving the tap from a throw in. He shoots from 30 out on a slight angle and goals. (Q3 31:24)
Harbrow mis-kicks coming out of defence, turning it over. The Dees fire a few handpasses around and Harmes takes a high snap from 50. He misses. (Q3 33:53)
Lewis spots up Melksham leading into the pocket with Rischitelli on his tail. From 30 out he misses the set shot. (3 Qtr Time)
The Suns go inside 50 and share it across the ground by hand. It ends with Young who shoots from 50 out but only scores a behind. (Q4 5:18)
The ball bobbles out of a stoppage inside the Dees’ 50. It goes into the hands on Hannan who quickly snaps from 40 but misses. (Q4 6:29)
Melbourne work is very well through the middle with Hogan marking at CHF. He gives to Salem who cruises past, runs to 40 out and nails the goal. (Q4 8:00)
Melbourne gains possession following a throw in at half forward. They work it by hand to Brayshaw who steadies and goals from 40. (Q4 9:45)
Lyons gets a quick kick from a stoppage in his defensive pocket. It goes straight to Brayshaw whose high snap just sneaks in for a behind. (Q4 11:31)
Petracca keeps it in on the flank and taps it back to Brayshaw. He goes short to Hannan who marks 40 out from goal. He take his kick quickly and goals with an accidental checkside. (Q4 14:06)
Hogan roves the tap from a throw in the Dees’ attacking pocket. He busts through a couple of Suns and snaps his first of the night. (Q4 16:03)
Oliver gets the centre clearance and goes long to Melksham and Richitelli who are isolated up forward. Melksham receives the free for a hold. From 30 out he slots the set shot. (Q4 17:03)
Melksham goes long to the tip of the square where a hapless Leslie is up against Hannan and McDonald. Hannan is the one to mark. He goals from point blank. (Q4 19:46)
Day receives a free kick for a push in the back against McDonald. He lines up from 50 out on the flank and finishes nicely. (Q4 21:16)
Hogan receives a free kick for a hold against Weller after he caught his GC opponent with his back to the football. He goals from 30. (Q4 24:41)
The Dees work it well out of defence again with a chain of handballs. It ends with Hogan who marks 40 out directly in front. He junks up with another. (Q4 25:31)
Martin takes a shot from 40 out on the boundary. His shot doesn’t make the distance and goes off hands for a behind. (Q4 27:04)
Melksham runs into the pocket and centres. Harmes crunches some Suns and collects the ground ball. His shot from 10 out on a tight angle misses. (Q4 28:31)
Young goes long inside 50. It comes off hands and McDonald coughs it up. Martin swoops on the loose ball, evading 3 Demons and snapping his fourth. (Q4 29:46)

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