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Blog log from R7 of 2018: West Coast vs Port Adelaide

Blog log for West Coast vs Port Adelaide, R7 of 2018

Pittard’s kick out of defence is smothered by LeCras. LeCras gets the loose ball 50 out on the boundary and with no options, decides to shoot. He finishes well for the first! (Q1 7:55)
Port goes long inside 50 from the centre clearance. It goes over the back of the Watts-Nelson contest and Johnson gathers. He handballs out to Polec who has time to goal from 20. (Q1 8:51)
Port turns it over coming out of defense and Duggan goes long inside 50. Darling rises to take a strong contested mark against Dixon. From 40 out he misses. (Q1 10:44)
Some hard running from Ebert ensures he gets on the end of chain of handballs down the wing. He goes long to the square where McGovern contests with Dixon and rushes the behind. (Q1 14:26)
Polec is penalised for a push in the back on Cripps. From 40 out directly in front Cripps goes back and goals. (Q1 15:58)
A nice steal from Petrucelli allows the Eagles to rebound quickly, opening up a 3 on 2 inside 50. LeCras puts it into the path of Kennedy and he can run into an open goal. (Q1 18:44)
After a few shambolic turnovers from both sides, Amon sends a long kick inside 50. It floats over everyone into the waiting arms of Sam Gray. He plays on and taps it in for a goal. (Q1 24:27)
THe in-form Darling catches Amon HTB on the flank and rips the ball from his hands. He plays on and puts it through the middle from 40! (Qtr Time)
A darting pass from Yeo opens it up for the Eagles. LeCras sends it to a Kennedy-Jonas contest where Kennedy is paid a free for a hold. From 50 out on a decent angle he slots it. (Q2 3:23)
Dixon puts it into the pocket to a 2 on 1 in favour of the Eagles. The ball goes to ground and McGovern falls into the back on Johnson to gave away the free. From 30 out he goals. (Q2 7:39)
Bonner gets caught HTB on the wing by Cripps and West Coast play on quickly. Masten sends it long to Darling who marks going back with the flight. From 40 out on the flank he goals (Q2 11:49)
Redden receives a free for a hold at the centre bounce. He gives to Duggan who goes long inside 50 where Cripps reads it best to mark against Pittard. From 50 out his shot misses. (Q2 13:24)
Rioli marks a short Gaff pass just outside 50. He goes to the fat side where Kennedy marks but Waterman ultimately receives the free for a hold against Barry. From 40 he slots it. (Q2 16:24)
Houston flattens Duggan on the wing and sends it long inside 50 toward a Dixon-Nelson contest. Dixon has the position and marks strongly. He misses the set shot from 40 out. (Q2 19:04)
Nelson sends a high ball into the pocket where Petruccelle flies high. It comes off his hands and falls to Darling whose dribble from 20 is off line for a behind. (Q2 20:54)
Coles pops it up to the top of the square where Darling meets it strongly. He can’t quite hold it but it drops to Rioli who is in the perfect spot to rove and goal! (Q2 29:08)
Houston tries to clear out of defence but is tackled by Hutchings and scrubs the kick into the pocket. Petruccelle receives from Rioli and puts through his first career goal! (Half Time)
Hurn gathers on the wing and wobbles one inside 50 which fortuitously lands on the chest of Kennedy. From 40 out on the flank his shot was never in doubt. (Q3 4:36)
A Westhoff handball to the feet of Boak causes a turnover in Port’s defensive half. This allows Rioli to find Kennedy on the lead 45 out. His set shot is true! (Q3 7:20)
Johnson catches Masten HTB on Port’s defensive 50 line and they play on. Dixon does well to keep the ball in play in the pocket and Johnson ends with it. He goals from 40. (Q3 12:34)
Port apply some good pressure to worry the Eagles out of a shot at goal. They go backwards and Hurn manages to spot up Redden 30 out in the pocket. His set shot is a goal. (Q3 14:48)
Waterman does well to trap a tumbling Hurn ball and give to Petruccelle. He then spots up Rioli 50 out directly in front. His set shot sails through with a nice right to left draw. (Q3 20:48)
Polec bursts away to get the centre clearance and he spots up Watts on the lead in front of Nelson. From 40 out he just makes the distance to goal. (Q3 21:58)
Polec gets another centre clearance and his kick falls to Dixon. His high shot miraculously bounces on its end on the goal line and a pressured Sam Gray runs through to tap it in. (Q3 25:03)
R Gray marks 40 out but is called to play on. He searches for an option and handballs backward to Bonner. From outside 50 he launches a long bomb which goes through for a goal! (Q3 26:20)
Port work it well out of a stoppage on the wing and Barry’s long kick finds Dixon who manages to edge McGovern under the footy. From 45 out his set shot is an arrow! (Q3 29:17)
Lycett receives a free kick for a push against Ryder. He goes long inside 50 where LeCras toe pokes the ball out of traffic to Cripps. He snaps under pressure but misses. (Q3 31:50)
A nice kick from Watts finds Ryder running back toward goal. He keeps running with Yeo giving chase. Ryder dishes off to Motlop who finishes from 30! The Power are in with a sniff! (Q4 2:28)
Sam Gray beautifully gathers a Wines kick on the volley and turns to find Dixon on the lead. His shot from 50 out is just off line. (Q4 5:01)
Rioli finds Redden with an ambitious kick on the wing. He goes long inside 50 where Hutchings receives a free kick for a hold against Ebert. He goes back from 40 and converts. (Q4 10:48)
LeCras goes long to a 2 on 1 on the 50 and Darling manages to outbody both of his opponents to mark. From 50 out on a tight angle his shot falls short and is rushed through. (Q4 12:32)
Rioli puts a tumbling ball inside 50 where Petruccelle and Pittard race toward goal. Petruccelle leaves him in his wake, collecting and dancing around his opponent to goal. (Q4 16:16)
Yeo receives a free kick after catching Bonner HTB and then 50 after Bonner trips him over. He puts it to the hot spot where Darling clunks a huge mark! He slots the goal! (Q4 20:52)
Port make a few 50 entries and eventually Boak marks on the lead 45 out on the flank. His set shot scrapes the woodwork. (Q4 24:58)
R Gray snaps from 30 but it comes off the hands of S Gray contesting on the line and it goes through for a behind. (Q4 25:22)
The Power go through the middle and Pittard goes long to Dixon who marks against Duggan. From 40 out on the flank he misses. (Q4 27:15)
Masten goes long to Kennedy who receives a free for a hold against Polec. From 40 out on a tight angle he misses after the siren. (Full Time)

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