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Blog log from R5 of 2018: Port Adelaide vs Geelong

Blog log for Port Adelaide vs Geelong, R5 of 2018

Boak takes the advantage as the scrap finally provides a scoring opportunity. Travis is touched on the kick, hitting the post from 20 out. (Q1 9:30)
Howard taps the ball from the throw in straight down the throat of the oncoming Gray. Robbie gathers, bursts and snaps, but he misses from 25. (Q1 10:40)
Selwood launches from the wing and the ball falls out the back to the anticipating Ratagoulea. Esava takes a bounce, runs his measure and thuds his effort into the post from 45. (Q1 14:41)
The Cats move the ball through the corridor and Selwood finds the late inclusion, Horlin-Smith, inside the arc. George marks and goals from 35 on the slight! (Q1 15:40)
Selwood breaks the Bryne-Jones tackle with ease before finding Dangerfield inside 40. Patrick marks unattended and extends the lead with a maximum from the set shot! (Q1 17:40)
Geelong win the free kick through the corridor after Westhoff threw Dangerfield to the ground off the ball. Patrick chips over the top to Selwood, but Joel hits the post from 45. (Q1 19:54)
Dixon wins the ball at ground level in his isolated duel against Thurlow. Charlie flicks the pass over the top to the speeding Neade, who goals from close range! (Q1 21:56)
The no look pass from Menzel proves decisive, finding Menegola unattended within the arc. Sam marks and slots the set shot from 40 on the slight angle! (Q1 24:11)
Wingard won the free inside the attacking 30, receiving the pass from Dixon. Chad lines up the shot within the first minute of the second term, missing to the near side. (Q2 2:24)
Bonner dived on the ball and was immediately wrapped up by the desperate Fogarty. Lachlan receives the free and he nails the set shot from 40! (Q2 6:44)
Fogarty sends the ball to the isolated contest between Jonas and Dangerfield. Patrick pushes Tom off the ball and takes the grab, however he is unable to convert from 45. (Q2 8:58)
Polec darts the ball to the unmarked Neade, Jake marking inside the arc. He inadvertently plays on and makes the most of the chance, nailing the goal from directly in front! (Q2 10:58)
Dixon takes the strong grab 70 out from goal and the former Sun wastes no time, finding Thomas on the lead. Lindsay shoots from 45 on the boundary and hammers it through! (Q2 19:14)
Duncan receives the handball, spins on a dime and launches from the paint as the Power fail to rebound their defensive arc. The onballer whacks his effort onto the post. (Q2 21:08)
The Power pace the pill through the middle with Ebert’s run and carry. He launches and finds R.Gray on the lead. Robbie bananas it through from 25! (Q2 26:43)
Kelly and Dangerfield link up on the wing with Patrick demonstrating his trademark pace to evade all in his path. He finds Ratagoulea on the lead and Esava nails it from 40! (Q2 28:10)
Cunico flicks it out of congestion to Parsons. James throws it on the boot, 30 out from goal, but the youngster misses to the right hand side. (Q2 33:28)
Westhoff darts the pass to Dixon and Charlie takes it with the right arm, holding Blicavs off with the left. He shoots from 35 on the flank, missing to the near side with the snap. (Q2 34:22)
The intense first half is over with both Selwood and Hartlett appearing to suffer game ending concussions. The slender margin has us set for an enthralling last two quarters. (Half Time)
Ratagoulea knocks the ball forward from the goal square stoppage. Wines gleefully gathers the loose ball and hooks it through from close range! (Q3 2:42)
Dixon, Boak, Watts and Sam Gray link by hand deep in the forward pocket. Sam receives in the clear, paces toward goal and slots it off the right peg! (Q3 5:21)
With that major, Port have kicked 5 of the last 6 and have overturned a 3 goal margin. (Q3 6:19)
Selwood launches out the back to the Parsons run. Parsons slaps it back to Parfitt and then back to James as they attempt to find space. James settles and goals from 35! (Q3 12:52)
Wingard dances out of the Kolodjashnij tackle and then bounds away from the traffic. He shoots from 40, unfortunately unable to finish the bewildering play. (Q3 20:18)
Geelong pace through the middle with Menegola hacking the ball off the deck to the running Menzel. Daniel spins on a dime and finds Parsons. James goals from the tight angle! (Q3 23:21)
The Power work it up the wing through Westhoff, finding Amon with the dab pass. Karl gathers the loose pill and whacks it through post high from the arc! (Q3 29:34)
Dangerfield is bumped by Wines late and the free is paid down field. The decision was dubious, but alas the Power are let off from 25 by Menzel. (Q3 32:49)
Bonner makes the error under duress in the defensive half, relinquishing possession to Dangerfield. Patrick switches the play and finds Murdoch unopposed. Jason lines up from 45… (3 Qtr Time)
And the winger nails the major on the stroke of three quarter time! (3 Qtr Time)
Duncan gives the Cats the fast start! He runs onto the looseball without having to break stride. The star mid steadies and nails it from 25! (Q4 3:05)
Parfitt dabs the ball inside the arc and fortuitously finds Kolodjashnij with the miskick. Jake shoots from 45 on the flank and misses to the near side. (Q4 5:50)
Watts shoots from close range after receiving from Neade. Jack kicks low and Bews dives to touch it through. Chance goes begging. (Q4 8:35)
Boak marks on the arc and immediately turns for home. Travis thumps his effort from the paint, but misses to the right hand side. (Q4 10:05)
Henry goes long through the corridor as the Cats enjoy a rare prolonged period of possession. Horlin-Smith plays front and centre, gains the loose pill and bounces it through! (Q4 16:05)
Menzel takes the intercept mark inside 30 as the Power begin to take big risks with their decision making. Daniel plays on, but misses the gilt edge chance. (Q4 18:33)
Parfitt bounces it to Ratagoulea by foot. Esava gains possession with clean hands inside scoring range and flicks to the hard running Kelly. Tim receives and bounces it home! (Q4 26:41)
Menegola launches to the Jonas/Menzel contest and Tom gives away the free for holding. With under a minute left to play, Dan kicks his first from 40! (Q4 31:36)

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