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Blog log from R3 of 2018: Sydney vs Western Sydney

Blog log for Sydney vs Western Sydney, R3 of 2018

Franklin dabs the inside 50 to the leading Papley and Tom marks ahead of the desperate Shaw. The ever improving small forward misses to the right from 50. (Q1 2:50)
The Giants surge forward from the kick in and Patton is the one to bring the ball to ground inside the arc. Lloyd roves without breaking stride, but misses from 40 on the flank. (Q1 4:18)
Florent cuts the Shaw hack out of defence with an excellent reactive leap. Oliver gathers the ball but hooks his effort through for a minor from 30 on the run. (Q1 8:48)
Papley receives from Reid, Sam gathering the ground ball after competing in the air. Tom has little time to settle, dribbling a minor from the boundary. (Q1 10:37)
Deledio darts the ball inside the arc and finds Lloyd with the low, penetrating delivery. Daniel marks ahead of Smith and goals from 35 out, directly in front! (Q1 12:05)
Franklin takes the terrific mark in the corridor and spins on a dime, pulling the kick to find the Rohan run ahead of Haynes. Gary marks and the Swan nails the shot from 35! (Q1 17:05)
Coniglio gathers the pill off the deck and stiff arms Mills at full pace. Stephen settles on the running shot, but misses from 45 on the flank. (Q1 18:35)
Deledio attempts the tackle but, controversially, is deemed to tackle Towers high. Dean shoots the set shot from 45 on the sharp angle, missing to the near side. (Q1 19:35)
Heeney and Jack link by hand through the SCG’s corridor before Kieran finds Sinclair out the back. Callum takes the mark with Lobb trailing and he finishes from point blank! (Q1 24:53)
Isaac Heeney wraps Kelly up with a constricting tackle within the stoppage, receiving the holding the ball decision. The Swans star lines up and nails the shot 45 metre shot! (Q1 27:52)
The Giants gain the late major with just 8 seconds remaining. Patton receives the free for holding against Grundy. De Boer takes advantage and goals from point blank range! (Qtr Time)
Coniglio and Smith battle for the high ball and Stephen takes a commanding grab. The in form ball magnet lines up and nails the shot from 35 on the flank! (Q2 2:19)
Shiel powers out of the stoppage and flicks the ball to Ward. Callan darts the pentrating low ball and Cameron takes the grab on the hard lead. Jeremy shoots from 45 and misses. (Q2 4:09)
The Swans make the ball error deep in defence and Patton is first to the ground ball. He slaps it forward and Himmelberg misses from deep in the pocket. (Q2 4:56)
Another error as Lloyd misses his target with the kick in. Himmelberg gathers the ground ball and finds de Boer unmarked. Matt finishes with ease from 25! (Q2 5:24)
Patton makes a calamitous error deep in defence, handballing across goal with an up and under. McVeigh is caught with ball in hand and Papley soccers it through… (Q2 14:40)
After review, the goal is confirmed! (Q2 14:40)
Lloyd whacks the ball through the corridor and picks out the hard running Hannebery with precision. Dan uses the ball to find Rohan on the lead. Gary nails the set shot from 45! (Q2 21:10)
Heeney, Florent and McVeigh link up off half back, moving the ball from the stoppage to open play. Jarrad launches to Reid and Sam takes a towering mark, finishing truly from 35! (Q2 26:23)
The Swans surge it from the rolling maul through Heeney and then the Papley run. Tom darts the effort to Reid on the lead. Sam marks and goals from 35 on the flank! (Q2 29:18)
Cameron kicks the miraculous goal with a bounce from the footy gods! Jeremy thumps it from 50 and the ball takes a wicked bounce to evade the desperate Rampe dive! (Q2 31:39)
A review is called for, but it confirms the suspicion that Dane did not get a mitt to the ball. (Q2 32:08)
LLoyd receives the pill out of the stoppage and the defensive forward throws it on the boot with immediacy. The tumbling effort misses from 30, with less than 30 seconds left. (Half Time)
The siren sounds and we are none the wiser to who is the better side in this contest. (Half Time)
Cameron kicks the first of the second half with a long major from the set shot. He took the leading mark from the Coniglio pass and finished truly from 55! (Q3 5:12)
Long kick to the hot spot and Grundy is left one out against Lobb, allowing Rory to take the grab. He finishes truly from the slight angle to give the Giants the lead! (Q3 7:13)
Shaw gives away the free for holding in the isolated contest against Hayward. Papley takes advantage and snaps it through from close range to tie the scores! (Q3 12:11)
Sinclair and Cunningham fly for the ball and the former Eagle pulls it down, with teammate Harry coming off second best. He shoots from 30 and nails the set shot! (Q3 15:23)
Parker finds Hayward unmarked inside the arc and the Swans have a chance for two in a minute. The second year player trots in and extends the advantage from close range! (Q3 16:58)
Towers receives the pill through the middle and George lowers the eyes to find Hayward on the lead. Will marks ahead of Patton and the youngster goals from 35! (Q3 23:20)
Lloyd and Kelly link deep in the forward pocket by hand as the Giants search to quell the Swans run. Josh hooks across his shoulder but misses to the near side. (Q3 26:32)
Sinclair drops the uncontested mark directly in front, 30 out. Reid grabs the crumbs, but lets the Giants off with a missed snap from 30. (Q3 27:38)
Cameron dribbles the ball inside the arc. Patton mops off the deck and flicks it to the speeding Whitfield. Lachie snaps and misses from 40 on the slight. (Q3 30:38)
Rampe sends long to the one on three and incredibly the one wins the free, Sinclair held by Cameron. Callum shoots from 30 on the slight and goals on 3QT! (3 Qtr Time)
Whitfield to Ward who takes a strong contested mark 60 out from goal. Callan dabs the pass inside the arc and finds Lobb. Rory marks and misses from 40 on the flank. (Q4 1:27)
Cameron makes the mistake by foot , mops up and then produces another by hand. Parker grabs the loose pill inside forward 50 and snaps it through with ease! (Q4 6:29)
The Swans win it at the coalface in the forward 50 stoppage. Kennedy is the recipient, running onto the loose ball and pinging it through the big sticks from 25! (Q4 8:13)
Himmelberg takes the strong lead up mark as the Giants win it through Ward from the centre bounce. Harry lines up and nails it from 55 on the slight! (Q4 9:47)
De Boer roves the long bomb and flicks wide to the eagerly anticipating Lloyd. Daniel dribbles it under the desperate dive of Mills, snagging it with incredible accuracy! (Q4 14:28)
Franklin marks in the corridor and Lance launches out the back to the unattended Reid as Sydney dismantle the Giants setup. Incredibly Sam misses from 20 under little duress. (Q4 18:13)
Kelly launches to the hot spot and Reid whacks it toward the boundary line, but also directly to opponent Hopper. Jacob settles and snaps truly from 25! (Q4 20:28)
Patton takes the mark 80 out from goal and Kennedy runs in the protected zone, gifting the Giant a set shot. Jonathon shoots from 35 on the slight and goals! (Q4 23:04)
The Giants are now within two straight kicks after kicking the last four majors of the contest! (Q4 23:38)
BUDDY FRANKLIN! The Swans surge from the stoppage and Lance receives inside the centre square. He fends off Haynes and launches from 60, bouncing it through! (Q4 25:12)
Lance’s first for the game but it could not have come at a more opportune time. (Q4 25:28)
Hayward produces terrific evasiveness to avoid the contact deep in the attacking arc, ball under arm. Will settles on the kick but ran himself ragged, missing from 30. (Q4 28:24)
Jack finds the pill on the wing and has Franklin out the back unmarked. Lance takes the mark, lines up the set shot and goals from 35 out, directly in front! (Q4 29:28)
Cameron receives the free with less than 30 seconds to play, held by Rampe in the marking contest. Jeremy goals from point blank range for a late consolation prize. (Q4 30:58)

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