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Blog log from R5 of 2018: Brisbane vs Gold Coast

Blog log for Brisbane vs Gold Coast, R5 of 2018

The Lions kick a major within the first 20 seconds! Martin launches them forward, Cameron displays lightning quick hands to Lewis. He settles and finishes from 25! (Q1 1:15)
MacPherson gains the quick reply for the Suns. Darcy lays into Beams with a stellar tackle, forcing the decision and duly converting from 45 on the flank! (Q1 4:56)
Lyons kicks to the speeding MacPherson and Darcy receives the free after illegal contact from the desperate Gardiner. Darcy lines up and converts truly from 25 for his second! (Q1 10:00)
Berry darts the ball from the corridor into the outstretched arms of the leading Bastinac. The former Roo marks, but misses the chance from 45 on the flank. (Q1 15:29)
Second gamer Bailey receives the free kick for holding without the ball as he closed in on goal. Zac lines up from 20 on the slight and nails the set shot! (Q1 16:45)
Miller launches out the back and Andrews loses sight of his opponent in Lynch. The ball predictably falls to the back, where Tom pounces and converts from 40! (Q1 19:15)
Fiorini grabs the ball out the back of the stoppage. Brandon paces away and slams it home from a step inside the arc. Classy major from the youngster! (Q1 22:15)
Robinson volleys the ball forward and manages to pick out an unmarked McStay. Daniel lines up from 45 on the flank, missing to the near side. (Q1 25:13)
Zorko and Martin battle for the pill inside the arc. Dayne gathers the hard ball, turns on a dime and finds Berry on the lead. Jarrod shoots from 30 on the flank and misses. (Q1 28:12)
Cameron takes the lead up mark and wastes little time, considering the options before finding McStay. Dan takes the grab, however is unable to convert from 35 on the slight. (Q2 5:37)
The ball works out the back to Christensen as the Lions link by hand at the coalface. The former Cat settles on the running attempt at goal, hitting the woodwork from 40. (Q2 12:36)
The Lions have the first of the second! Soccer is played between Cameron and Cutler before Rayner is found off the deck. Cam slams it through from close range! (Q2 15:09)
Sexton finds Lynch with the Suns forward lurking unopposed at the goal mouth. Tom marks, settles and punts it through from the goal square! (Q2 21:53)
Make that two in a row for the Suns! Lonergan wins it at the coalface and finds Lynch in the pocket. He flicks over the top to Fiorini who nails it! (Q2 24:42)
Zorko and Miller battle in an isolated contest in the goal mouth. Dayne holds his own and takes the contested grab. He finishes truly from close range! (Q2 25:38)
The Suns grab the quick reply, with Allison’s attempted rebound being smothered at the stoppage. Lyons pounces on the crumbs and the former Crow goals from 40! (Q2 28:08)
Martin wins it from the forward stoppage and immediately hammers it off the right peg. The ball flies through, but after review Witts is deemed to have gotten a finger to it. (Q2 30:09)
Witherden thumps it down Taylor’s throat and Lewis marks with five seconds left to play. Shooting from 45 directly in front, Lewis hits the post. (Half Time)
Young and Robertson battle in the isolated match up 35 meters out from goal. Mitch pulls down Aaron and the free is paid to the former Power player. He finishes truly from 40! (Q3 3:44)
Swallow, Holman and Ainsworth link by foot with Ben marking the ball 35 metres out from goal. The youngster shoots from the flank region and hits the post. (Q3 5:31)
Witherden blocks Day in the marking contest and the key forward duly receives the decision. Shooting from close range, Sam makes no mistake via the set shot! (Q3 14:56)
Cutler dabs the pass to the leading Cameron and Charlie takes the mark within scoring range. The former Crow shoots from 45 on the slight and splits the middle! (Q3 16:46)
Bowes, Sexton, Young and Fiorini link as the Suns swing the pill from end to end. Ainsworth gets to the loose ball but misses the chance from close range. (Q3 19:47)
Berry kicks across the goal mouth and finds Hipwood unopposed deep in the forward pocket. Eric kicks the snap and whacks it through post high! (Q3 20:31)
Holman delivers the quick reply for the Suns. Hodge gave away the free kick for a dubious decision for making contact below the knees. Nick converts truly from 45 on the slight! (Q3 23:31)
McStay misses the gilt edge opportunity from 35 out via the set shot. He gained the shot after being held by Thompson in the marking contest. (Q3 26:13)
Lester is caught holding the ball, having been unable to release it in time with Holman applying the tackle. The former Blue misses from 35 on the flank to the far side. (Q3 28:15)
The Lions have another with less than 5 seconds to play! McCluggage flicks to Hipwood and Eric unleashes a fifty metre bomb for a much required maximum! (3 Qtr Time)
Zorko gives away a 50 metre penalty for contact on Miller, although it’s not apparent what occurred. May takes the set shot from 35 on the slight and nails it! (Q4 6:17)
With the replay as evidence, it appears as though it must have been verbally based with no physical interaction apparent. (Q4 6:56)
The Lions generate the quick reply! Long bomb from the resulting centre bounce and McStay marks ahead of Thompson. Rory gives a 50 for late contact and Dan goals! (Q4 8:02)
Taylor dabbed the ball centrally and Cameron was first to pounce on the loose pill. He sprung up, spun away from all opponents in his wake and finished truly from 25! (Q4 11:17)
Rayner gathers the missed shot just inside the field of play. The number one pick throws it on his boot, but misses to the far side with the snap. (Q4 12:46)
The Suns lead by 10 points with 13 minutes remaining. Flip a coin for the victor at this point in time. (Q4 13:30)
Joyce pushes Hipwood out of the contest and Eric receives the free. Lining up from 40 on the flank, the Lion splits the middle and converts truly! (Q4 15:31)
Just 2 minutes left to play with no stoppage in play… (Q4 28:02)
Fiorini receives out in space and finds Lynch running hard ahead of the ball. He finds his captain and Tom has the capacity to win the game with this kick… (Q4 28:28)
Lynch shoots from 40 on the flank and he MISSES! One straight kick the margin with exactly a minute remaining. (Q4 29:03)
Rischitelli marks on the wing with 20 seconds left to play. (Q4 29:33)
Taylor, McCluggage and Rayner link by hand before Cam shoots for goal from the paint of the arc. He kicks as the siren sounds, but pulls the kick! Suns win! (Full Time)

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