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Blog log from R4 of 2018: North Melbourne vs Carlton

Blog log for North Melbourne vs Carlton, R4 of 2018

Ziebell takes Wright high in the attempted tackle. The former Crow receives the decision and splits the middle from 35 on the slight! (Q1 7:35)
McDonald hooks the ball over his shoulder, deep into the goal mouth. Brown marks, however a review is called to see if it occurred before the behind line… (Q1 9:51)
The decision is a minor score. (Q1 10:16)
McDonald gains the crumbs from the forward contest deep in the pocket. The Roo swings the ball with a snap off the left peg, the angle proving to great. (Q1 12:22)
The Roos launch once more inside the attacking arc through Macmillan. Ziebell and Mullett contest 30 out from goal and Jack clunks it. He kicks the Roos first! (Q1 13:54)
The difficult time continues for Weitering, giving a free to his direct opponent in Waite for holding. Jarrad lines up the set shot and nails the maximum from 30! (Q1 19:39)
Keep in mind, the Roos are kicking into a head wind deemed to be of some significance. (Q1 19:39)
Ziebell takes the mark at half forward and wastes no time, rounding the corner and finding Brown out the back. Ben marks, kicks and goals from close range! (Q1 20:35)
The Roos continue to add to their advantage. O’Brien is caught deep in defence and flicks an errant handball to Brown. Ben receives and cordially chips it through! (Q1 23:09)
The domination continues, this time Macmillan lines up inside 50 for the uncontested mark. Jamie lines up the set shot from 45 and whacks his effort into the post. (Q1 25:38)
Jones and Brown battle inside the arc and Liam gives away a free in the isolated contest. With under a minute left of the term, Ben hits the post from 30 on the slight. (Q1 29:52)
Thomas hacks the Blues forward, where Casboult is the target at ground level. Garlett gains the ball after Levi forced the hard ball get with a pressure act. Jarrod goals from 20! (Q2 3:36)
Contested footy breaks out deep in the Roos forward pocket. Higgins forces the ball forward under Plowman’s arms. Atley gathers the ground ball and finishes from close range! (Q2 11:19)
Wright flicks the ball off the deck to the anticipating Fisher. Zac throws it on the boot in the blink of an eye, but misses from 30. (Q2 11:48)
Atley takes the pill from the centre stoppage and launches to the isolated contest between Brown and Jones. True to form, Ben takes the mark and goals from 25 for his third! (Q2 13:18)
Atley, Goldstein and Turner link by foot as the Kangas streak the ball from congestion to open space. Kayne gathers off the deck, but misses the running shot from 25. (Q2 17:33)
Moments later the Roos launch forward once more and this time have no issue converting. Andersen reads it off hands and finishes with class from 30! (Q2 18:16)
Brown leads Jones a merry dance and the in form Tasmanian native takes another grab. He shoots from 30 on the boundary and bananas it through for his fourth! (Q2 20:52)
Make that five in a row for the rampant Roos! The ball is thumped long to the square. No one gets to the bounce and Waite opportunistically soccers it through from close range! (Q2 25:06)
Silvagni lines up the set shot after Daw gifted the youngster the chance via a 50 metre penalty. Jack lines up from close range, but misses from the slight angle. (Q2 27:36)
Thomas takes a brilliant grab on the wing and finds Cripps on the lead. Patrick darts it out the back and Silvagni is the recipient. Jack dribbles it through from 30! (Q2 29:18)
O’Brien makes the error across half back, finding McDonald on the chest. Luke finds Waite on the short lead, however the former Blue lets his old side off from 30. (Q3 5:32)
Plowman is the next Blue to gift Brown a free, holding Ben’s arms off the ball, an easy choice for the men wearing lime green. Ben slots his fifth from 35! (Q3 9:04)
Thomas gains possession at the coalface and immediately sets sights on goal. He pulls the ball across his body from 35 on the flank, missing to the near side. (Q3 11:28)
Brown turns provider for this forward foray, launching the pill inside the arc. Simpkin reads the flight and takes the grab, finishing truly from 40 on the flank! (Q3 14:33)
Ziebell sets Hartung free by hand and Billy goes to work with his trademark pace. He burns off Plowman and settles to nail the shot from 35! (Q3 21:05)
Make that four in a row as the Kangas extend their advantage. Launched long to the top of the square, Atley roves unopposed and dabs it through from close range! (Q3 22:58)
The Roos will line up another major after O’Shea is caught under a pack by Higgins, umpires deeming prior opportunity was had. Shaun nails the set shot from 45 out! (Q3 25:02)
The Blues gain the first of the fourth within 30 seconds. Casboult out bodies Daw, winning the pill at ground level and flicking to Garlett. Jarrod finishes with ease! (Q4 2:06)
Waite takes advantage of the encumbered Plowman, taking the contested mark in the goal mouth with Lachie hobbling behind. The former Blue adds another maximum to the scoreboard! (Q4 6:52)
Misery is heaped by the minute for the Blues faithful. The Roos wave ahead and have multiple options to kick this goal, they eventually settle on Atley from close range! (Q4 8:11)
Cunnington wins it at the coalface and slaloms through the pack before darting his pass onto Ziebell’s leading chest. Jack shoots from 35 on the slight and goals! (Q4 10:33)
For those wondering, the Roos have scored a ridiculous 57 points more from turnovers than their counterparts tonight. (Q4 11:40)
Brown kicks to the goal mouth and the smalls battle it out. Turner gains possession and flicks to Ziebell during the O’Brien tackle. Jack finishes from close range! (Q4 20:55)
Hartung launches from outside 50 with under 30 seconds left to play. Billy kicks to the open goal mouth, but misses to the right hand side. (Full Time)

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