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Blog log from R7 of 2018: Western Bulldogs vs Gold Coast

Blog log for Western Bulldogs vs Gold Coast, R7 of 2018

The Doggies get the first major of the day thanks to a long bomb from Macrae, helped by the wind, which connects with Dunkley running into an open goal. (Q1 1:59)
Ainsworth launches a flyer from downtown with no real intent. It bounces through for a behind for the Suns’ first score of the day. (Q1 4:18)
The first-gamer Ballard crumbs on a loose ball around the 50 arc, with his long range snap punched off hands for another point. (Q1 5:13)
Holman is the benefactor of a 50m penalty against Hunter, taking him into scoring distance. The wind is a big factor today, but his kick is horrid nonetheless. OOF. (Q1 8:35)
We’ve had about 5 OOF’s today already! Must be something in the water in Ballarat! (Q1 12:36)
Day clunks a strong mark in between two Dogs. His kick from 40 looks good, through for a goal! (Q1 13:16)
Richards has a crack at goal from 50 on the run but his kick never looked on line. Through for a behind for the Dogs. (Q1 16:02)
Scheer gives to Lyons, who’s hot-spot kick clears the pack, albeit bouncing wide for a minor score. (Q1 17:05)
Johanissen picks up the loose ball in the pocket and has a couple seconds to choose from multiple teammates in the 50. His centring kick hits McLean. Toby’s shot from 30 is wide. (Q1 24:06)
Harbrow dances though the Dogs’ defenders before offloading a handball to Crossley. From 45, the first gamer’s quick shot misses to the right. (Q1 27:06)
Scheer is the next Sun to hit the score board, again however with a minor score. From 48m on a slight angle, he makes the distance but pushes it right. (Q1 27:27)
Following a Swallow kick, somehow the footy stay in play deep in the Suns’ forward pocket. It ends with Ainsworth who dishes to Young. He throws it on the boot for a quality goal. (Qtr Time)
Young, Crossley and Ainsworth play kick-it down the line. Ainsworth pulls his kick to the hotspot where Martin marks with strength overhead. From 30m on a slight angle, he goals! (Q2 4:10)
The Suns scramble in their forward 50 where eventually Day gets a snap goalward. His kick, touched, bounces over a couple players and through for a behind. (Q2 7:33)
Aaron Young keeps his feet as the tackler slips off. However his boundary-line kick is off balance and therefore always difficult. Near side, behind only. (Q2 8:51)
Honeychurch receives the handball from Bailey Dale and dribbles a kick toward goal, sliding past the face for another behind. (Q2 10:21)
Jong marks brilliantly in front of a number of friend and foe and moves it along quickly with a well-weighted kick to JJ. Jason marks and goals on the run from inside 10m. (Q2 16:10)
The Dogs go bang, bang! Gowers kicks the goal from a boundary grubber, then a minute later Gowers gets the assist with Lipinski snapping from 20m out. Scores are level at MARS. (Q2 18:51)
The Dogs are on a roll, with Lipinski kicking his 2nd in 2 minutes! A fantastic clearance by McLean on the wing kickstarts it all, with Johannisen involved as well. (Q2 21:38)
Charlie Ballard can thank Jason Johannisen for his first goal in footy! JJ gave away the 50m penalty at half back, bringing Ballard to the 50m arc. Great kick. (Q2 23:37)
Macrae is able to launch a shot while under pressure from about 40, but that pressure causes his kick to be offline. Behind only. (Q2 29:34)
The Suns snag a late goal with only 5 seconds left in the first half! Swallow gave to Sexton, who passed it over the top to Day in the square for an easy goal. (Half Time)
Wallis roves a Dale shot that lands in the hotspot. Mitch hands off to Gowers who throws a snap on the boot, missing wide. (Q3 1:51)
Quick reply by the Suns as the first gamer Crossley kicks his first goal in footy! The big man slotted it from 40 on the run, receiving the handball from Aaron young. (Q3 3:10)
Lin Jong is taken high by Harbrow with a lazy tackle. From 35m out and no significant angle, he hits it sweetly. Goal to Jong! (Q3 7:04)
Macrae is involved several times from half back to half forward. His last disposal being a centring kick to Honeychurch 35m out. Directly in front, Mitch’s set-shot is on target. (Q3 11:36)
Johannisen marks and quickly passes to a diving Hunter. Lachie’s set-shot from 40 drifts wide for a behind. (Q3 17:09)
Crozier falls in the back of Sexton on the Suns’ attacking 50m arc. On a 45 degree angle, he absolutely launches it. Goal, and the Suns hit the lead. (Q3 18:06)
Honeychurch, Mclean and then Daniel who at half forward finds Macrae within scoring range. From 40 with minimal angle, Jack kicks the goal! (Q3 20:37)
Ainsworth shows composure and vision as he hits his target Touk Miller from near by boundary line. Miller’s shot from 35 is clean and straight. Suns back in the lead. (Q3 25:01)
Q3 Siren sounds. We’ve had 8 lead changes so far today. Which team will stand up when it matters most? (3 Qtr Time)
Johannisen roves a boundary throw in and launches a high, hopeful snap. It gets close, but just misses right. (Q4 3:35)
Caleb Daniel takes it out of congestion after a GC kick-in, bombing a goalward shot from 50. Again, it pushes right for a behind. (Q4 5:19)
Johannisen finds himself involved again in the Dogs’ forward half. They’ve been relentless in attack in the final quarter but have not capitalised. JJ’s set shot is another behind. (Q4 9:59)
Rory Thompson gives away a soft over-the-shoulder free to English in a marking contest. He’s had a down day, but his 35m shot is important and accurate. Goal to the Dogs. (Q4 12:20)
Macrae was completely blindsided by Aaron Young, running straight into the Sun 20m out for a HTB free kick. Young splits the middle. Scores level again! (Q4 15:20)
Ainsworth rushes a snap shot from the boundary amidst congestion, through for a minor score. It’s enough to put the Suns in the lead with 9 minutes to go. (Q4 16:38)
Gowers elected not to shoot, passing backwards to Wallis, again backwards to Suckling who snaps a banana from 40, It’s not, but slightly left. Scores level again. (Q4 18:31)
English is strong in the contest and although he deson’t mark, he brings the footy down to a dangerous area. Gowers crumbs, changes direction and goals from 20m out. (Q4 19:34)
Boyd slices a kick that conveniently falls to Williams, streaming forward. He runs from 55 to 45 and kicks it straight through the big sticks! The Dogs fans starting to find voice. (Q4 21:19)
Richards pushes Martin in the back at 40m on a 45 degree angle. He’s kicked well all day and this is no exception. Goal to Jack Martin! (Q4 22:54)
McLean intercepts a Suns’ handball, then finds it himself and passes to the galloping Suckling. From 50, his shot is left. Handy point. Lead out to 7. Only 3.46 left (Q4 25:59)
The big names combine in Macrae and Hunter. Lachie lines up his shot from just inside the 50 on a slight angle. It’s away to the right for another behind. 2.55 left. (Q4 27:05)
Dahlhaus’s long-range flying bomb almost ices the game, but it bounces the wrong side of the post. 1.20 remaining, Dogs up by 9. (Q4 29:46)
Siren! Close, tough game today in Ballarat. Well done Bulldogs. (Full Time)

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